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Pain Trust & Love episode 5

Guys dnt think dat m going to make ragini d villain of d ff…actly lyk in serial c did all dese cz of Laksh’s love here also same c is gud at heart bt as u all knw to hide one lie mny lies has to be tld so same will happen wid ragini…bt here dadi’s character is bit diffrnt u all will get to knw…so now no more bak bak..lets move to d story…

At baadi
All were just watching swara noone was able to tell nething..
Swara went towrds d mandap n at d corner a can was kept which had oil in it…c took dat n put all of dem on d suitcase n den went n bought matchbox..
Swara: Soo ur daughter is dead fr uhh ryt??
Sanskar: No swara dnt tell lyk dat..
Swara: Dnt worry sanskar nothing will happen to me u go n wait fr me outside m coming
Sanskar: No m nt goimg newer i will stay here till u come wid me n dats final okay…seeing him swara just smiled a bit n den turned towrds sumi n sekhar..
Swara: So u tld na ur daughter is dead so chalo lets do her ”Antim sanskaar”okay..saying dis c lighted d matchstick n threw on d suitcase n it strtd to burn…all were shocked to see dis..
Swara: Soo nw i hv completed half of ur work..d rest i guss u cn do by urslf i mean do one thing collect dese ash n do d ”asthi bisharjan” okay!!
From today ur daughter is dead fr uhh n i hv no relation wid u all..i hv no family..sry sry i hv a family n dats only My Sanskar…is dat clear(sanskar felt vry happy listening dis especially wen swara tld my sanskar)
Sanskar lets go from here m feeling suffocated within dese strange people…saying dis c held sanskar’s hand n went outside of d baadi wid a heavy heart n tears continuously flowing from her eyes..n sar down inside car…swara n sanskar left in one car followed by sahil kavi n rahul in othr car


At baadi…
Aftr swara left sumi sat down wid a thud seeing d way swara tlked wid her n was shocked to see wat swara did…she strtd crying vigorously…ragini was going to her bt ap stopped her
Ap: Lets go now Ragini beta c needs some tym to accept d truth.. Swara did not do nething gud… We will come n meet her tomorrow okay.. Laksh…chalo sab n dey all left..
Dadi: Ramu (servant)clean all d mess nthing shld be present okay n first clean dis(pointing towards d burnt suitcase)
Sekhar: Mishti dnt cry lets go inside evrything will be fine wid tym..dnt wry..ur too mch tired come now take rest…n sumi juzz nodded n went inside…c was still unable to believe dat swara actly did all dose things aftr all dmc was a mother..

Swasan side..
Der was complete silence..bt tears wer continuously flowing frm swara’s eyes..sanskar ckdnt take it nemore so he broke d silence finally
Sanskar : (softly)Swara…shonaa….plzz look at me …plzz speak something ur silence is killing me n if u will cry lyk dis continuously n nt speak nething den it will affect ur health..plzz princess speak something plzz atleast fr me…
Swara: (suddenly) Stop d car Sanskar
Suddenly sanskar applied d brakes n d car stopped wid a jerk…before sanskar cld speak somrthing swara strtd walking towrds d nearby park wer dey hv stopped…c went n sat down on a bench n stared blankly at d skyn tears were continuously flowing frm her eyes..sanskar came n sat beside her n put his hand on her n turned her towrds him n made her look towrds himn spoke
Sanskar: Swara i knw tody wat all happened has hurt u a lot n somewhere m also responsible fr all dis bt plzz tlk something n dnt remain silent…
He was speaking so softly dat swara cldnt control her emotions nemore n suddenly hugged sanskar tightly n started crying vigorously…sanskar was surprised by her act bt he den reciprocated d hug n even held her more tightly he cld feel her all pain…c was crying so hardly dat her whole body was shaking n her hands strtd trembling cz of which her grip frm sanskar was loosenimg bt sanskar held her tightly close to his heart…swara was cry since half an hour so sanskar was tensed he softly n lovingly called her n made her look at him n asked her to speak something n aftr a long time swara strtd to speak
Swara: (sobbing)sans..kar..y dis ..happ..ened wid ..m..me??waa..at..was my mi..s..stake??
D one who claimed to love me n went against his family to mm..marry me..didnt wait fr me or listen me once…lea..leave him…my own sis..sister who was my soulmate..my rag..ragini…c played sch a dirty ga..game wid mm…me..lea…leave her…my mother who al..alwys trus…trusted blindly on me tld dat he…her sho..shonaa is de..dead fr her…hw cld..she tell lyk dat??m i soo baa..aad..bad sanskar??y dey didnt lis..listen to me onc..once??y sanskar y??..saying dis c agn strtd crying…

Precap: Swasan bond n a shock for swara…

To be contd…

Keep guessing guyzz wat might be swara’s shock..so dis mch fr tody….now its u all who will tell me shall i continue or stop here??soo waiting fr ur response…bye tc guyzz n sry i cldnt reply to ur comments individually bt m really glad fr dose who commented on my post…thnkxx agn…

Credit to: Kash

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