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Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 1)

This is a mini fan fiction on KRPKAB. My first attempt in writing  If I were in Sona’s place (or writer, would’ve shaped up the story this way) I am dedicating this to Varsha94 and fatarajo ?

This fan fiction is set post Devakshi breakup.
Ishwari’s condition stabilizes and is taken home. Everyone pamper her with loads of love. Dev tells Ishwari about his breakup with Sona. Dev pretends to be all fine but feels broken inside. Dev’s mind keeps thinking about Sona’s words “Mr. Dixit, Its Dr. Bose for you. We met as strangers and parted as strangers”
Next day, Dev leaves for office. Ishwari feels peaceful. Nobody talks much about the breakup. Neha leaves after sometime.


After couple of days:
Sona (at her home) sees all the diet charts and medical reports of Ishwari. She decides to mail the medical reports and diet charts to the doctor. Then, suddenly she thinks of something and mails the medical reports to the doctor and leaves home.
~Dev’s home~
Sona rings the bell and mamaji opens the door and is shocked to see her.
Mamaji: Come in. What brings you here? Dev told everything. We are sorry that you guys are no longer together.

Ishwari comes there.
Sona: I am fine. These are the diet charts and my resignation letter. When there’s no relationship with Dev, no use to continue working here.
Ishwari: I am sorry that your relationship broke. I know you are very amazing girl. You will get a nice guy.
Mami also enters
Mami: Jiji, what is this Bengalan doing here? Dev showed her place na? See, she was, is and always will be an outsider…
Ishwari: She was just leaving… Came to give diet and letter.
Mami: Diet?? Kya pata, she might have included poison too… We don’t need it… We can get best doctarni for you jiji!

Sona: ~Angrily~ Stop it! Just stop it… I didn’t come here to get insulted. As a doctor, wound or responsibilities, I don’t leave it open. Till today, I listened to you all; pointing fingers at me. Treating me as outsider. Aunty, for me, you weren’t just a patient. I took care as I would do to my mom. But what did I get in return? Only taunts. Even then, I didn’t open my mouth. Yes. I fell in love. With Dev. It wasn’t a school or college romance – School/college term khatam toh rishta khatam. A love relationship between two mature adults. Financially secure adults. It wasn’t only me. Even Dev fell in love with me. I didn’t take a knife and threatened him to fall in love with me. What mistake I did? Even your daughter Neha fell in love with Ranbir and got married. Then you were very happy. Did Ranbir’s parents accuse your daughter that Neha chakkar chalake getting married? All of you respected her decision. When its matter about your daughter, you feel perfect. But feel perfectly fine to insult someone else’s daughter’s love.
Mami: You… See how disrespectful way she’s talking…

Ishwari: You are here to insult us all because my son broke up with you? He took his decision. Maybe he felt you weren’t right for him. He’s mature enough to take his decisions.
Sona: Aunty, but not mature enough to take decisions which you don’t like or approve. Wow! I was angry at Dev. But now I realise, he isn’t at fault at all. When I told my parents about my love, they told their happiness is in my happiness and they meant it. Came here to ask Dev’s hand in marriage. But here, aunty said her happiness lies in Dev’s happiness. But no… Dev started enjoying his life again. But aunty couldn’t digest the fact. Actually, aunty you must be feeling happy that your son chose mom’s love over girlfriend. In your game of who gets Dev, you are feeling that you won. But I am sorry to say, you failed horribly. Your son broke up with me not out of caring about your wishes and love. He broke up because he was scared of losing you. It was indirectly an emotional blackmail. He was always the perfect son and perfect brother. Wish his family deserved it.

He always fulfilled his responsibilities. He sacrificed his childhood. He took responsibilities very young. You guys know it. Whatever he did, he always thought of family first. For the first time, he took decision for himself. Selfish decision. He wanted to spend his life with the girl he fell in love. He felt happy. He became like a kid. Seeing him enjoy, I felt happy. I remember him telling “I was probably the first in class to remember names of all colours. But never felt the colours. Now I’ve started experiencing them”. I was his first ever friend. But you guys couldn’t accept it na? Yes, he sat in pooja when I told… But you know what I told to convince him? What actually convinced him? I asked him to sit for your sake aunty. I told sometimes we need to do things for others. And he sat. And he felt so happy seeing you happy. That day, I noticed your behaviour towards me. But I ignored. It was all there in front of me. But I always thought you will accept us. You will feel find happiness in his happiness. But no. You think that he’s all fine and happy. Ask your heart, you will get the answer.

But remember one thing. I will walk out of his life. But some day you will have to get him married. Some or another girl will come for sure. Will you be like this even then? Aunty he’s your son. Not husband. And marrying him to any girl will not change the fact that he’s your son. Can you tell me which hand you love more? Right hand or left hand? Can you choose? No. You need both. Dev also needs his mom and wife both. And Dev decides not marry anyone, you can rejoice. I pray you live more than 100 years. But once you die, he will be all alone.

I feel sad that for 27 years, you guys have been his family, yet you neither understand his feelings nor try to accommodate his choice. I just pray that God gives him strength. I release him from every promise. If me and Dev are meant to be together, nobody can stop it. Not even God. But if we are meant to go separate ways, I know God only wants the best for me.
And aunty don’t let others scream so much that you fail to listen to your heart’s voice.
Take care of your sister Mamaji…
Sona leaves….

Please comment and let me know how’s this. I will bring in Part 2!!!
I thought of this long before. Didn’t expect the original writers had planned something like this 

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