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Pain Trust Love episode 27


FLASHBACK continues..
Sanskar was still thinking how his lyf turned upside down..he was unable to beleve wat was going on was real or his ne one of bad dreams which will end wen he wakes up..he was heartbroken wen he saw dat his uttu n lucky also left him n hated him lyk othrs bt wat was der reason of soo mch hatred??he was confused..bt one thing he understood dat he was hated by all cz he went to jail n fr dis people tlked bad abt his family..no no nw its no more his family..he is now abandoned from his own house..all asked him to leave from der..while he was leaving all shattered..dp called him..
Dp: Listen..frget dat u were ever a maheshwari..u dnt belong to our family leave ur identity ovr here n go..nw do watevr u wnt noone’s gonna stop u..hearing dis he was now unable to take it nemore..while he was climbing downstairs he was so shocked dat he stumbled d steps n fell down..bt none came to pick him..he was badly hurt in his head bt none showed a little pity on him fr d sakr of humanity also instead closed d door on his face..at dat tym sahil came to meet sanskar..bt wen he saw his best buddy in dis way he was shocked..he took him to his home directly n called kavi..


Sahil: Sanky tell naa wat happened y r u so silent ??speak up something dammit..
Kavi: Relax sahil…sanky tell naa ur killing us wid ur silence nw enough yaar speak something..
Sanskar: (lost)Everything is over..everything..n wen asked more he tld everything wat happened..
Bth kavita n sahil wer also shocked n felt bad n angry at d same tym..dey also cldnt imagine hw can some innocent get d punishment which he nvr deserved..dey tried to confront d family bt were stopped by sanskar..

Sanskar: No need..wen my family doesnt trust me a bit also n punishing me fr d mistake which i nvr did den wat will u bth get by tlking wid dem..its a waste of tym..nw m feeling really proud of myslf cz i got frnds lyk u who r more dan my family..
After some days sanskar was going out n was searching fr normal job..some people saw him n taunted him dat he was saved cz he ws a maheshwari..some days went lyk dis..he became frustrated wid all d taunts n remembering hos family’s behaviour..from dat day he completely changed..wid his talent n some help from sahil n kavi he strtd his own business bt nvr revealed his face to avoid d taunts..he feared dat..he became completely emotionless n heartless..he chnged his identity from sanskar maheshwari to sanskar kumar n became S.K. bt wid growing years he became more n more successful n beat maheshwari company in everything n now became d Topmost business tycoon widin sch a short tym..bt along wid his growing prosperity n status his hatredness fr his family increased fr which he planned a revenge..

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