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Pain Trust & Love episode 9

Hello guys m back again wid another part..so lets strt..

Swara just stood der shocked wid her eyes wide open n she just stared at sanskar widout blinking her eyes..she was unable to react also..sanskar seeing dis frst got tensed..
Sanskar : Shona..m sry i shld hv tld dis to uhh wen i tld u evrything abt me dat nyt itslf bt i somehow dnt knw how i skipped to tell uhh…dat m a business man…bt..shona r u listening to me??..saying dis he jerked her a bit which made her come to her senses..
Swara : Haan…haann…m listening…saying dis c moved a bit close to sanskar n touched his face n den agn moved back…sanskar was standing all confused seeing her behaviour..
Swara : Sanskar once pinch me..plzz…i think m dreaming..saying dis c forwarded her hand..n as said sanskar pinched her..
Swara : Aahh…itni zor se kyun??..wait wait …omg omg omg…u pinched me n i felt d pain dat means m not dreaming…dat means ur real…dat means d great.. The S. K. is standing infrnt of me..saying dis c strtd to dance lyk crazy jumping climbing bed n wat not..frst sanskar was confused den shocked as he never expected dis reaction from her den he adored looking her childish crazy dance bt den he remembered dat c is injured n dancing like dis soo he became worried n stopped her…
Sanskar : Stop yaar Shona wat r u doing..come sit over here dnt frget ur already hurt…n wat was dat??hv uhh gone mad??i nvr expected sch a reaction from uhh…will u please do an honour by explaining me??


Swara : (breathing heavily due to dancing)yeah..ofcrse i will explain…ofcrse i will…omg m soo soo soo happy tody u cnt imagine..m still unable to believe dat S.K. is here infrnt of me n soo close to me dat i can touch him..n wait..ur sanskar n S.K. dat means…omg i cnt believe dis…m soo happy…
Sanskar was looking all puzzled at her seeing her behaviour bt patiently waited fr her to explain bt she did not stop her excitement..
Sanskar : Swaaarrraaaa…bas bas..hogaya tumhara aab batao bhi y r u behaving lyk dis..
Swara: Haaann…telling telling wait…actually d thing is dat sanskar its been two n half years m reading evrything abt S.K.,his struggle,his attitude,his personality,his way of talking n i hv became grt fan of him..i alwys wished to meet him once in my whole lifetime…only once..he nvr showed his face to anyone so i alwys had d excitement abt how he wld be looking…my frnds knew abt my wish n knew dat m a vry big fan of S.K. so dey all alwys used to tease me dat S.K. is still a bachelor go n marry him..n i alwys run aftr dem to beat dem…n u knw once a boy was bad mouthing abt u…i heard dat…he was telling uhh arrogant n rude..i got ngry.on him n secretly pushed him into d mud water near d college playground…huh..how dare he..dats S.K.’s personality how cld he call him arrogant n rude…n u know he was looking soo funny like a clay statue…oh god i still remember his expression…
Sanskar : (laughing)oh god swara ur too mch ur sch a crazy…i mean just becz he called S.K. arrogant u pushed him into dat dirty water…lyk seriously…oh god..hahaha..dat was vry funny n i got to know dat i hv a grt fan following den wow..m proud of myself (den he remembered something) n swara u tld naa ur frnds alwys teased u to marry S.K. soo see now ur d wife of S.K….
Swara: (realised) ohh my god yes ur telling true….oh god i truly became wife of S.K…(suddenly)no no m nt his wife..
Sanskar : (confused)Bt swara ur my wife n m S.K…dat means ir S.K.’s wife naa..

Swara: Yeah i agree bt i married wid sanskar n m happy to be sanskar’s wife…m a fan of S.K. bt m wife of sanskar…okay..
Sanskar became emotional n happy to listen dis..
Swara : Bt sanskar y dont u show ur face to anyone i mean u alwys do something or othr to avoid media click ur pics n u nvr directly tlk wid neone unless its necessary…n yeah i hv heard n read dat u respect girls n women bt hate dem also…i mean y r u soo confusing??
Sanskar : Der is a reason fr my behaviour..due to my past incidents..i cnt tell u now i will explain u wen tym comes…n i avoided any kind of pics or media interviews cz u know i wnted to take revenge n if i wld hv shown my face den how cld i..i mean u cn undrstnd n m really sry fr dat…n now i think its bettr nt to reveal my face…if i go somewhere media will also follow me..which i hate..i control business world by becoming S.K. bt wen i become sanskar i dnt want S.K. to interfere…
Swara silently listened to sanskar n just nodded her head..
Swara : N i promise u sanskar i will nt reveal ur real identity to anyone..in any case…n u r free to tlk wid me ne tym u want i will nt frce u to tell ur past to me..
Sanskar was very happy listening to her n felt lucky at dat moment having her in his life n was falling more n more fr her..n den tld her to take rest cz she was nt well till now..so went n slept due to effect o medicines n sanskar strtd working in his laptop…

Precap : Raglak n gf scenes n also swasan
To be continued…

Credit to: Kash

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