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Pain Trust Love episode 29

Sry fr d delay..so here’s d next part..

2 days leap..


Sanskar’s p.o.v.
Its now been two days..she tld dat c will come in two days bt due to my stupidity..according to her..c gv me punishment n c knows well which one will hurt me more..so c has decided nt to show her face fr six days..great..n me poor soul hv tried a lot to see her once in dese two days bt u know naa wat shona..i mean swara cn do so c had made all arrangements to hide herself from me…just great..now to avoid missing her more i hv drowned myself in meetings presentations n files completely i think dats d best way..already two days passed more four days..c thinks dat(as told by sahil) dat wen i cld nt confess to hr befr n i allowed her to marry dat to infront of me den i cn do nething n yes six days cz i hv seen her from six months..wat to do now!!S.K. who doesnt pay a heed to anyone is nw suffering..huff..yaar shona come fast naa…
Sanskar’s p.o.v. ends

From d day wen swara left to sahil’s house in order to miss her less sanskar drowned himself in work..he returned home usually at 6:00 in evening bt dat day it was already 8:00 at night..rahul his p.a. came to him..
Rahul: Sir its already 8:00 i think u shld take rest..
Sanskar: (flatly)U cn leave no need to wait for me..i will go wen i want..u may..
Rahul: Sir r u sure..i mean..
Sanskar: (looked at him)I told na u may leave n no need to worry about me..ok..go now..
Rahul left after sometym sanskar was hell tired so he thght to leave..he was arranging his files just den he got a call from a private number..sanskar picked it up..
Caller: Am i speaking to Mr.S.K.?
Sanskar: yes..whose dis??

Caller: Oh so do u wnt ur so called precious thing to be safe n sound??
Sanskar: Wat rubbish!! I dnt hv ne tym fr ur so called stupid talks..he was abt to disconnect..
Caller: Arey arey listen to me completely..achha tell me hw mch do u love ur wife?
Sanskar: Wat do u mean?n dnt dare u think abt her..who d hell r u?
Caller: Uff..d grt S.K. got hyper..cool cool..do u want ur wife in front of u safe n sound?
Sanskar: Come to d point directly..
Caller: Okay den..listen ur wife is wid me..if u want her alive den u hv to do watevr i tell..
Sanskar: N y should i believe u dat she’s wid u?
Caller: Den find out from ur sources..m giving u 5 mins..after dat i will call u..n if u dnt pick den i will…hahahaha..
Sanskar was vry tensed n worried now..he called swara bt her phn was switched off he called sahil bt it showed unreachable he called everywhere c cn go bt found nthing..he called kavya she picked up..
Kavya: Haan sanskar tell..
Sanskar: Kavya is swara der infront of u..plzz gv her d mobile i wanna tlk wid her now..plzz
Kavya: Arey sanskar relax c has went to her friend’s house i had called her n c tld she is on d way bt its too late c shld hv come..
Sanskar listening dis got shocked..now he was thinking wat to do..just den a call came..
Caller: Sooo..i guess now u believe me..d more late u make d more ur wife will suffer so tell ur answer fast..

Sanskar: M ready to do nething u tell bt if ders a single scratch on my shona den i will kill u even if u hide in hell..
Caller: Cool down Mr.S.K. u hv a lot to do now..m keeping an eye on u..u hv to follow my instructions dnt dare to act smart cz it may cost ur wife’s life..so careful..
Sanskar: Okay..m ready tell me..
Caller: Okay now go to d parking lot a car is parked sit in dat n drive to d park u hv first seen swara..u hv 30 mins fr dat..sanskar ran to d parking lot n sat in d car parked n drove it harshly n reached d park in just 25 mins n strtd to move here n der.just den d call came..
Caller: Woohoo..looks like someone is madly in love wid his wife..
Sanskar: Just shut up n tell wer u r..

Caller: Y soo soon..lets play a game wait fr 5 seconds..n strtd counting..
5 4 3 2 BOOOMMM..
Sanskar startled hearing d blast sound n looked towrds d direction n found colour paper blast..it looked amazing bt he was in no mood..
Caller: Arey did u get afraid?dnt worry i tld naa just a small game..now go der..in dose colour paper u wil find a white paper..pick it up n sign in it dnt try to read it n i promise m nt doing nething dat will harm ur reputation or finance..so search n sign it come on..
Sanskar searched n searched n finally found it n signed on it..he cld only see some points or lines..

Caller: Now fold it n keep it in ur pocket..go to d nearby orphanage n tell d security ur wife’s name he will gv u a small box dnt dare to open it just keep it in ur pocket..sanskar does dat..he goes to d orphanage n stands in front of d security..
Sec: Yes wat do u want?
Sanskar: Actually swara..

Sec: Ohh..wait wait..
He went inside n came wid a small box n quickly gave it to sanskar n stood in same position as he was before..sanskar looked at him in confusion n was thinking dat he will see d security afterwrds cz he’s also involved in all dis..he silently went from der to his car n sat..den d call came..
Sanskar: Wat!!

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