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Pain Trust Love episode 25


A big room is shown..two boys r sleeping lyk one’s leg is towards d other’s head..dey were sleeping opposite to eachothr..a girl comes der..she’s non other than uttara..
Utt: Lucky bhaiya get up fast..she whispered in laksh’s ear..hearing her laksh slowly gets up..n stands near her…den dey bth smirk looking at eachother den at d other boy who was sleeping peacefully..den laksh took out his mobile n played an audio which had dp’s voice..near his ear
Audio: Sanskar..wer r u??
Yes d other boy was sanskar..
Hearing dis he suddenly got up..
Sanskar: M sorry badepapa..yes yes m coming..(he panicked)..seeing him lyk dis laksh n uttara burst out laughing..
Utt: Hahaha..bhai look at uhh..u look soo horrified..its really funny..lucky bhai see..
Sanskar: (irritated) Uttara ki bachhiii…ur gone today..n lucky u..again..ok today ur nt going to get my brand new bike to ride..go to hell..
Laksh: Sry sry bhai..it was just a prank naa..m sry plzz..he pleaded wid puppy eyes to which sanskar melted as usual..
Dis was der usual drama..morning strtd lyk dis n day also ended lyk dis..adarsh n pari were alwys busy in household wrks lyk adarsh helped in office n pari in house works..it was a very happy family wid laughter heard alwys..sanskar alwys pampered his little sister uttara n fulfilled all wishes of laksh..dey three knew evrything about eacbother n shared everything..lucky was bit flirty bt sanky was nt interested in me girls except fr his bst frnd kavita..who was also known to d family..sanskar had two best frnds..sahil his childhood best buddy n kavita became his bst frnd frm d first day of clg…


Dat day in d morning..d three were gossiping abt watevr topic dey got..den sanskar tld abt d party in his clg at night due to last days in clg..
Laksh: Bhai forget it..u dnt hv guts to ask papa fr dis..ur nt going to ne party today..haha..
Utt: Yaa bhai..badepapa will not allow u..u know naa in party der r alcohol n all..n lucky bhai u know naa d mst funny thing..
Laksh: Yup..how cn i forget..once some of bhai’s friend made him drink n in five mins he slept lyk kumbhkarn n woke up aftr 12 hrs..oh god..
Sanskar: Just shut up u bth..dnt u bth dare to tease me..huh..n nthing is impossible for Sanskar Maheshwari..i will get permission from badepapa to go fr party..u bth see..
Uttlak: Okay..lets see wat d great sanskar maheshwari can do..hahaha!!
Sanskar went from der to seek permission n somehow gathered some couraged n tlked abt his going to party wid dp..
Dp: Sanskar beta..u know dat m proud of u dat u hv nvr let me down till today..n in future also m sure abt dis..n i hv full trust on u..soo u cn goo n be careful..
Sanskar thanked him nodded his head n silently came out of his room..laksh n uttara were waiting eagerly fr him..

Utt: Bhai wat did badepapa say??tell naa..
Laksh: Haan bhai tell na did u ask..did papa agree??
Sanskar: (jumped in excitement)yess..i did it..n badepapa agreed..m soo excited…haattoo tum done i hv to tell dis to kavi n sahil dey bth will be very happy..yes yes yes…m soo mch excited..
Uttara n laksh just laughed seeing his excitement dat how happy he was..
Sanskar went to his room n put a conference call with kavita n sahil..
Sanskar: Hey sahil kavi u bth know m soo happy n excited today..badepapa agreed n let me go to d party…u bth r coming naa..??
Sahil: Arey yaar sanky relax…control ur excitement..
Kavi: Haan yaar..beta dnt get soo mch excited..if ur badepapa will see u lyk dis now den he may cancel ur permission..
Sanskar: Oyee..subh subh bol..kamini..huh..
Kavi: Watever…listen guys m nt able to come cz of some personal family problems..m sry guys bt u bth njy on my bejalf also okay..
Sanskar n sahil: Okay..we will miss uhh .byee
sahil: Sanky i will go n pick u..okay..we bth will go togethr plzz..
Sanskar: Okay no problem..now byee i hv to get ready..

He was soo excited dat little did he know dat dis party is going to become a turning point in his lyf n going to change everything….everything….

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