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Pain Trust Love episode 30

Sanskar got d call n d caller told something which he didnt want to do..bt fr his shona he cld do nething…
So d caller told him to go to d temple infront of d orphanage n ring d bell thrice n sit der for ten mins silently..he didnt wnt to go inside d temple bt fr swara he did..he sat der den aftr ten mins he again received d call..
Caller: Nice..impressive..
Sanskar: Wat d hell r u trying to do haan..just enough..bcz of u i had to enter temple which i nvr did..nw jst retrn my shona..
Caller: Arey arey not so soo..nw come sit in d car n drive for 10 mins u will reach a ice-cream parlour tell ur name u will get a packet dnt dare to open it..fast..
Sanskar did as tld n got a bag packed..den agn call came..
Caller: Good going ur going to reach ur wife soon..nw take left turn den right drn come straight den agn left turn..if ur confused see a paper is kept in ur car..u will reach XYZ hotel park d car n wait fr my call..sanskar did dat..den d call came..
Caller: Soo u reached..
Sanskar: Yess..nw tell
Caller: Go inside n ask d receptionist for keys of room no. 201 if he asks who r u tell ur name..n yes dnt forvet to take d packs wid u which u receivrd all d while..dosr r important..
Sanskar went inside n took d keys n opened d room nly to find it empty..d call came..
Caller: Open d cupboard u will find two packets dress-up in ne one of dem u hv nly 15 mins fr dat..dis tym choice is urs..now fast..
Now sanskar was confused..wen he opened d packets..in first pack he found a bit stylish red T-shirt n a black jeans n in second one he found a simple red tshirt wid a grey jacket n a blue jeans..he thght second one to be better so he quickly dressed up in dat n once glanced in mirror he was looking good he thght out of his formals..bt agn he thght wats going on n wers his shona..at dat tym d call came..
Caller: Good choice Mr.S.K…now look at ur watch n tell wats d tym..
Sanskar: Its 11:50
Caller: Perfect..now come to Room no. 507 n stand in front of it dnt touch d door evn..
Sanskar did dat wen he was standing der he got d call..
Caller: So u playd d game really well m impressed so u can ask fr nething i promise i wont deny..
Sanskar: Give bck my shona..
Caller: Arey of crse i will wat i will do wid her..huh..ask something else..
Sanskar: Ur identification..who r u n wats ur name..
Caller: Huh..for wife u forgot ur childhood best buddy..my princess is ryt ur an IDIOT..i hate u..
Sanskar: (realised)SAHIL..u..u idiot wat was all dis..
Sahil: M angry on u..u wer nt able to evn identify my voice..nw go inside dat room its ur last job to reach ur eife..bye..
Sanskar was nw too mch confused he was nt able to get wats going on..n mst imprtnt wers Shona??
He slowly knocked d door n found it to be open he went inside slowly n found it to be dark..den suddenly d door closed wid a Thuddd..n d lights were switched on..wat he saw in front of him jst amazed him to d core..d room was beautifully decorated wid golden shimmering loghts n white and blue flowers wid baby pink coloured orchids wid a soothing fragrance..a table was kept on d centre wid a cake on it..he was jst thinking dat he has entered somewer unexpected bt just den d clock stuck 12:00 n he heard a melodious voice wishing him Happy Birthday..he turned to see n wen he saw he froze to d ground thinking as if he is dreaming or an angel is standing in front of him..bt no she was his shona..his n only His Shona..she was standing der wearing a red n silvery white combined half saree wid her long silky hairs open wid curls at end kept on one side of her shoulder wid slight makeup..she wad jist looking out of d world..just gorgeous..bt d thing which was making her more beautiful was her smile dat seemed to come direcly from her heart..he just stood der still n numb seeing her n on other side swara was blushing seeing hw sanskar was looking at her..he was jst lost..he was disturbed by his call on mobile..
Sanskar: (slowly)Hel..hello..
Other side: (shouted)Happy bday sanky..
Sanskar: U all wer in dis..oh god first of all thnks a lot n second i will see u all wen u come infront of me n sahil n kavi u know i dnt wnt dese bday celebration n all y did u do?
Sahil: Dnt tell us nething its princess’s plan..u ask her now switch off ur cell n see u tomorrow bye..
Aftr disconnecting d call he looked towards swara who was looking at him in anger filled eyes..
Sanskar: Shona wat??y r u looking lyk dat at me..i shld be ngry dat u made me worried u knoe i was feeling lyk broken wen i got dat call of u missing..bt now it seems lyk u r going to slap me today..
Swara: Ho gayaa..nw may i speak..
Sanskar: Yes please..
Swara: Get out!!
Sanskar: (shocked)Waaattt!!
Swara: Yes get out from here..now..else i will seriously slap u..gooo noww..
Sanskar was now hell shocked..thinking wats happening wid him on his never celebrated bday..

To be continued…

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