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Pain Trust Love episode 38

After swara returned from kitchen keeping d plates she found sanskar sitting on bed wid a pout n shook her head n came n sat near him..
Swara: Sanku..stop it yaar now ask me watevr u want..
Sanskar: Ok..first tell me how u did all dis..i mean changing my look..cz it looks lyk its done by some professionals..wait wait lemme guess..dnt te me u urslf did all dis..wow my shona is multi talented..

Swara: Arey wait wait..jumping to conclusions by urslf..huh..actually its done by professionals only..after u were in sleep i called bhabi n she came wid two boys n dey did all dis..
Sanskar: Dat means kavya was also involved in ur plan?
Swara: (smiling sheepishly)Hmm..nt nly she bt all of dem..
Sanskar: (shocked)Oh god..u all became one team n started plotting against me..huh..poor sanskar ur gone..
Swara: Ok now stop ur nautanki n listen to me carefully..tomorrow full day i dnt wnt any S.K. or sanskar i want my sanku wid me..i hv some plans..ok..
Sanskar: Waat..full day plan..no no i hv lots of work in office i hv to go..n u know dat i dnt lyk all dese outings n all cz to some extent i feel uncomfortable..plz shona undrstand na..
Swara: For dat m der wid u..no worries..ok..
Sanskar: Achha fr dat ur der wid me bt wat abt my office works?
Swara: Do i look lyk a dumbo to u?no naa..i hv already done all arrangements..my bhai is wid me u know..
Sanskar: Great..shona ur becoming too mch stubborn day by day..
Swara: Company effects u know..winks at him
sanskar: (smiles)Haan..true dat..wait wait..ur calling me stubborn..
Swara: Haan..ur sch a tubelight..
Sanskar: Wat did u tell?


Swara: Didn’t u hear..i called u TUBELIGHT..which takes tym to light up lyk u who takes tym to understand small things..ok ok now sleep..m vry tirex u know..
Sanskar: Shona u alwys tease me lyk dis..noone evr dared to call me anything else except S.k. or sanskar bt ur calling me monkey idiot n now tubelight n wat not…huh..i will nt tlk to u go…(pouts)
Swara: Sanku dnt u think its too mch…dramebaaz..
Sanskar: Huh..watever..achha shona u told h hv another gift fr me..(excited)give naa..
Swara: Sanku u alwys tell me dat m childish..bt see whoz more childish..
Sanskar: Think watever u want..gv my gift..
Swara went to bring his gift n asked him to close his eyes until she tells n sanskar like a obedient child obeyed her..swara bought a box openedit n made him wear dat n asked him to open his eyes..he saw a watch on his hand inside which SS was written n at its bck der name was engraved together as swasan..sanskar seeing dat got so happy n excited dat he instantly hugged swara tightly..
Sanskar: Thank u thank u thank u so so so mch fr dis wonderful gift..i love u so mch..(breaking d hug)shona ur d most beautiful thing dat ever happened in my life..i hv nvr thght aftr my dark past dat my life wld be ever dis beautiful..u came as a light dat enlightened my dark life..ur my life my love my world..ur my everything shona..i just ..i just love u sooo mch dat i evn dnt know to wat extent..

Swara: (teary eyes)sanku..y do u love me soo mch?do i really deserve dis mch of love from neone..
Sanskar: Wat r u telling shona..u deserve more dan dis..n u know before five years dis sanskar loved his family n friends more dan nething n his life too bt after dat incident i became a lifeless body..bt wen u came my life came bck to me..n as i tld i love my life n u came as my life so i love u..
Swara: (hugged him tightly)I love u too..i love u vry mch..promise me u will nvr leave me..
Sanskar: Promise..i will nvr leave u..
Swara: If u evr do dat i will die..
Sanskar: (placed his finger on her lips)Ssshh..shona nvr speak lyk dat..n nvr think lyk dat also..else i wont tlk to u..
Swara: Okay m vry solly..lets sleep naa..m very tired..see..
Sanskar: Okay my baby my shona..chalo lets sleep..
Saying dis both slept embracing eachother tightly..n a sweet smile on der face..

Next morning..
It was a beautiful morning which started with a cool breeze flowing n rustling of leaves..sun rays came n directly fell on swara’s face which disturbed her n she tried to cuddle n hide her face in her husband’s chest bt frowned not finding him..she got up n heard shower sound n got to know dat sanskar is in washroom..she looked at d clock n shouted..
Swara: Oh shoot..how come i slept!!oh noo..my plans..ahanaahhaann…sanskar heard her n immediately came out n cupped her face worriedly..
Sanskar: Shonaa..baby y r u worried??
Swara: Sanku..y didn’t u wake me up..aaannnn..it’s too late..i planned soo mch..
Sanskar: Ok ok..calm down..
Swara: Hmmm…looked at him n closed her eyes n shouted..
Swara: Aaaahhhh…

To be continued…

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