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Pain Trust Love episode 35

After 4 hours d meeting got over..swara was already at home..bt sanskar didnt expect her soon to be at home cz he knows girls take mch tym fr shopping..so he directly goes towrds his room..bt to his surprise swara was already present sleeping comfortably on d couch n playing games on her mobile..
Sanskar: (surprised)Shonaa..did u even go for shopping??
Swara: (turned towards him)Arey sanku…u came..n haan i went for shopping n u knw i shopped a lot see der..
Sanskar turned to see around 10-15 bags kept..
Sanskar: U shopped so mny things in sch less tym..i mean i thought girls take mch tym fr shopping..
Swara: Yaa may be bt i dnt..n waise bhi i went wid my bhabi soo it became easy fr me to select..
Sanskar: Ohh achha nyc..
Swara: Achha u tell hw was ur meeting?
Sanskar: Hmmm it was successful n mch more bettr dan usual..
Swara: N y so?
Sanskar: Cz of u i was in a vry good mood soo it went really really nyc..
Swara: Woww..really..ok now go n freshen up..u look tired..
Sanskar: Hnmm..before dat..(teasingly)tell me did u get nething fr me..tody is my bday naa?
Swara: Haan fcrse..come wid me..saying dis she made him sit on d couch n brought all d bags except fr two bags..
Sanskar: Shonaa y did u bring all dese here?
Swara: Wait..nw open all dese n say how’s it?
Sanskar opened all d bags n looked at d things n swara continuously..he was repeating dis 3-4 tyms soo swara got irritated..

Swara: Wat happened ??stop looking lyk dis yaar..
Sanskar: Shonaa wats all dis i mean..dese all y hv u bought dese?
Actually swara had brought dresses fr sanskar which included different colours of jackets n t-shirts n jean pants..der were mny..
Swara: Ofcrse i hv bought all dese fr u..n dose boring formals doesnt suit my cute hubby soo dese all fr u..n i guarantee u wld look d best..
Sanskar: Bt shonaa..i dnt wear dese type of dresses m used to dese dresses…which m wearing now..n wat abt ur things u didnt bring anything fr urslf?
Swara: Hmmm..yes dose two bags..n tell na did u lyk dese?
Sanskar: I loved it cz u bought dese fr me bt shona i cnt wear..
Swara: Watever..we will think abt it later..ok
Swara: Nw go n freshen up m bringing shona special coffee fr u..
Sanskar: Huh..ok..wait u know hw to make coffee?
Swara: Ofcrse..n i know mny more things also..ok..ur shonaa is multi-talented..she cn do nething..n make some impossible things possible..
Sanskar: Ok..lets see..n yeah ur ryt..cz ur changing dis S.K. to sanskar..
Swara: (got emotional n slowly went near him n pecked his cheeks)Its ok..now go n freshen up..
Sanskar: (teasing)Hmmm..waise shona m nt satisfied?
Swara: Not satisfied for wat?
Sanskar: Arey do i look like a baby to u..ur kissing me on cheeks?
Swara: Achha..so listen my dear hubby..if now u dnt go to freshen up..den be ready to again run around ur whole palace n get embarrassed in front of all lyk morning..i think u remember..


Sanskar: (remembered morning incident)Ok ok m going..saying dis he ran inside d bathroom..
Swara laughed loudly seeing him n shook her head n went to make coffee..
After sometym bth were sitti.g n talking wid eachothr n sanskar completed his coffee…swara saw dis n smirked…
Swara: Come wid me sanku..
Sanskar: Where shonaa?
Swara: Arey jst come u will get to know..
She took him to d terrace were der was a room..it was bit dirty as sanskar remembered n now he looked at d room to be clean..
Swara: Now sit over here..made him sit on a long comfortable chair..
Swara: Hmm nw close ur eyes n sleep..
Sanskar: Sleep??now??no shona..u brought me to dis room to sleep..huh..lets tlk fr sometym n tell me wats all dis y r u making me sleep soo early n y u bought me to dis room?
Swara: Offoo sanku u speak a lot..u will get to knw..wait..

After sometym sanskar strted to feel dizzy..
Sanskar: Shonaa…m nt feeling well m feeling bit dizzy..saying dis he was slowly lossing his sense..swara went near him..
Swara: Dats cz of sleeping pills in ur shona special coffee… My dear hubby..m sorry fr all dese..bt i had to cz u wont allow me to do some things wen ur in ur senses so i hv to make u sleep..so dat my mission wll be successful..
Sanskar: (little drowsy n faintly)shona wat r u doing n y?
Swara: I tld naa u will get to knw now sleep ok..bye take care haan..
Sanskar went to a deep sleep..swara went near him n checked whether he is asleep or not..n found him sleeping..
Swara: (to herself)Thank god..now last step of dis plan..(called someone)he is gonna sleep for three hours we hv to complete our wrk fast..after disconnecting d call..wwnt towrds him n pecked his forehead n mumbled a sorry..

To be continued…

So sorry guys fr sch late posts bt m really getting busy nowadays..bt still m trying..sry again…

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