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Playful love story episode 8

Hi Girls!!again ur Nive here.THANKU THANKU for ur lovely comments.

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Episode 7

episode 8:

swara(angry):Hello who r u men?

guy(In exitement):MERI MAA
He took her hand rotates her a round.

swara shocked(leaves his hand):what r u doing? Who r u?

guy(smiles widely):BIHAAN

swara(confused):hello Ur Bihaan or rihaan who ever u r .First tell mey did u rotates me?

bihaan(smiles):U r looking like my mom that’s y in exitement(rubs his hair with palm) i am sorry for rotating u.

swara pouts & hold hand across below her chest.

Bihaan hold his ear by hand & makes puppy faces:sorry plzz forgive maa

swara: its k but am i looking that much old

Bihaan:No no u r looking very young & beautiful

swara:then y did call MAA?(pouts more)

bihaan(smiles & in sad tone): My MAA IS DEAD WHEN SHE WAS VERY YOUNG.

swara shocked & sad.

Bihaan(continous):When i was born my parents were died.i am a orphan.U r just looking like my maa. can i call u maa

swara(tears in eyes &smiles):k bihaan

He is looking at happily.
bihaan:thank u but what is ur sweet name


bihaan:ho beautiful name maa

swara: how do know ur mother look

bihaan:my parents friends gives the photo of my maa papa.They only helping me now.

swara:whats ur maa papa name

bihaan:SHONA & VARUN.

swara(feels happy in heart hearing the name unknowingly):hmmm nice name.

Bihaan(forwards his hands):so friends

swara smiles: k friends(places her hands on his)

both shaked hand they felt some connection.

Bihaan:swara maa r u 1st year
(swara nods her head)me too.

swara:bihaan did u know where we should go now.


Both headed towards auditorum.

sanskar talking to thapki under a tree.

Thapki:sans…kar….. why did u….. leave… swara…… alone.

sanskar(nervous): i want to talk to u personally.


sanskar(nervous):hmmm that u know what i am married to swara

thapki(supresses her laugh& acts like shocked):w…..hat …when sans..kar

sanskar:when i was 12 & tells her everything.

Thapki(fake angry):why….. did u…… do..n’t tell this to….. me sans…kar i am…. angry with …..you

sanskar(turns back):i am thapu. I did mean to say.

Thapki laughing sliently.

Thapki(turns him):its k sanskar lets go to auditorium.

The two girls sees sanskar.

girl1:Kavya my hotty again came.

kavya(attitude):just shut ur mouth kavita.He is my handsome.

Kavita:u duffer he is going to be mine

kavya:i don’t care what u r saying but i will make him fall for me.

kavita : in ur dream.He is mine.

kavya:no he is mine

“Stop it he is just mine only mine”a voice from behind.Both kavs(kavita+kavya) turned back.

Kavs:TEJASWINI(played by thapki pyaar ki sharada)

Teju:yup I joined this college just because for him i want him.

she smiles evily.
all 1st year new commers were seated.
swara seat beside bihaan.They talked freely to eachother they soon become best friends.Kavs & Teju also present there.

At Thasan enters. Much of the girls mouths were filled with water by seein g sanskar.Teju& kavs eyes sanskar deeply.Teju sees kavs seeing sanskar she glanced at them angrily.kavs glups seeing teju’s.
Praticulary One girl burnt in jealous THASAN.That is definetely our SWARA.

Bihaan sees thapki and falls for her at first sight.Then his eyes reaches sanskar & he gets shock and wides his eyes.
swara notices bihaan.

swara:bihaan what happened?

bihaan(pointing towards sanskar):PAPA

swara eyes widens and sanskar shockingly.

screen freezes on the swara’s shocked face.

Hope u guys enjoyed the episode.guys pls do comments.
its my humble request.

Credit to: Nive

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