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Pain Trust Love episode 33

It was a beautiful morning wid a beautiful couple sleeping peacefully in eachothr’s embrace holding eachothr tightly n a smile on der face showing der happiness..D sunrays fell on our handsome hero sanskar which disturbed his sleep..he slowly opened his eyes n felt something no no actually someone cuddling to him..he turned n saw his beautiful wife looking damn cute in sleep n hugging him tightly..he slwly got up widout distrbing her n lightly pecked her lips n she smiled in sleep..he looked at her for sometym n thought how everything in his painful n dull life is slowly changing after her arrival..he got up n went to freshen up..he came n saw swara still sleeping..suddenly he remembered dat dey r in hotel n hv to go home fast cz he has an important meeting..n here swara is still sleeping..he went to her n sat beside her on d bed n leaned towrds her n slowly tried to wake her up..
Sanskar: Shonaa..shonaa wake up..see its too late..we hv to go naa..wake up..plz
swara was awake bt pretending to tease him n he got to know..
Sanskar: Shonaa bachha get up..i hv an important meetinv we hv to go..plz get up..else i will..
Swara slowly opened her eyes n looked at him cutely wid a pout..
Sanskar: Wat happened?
Swara: M feeling sleepy..u dnt go to office tody ok..
Sanskar: I hv an important meeting achha leave dat..u woke up na come on go n freshen up..saying dis he got up n abt to go..

Swara: Oye unromantic hubby..
Sanskar: Wat..wat u said..
Swara: Haan..ur m telling truth soo..saying dis she got up from d bed n abt to bt was suddenly pushed bck on d bed n sanskar on top of her..
Sanskar: So say once agn wat u tld..
Swara: Wo..wo..i..i..was say..saying..
Sanskar: (going more close)let me show u wat i am..ok..
Saying dis he placed his rough lips on her soft cute lips n kissed her gently bt passionately..after sometym dey broke d kiss breathing heavily..sanskar joined his forehead wid swara..
Sanskar: Thank u shona fr coming to my lyf..thnk u soo mch n i love u..
Swara: I love u too n no need to say thnk u my dear hubby..waise happy wala bday to u again..n i love u too..
Sanskar smiled n kissed her slightly again..
Sanskar: U r slowly changing me shona..
Swara: Ders a lot gonna change Mr.S.K. jst wait n watch..n winked at him..
Sanskar became confused listening dis n picked her up from bed n put her down in washroom n asked her to freshen up fast..


Swara after coming from washroom..
Swara: Sanku plz naa dnt go to office plz..cnt u postpone d meeting..
Sanskar: No shona if i cld i wld hv surely did..
Swara: Bt tody is ur bday naa..u shldnt work..
Sanskar: N wers d rule written we shldnt work on our bday..
Swara: In shona’s rule book..
Sanskar: Seriously..ur crazy..
Swara: Watever u may think..bt ur nt going to office n dats final..else dnt tlk to me..saying dis she went n sat in d car..whole way she kept a pout n didnt tlk wid sanskar..
Sanskar: Impossible..shona u know ur too stubborn..
Swara: Yes after all m ur wife..Like Husband Like Wife..
Sanskar: (stopped d car in middle of d road n called someone)hello rahul do one thing delay d meeting fr one hour n tell d clients dat meeting is going to be held in my house itself ok..
Rahul: Ok sir..nething else..
Sanskar: Noo..n prepare everything correctly..it should be perfect cz u know me..saying dis he cut d call n called someone else..

Sanskar: Hello john..make d conference room ready ders an important meeting..check everything nothin shld go wrong in middle its really important..saying dis he cut d call n looked at swara who was looking him wid wide open eyes..cz swara never heard sanskar tlk in sch bossy tone n so dangerously n he was tlking wid full attitude in front of her
Sanskar: Wat?
Swara: Wat was dat Sanskar..
Sanskar: Ur calling me by my name..
Swara: Yes cz nw ur nt my sanku..my sanku never talks lyk dis..bt sanskar does ryt so i called i sanskar..
Sanskar: Shona dis is d way i tlk..
Swara: Den y so lovingly n softly wid me?
Sanskar: Cz ur different from others..ur my life ur my evrything..
Swara blushed a little hearing dis n asked sanskar to leave..soon dey reached S.K.Mansion
swara: Sanku u hv a conference hall here also?
Sanskar: Yeah..incase ne emergency..if m nt able to go to office dem i work from here n meetings r held here..
Swara: God sch a workaholic..
Sanskar: Did u say something
swara: Nothing..nw u may go from here..
Sanskar: Shona if u or i dnt hv a memory loss den let me remind u ur throwing me out of my room..
Swara: Haan toh i hv some wrk so leave nw i dnt wnt u to be here..
Sanskar: Wats going on in ur little brain?
Swara: Nothing..wat..wat did u jst say?
Sanskar: Wat nothing toh..u heard something?..saying dis he kissed her cheek lightly n sat arranging d papers in his file..swara forgot evrything fr a moment n was lost in him..
Sanskar: Shona staring is bad..
Swara: (came to sense)haan wo..hey i was nt staring ok..u go from here i said..
Sanskar: Ok ok..m going…saying dis he went

To be continued..

PRECAP: Sanskar angry on swara

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