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Pain Trust Love episode 22

Hello guys thnks a lot fr ur comments..bt i think u all r not liking d ff dat mch..bt its ok cz m nt a writer n hv organising problems..i cnt write d thing properly which i sometimes think..bt dose who r reading n r comments till now a big thnkx to dem..n yes sanskar’s past will come out n also ragini’s truth bt ders tym fr dat…i wld stop dis ff ryt now bt i nvr hv an habit of stopping things in d middle…so i will complete it…m sorry bt dis is a short part..

So lets start..
Swara got irritated on sanskar knowing dat he called her a devil dat to a small naughty devil…she was furious listening dis…
Swara: Saaannsskkkaaarrr…i will kill u…
Sahil: Sanky beta ur gone..dats y i hv always tld u think before telling or doing nething..
At dat tym swara called sanskar..n kept d mobile on loud speaker..sanskar was surprised seeing swara calling n excitedly picked it up..
Sanskar: Woohooo..m i dreaming…shonaa is calling me…d great shona..
Swara: Just shut up u idiot how dare u??


Sanskar: Hey hello dnt call me dat..ok..
Swara: Offfooo…sannnsskkkaaarrr…y r u so irritating..i just…i just want to kill u now..
Sanskar: Hello easy easy..n u r calling me sanskar strange…n by d way wats d reason fr ur dis rage may i know please..
Swara: Achha toh u dnt know y m i angry..(to sahil)bhai u saw he doesn’t know nething..see how innocently is he asking…
Sanskar: Shonaa will u tell me wat happened else cut d call n now u dnt eat up my brain…huh…
Swara: Ohh..m eating up ur brain haan…ohh how can i frget m a devil naa i cn do nething ryt??
Sanskar: Yes ofcrse u r n u can..ne doubt..(realised)(to himself)shit..sanskar betaa..ur gone..now she’s gonna become a real wala devil…

Sanskar: Woo wo shonaa i was telling dat ki…ki..haan do u want chocolates ??
Swara: Just shut up n stop buttering me..how dare u call me devil..sometimes before i was thinking dat wow sanku is soo nyc soo sweet..he cares fr me soo mch..bt no i was wrong…u idiot ur calling me devil…
Sanskar: Ohh shona listen to me once..i didnt mean it..plzz lis..
Swara: M going to listen nothing..just go to hell..n yeah u tld naa to come after two days now i will stay wid bhai for a wwek n di fr a week n dnt try to call me or meet me..saying dis she disconnected d call..n sat wid a cute ngry face..
Sanskar: Ohh god..sch an impossible girl..crazy..childish….offoo now hw to convince her..think think think…yes idea..i will do dat..i hv to bring her here..cz m missing her..so sorry toh bolna hai..saying dis he called someone..

At sahil’s house..
Sahil: Its okay princess..he has tld dat by mistake..
Swara: Now dnt strt supporting ur best frnd in front of me n truth nly comes out suddenly…n by mistake….he thinks me devil naa..now he will see wat a devil can do…huh…n dnt u dare help him or support himm…okay..??
Sahil: Okay..
Kavya: Okay princess come hv ur dinner its already late..
Swara: Haan bhabi..

All had der dinner n slept peacefully..
Next morning der was a knock on d door swara was roaming der so went n opened d door n was shocked seeing d thing in front of her..
Swara: (shouted)OH MY GODDD!!

To be continued..

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