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Pain Trust Love episode 21

Sanskar’s p.o.v. Continues…
Yes i love her..i do love her insanely..now she has become my life..wen i loved her i never expected her to love me bck n after wat all i did i nly expected hatredness from her bt she proved me wrong wid her innocence..infact to be true i was shocked n flying in air wen before our marriage she tld she likes me n trusts me..n ohh god how she undrstnds me..wen she got to know abt who i m..n how she cared fr my self-respect..dis girl is making me crazy n fall more for her..n how cutely she calls me sanku..i never expected dis..she’s soo childish..her antics while eating eating medicines..her actions her reactions..offf..n yes her too mch of tlking..i show dat m irritated bt i really enjoy dat..n noone even dares to tlk infrnt of me bt dis girl has d power of doing anything wid me..she sometimes calls me idiot..can u imagine how daring is she..bt at d same tym she’s matured enough to handle ne situation..i loved her bt never expected her love back fr me bt now i somewer expect her to.love me…wen she tld me abt her going bck to clg i got angry n seeing dat c tried to cover it up..bt i remember dat..i dnt want to send her bck to clg..i dnt want her to keep her away from me fr a moment also…i dnt know y an unknown fear is engulfing me ..i know nothing will happen to her bt i dnt want to send her.clg…watevr..now one thing iw clear..m missing my girl lyk hell..how will i stay fr two days..offff god help me..

Sanskar’s p.o.v. ends
At sahil’s house evening
Swara : Bhabi wers ur doll i hv nt met her..at dat tym a small cute girl came running shouting
tanvi: Mumma..mumma..see i came back..n u know…
She stopped seeing swara
tanvi: Mumma whos she??
Kavya: Beta she is sanskar chachu’s wife..
Tanvi: Wat..oh my god she’s soo mch beautiful..
Sahil: N my little sister..so ur bua also…

Tanvi: Bt papa m confused she’s chachu’s wife means my chachi n ur sister means my bua..soo wat will i call her haan??
Sahil : Call her bua okay..
Tanvi: Bt she’s also my chachi naa..wait let me think..
Swara was looking at her lovingly n laughing at her cute antics..bt confused seeing tanvi observingher keenly..
Tanvi: Yeah i got it..ur soo beautiful lyk an angel..i will call u angel from today..yuppie..papa mumma m going to call rishi n tell him..
Kavhil: Okay my doll..

Swara : Aww..she’s soo cute n beautiful lyk bth of uhh..hege..
At dat tym swara’s phone rang..she saw d caller id n kept f phone..
Sahil: Wat happened princess y u kept d phn pick it up..whose dat??
Swara: Wait bhai now see wat m going to do wid ur best frnd…saying dis she picked up d call
Swara: Hello..sanku..dis is d 40th tym ur calling me since i hv came..if nxt tym u call me i will go n bang ur head..
Sanskar: Arey shona m sry naa..actly m missing u naa dats y..okay sry dis is d last tym..
Swara: Since last fifteen calls ur saying dis nly..offff ..if u dnt stop dis i will stay wid bhai fr one more day n one more day wid di..do u wnt dat??
Sanskar: Never..m sry..byee take care shonaa..
Swara cut d call n laughed out laughed..sahil n kavya wer also laughing..
Sahil : Pricess i must say u thanks..u changed my best frnd now he is behaving a bit lyk d old sanskar..u hv truly forgiven him fr wat he did naa??
Swara: Yes bhai i hv frgiven him long bck..n bhai i trust him..i like d person he is..his care his love fr me is clearly visible in his eyes..
Sahya: We both r very happy fr uhh..
Swara : Thnk uh..
Other side..
Tanvi on call..

Tanvi: Hello rishi..u know today i met wid my chachi..n she’s my bua also bt i was confused wat to call so i named her angel..nyc naa??
Rishi: Dats very nyc den i eill also call her dat..
Tanvi: Okay now i hv to call chachu..soo byee..
Aftr ending d call she called sanskar..
Sanskar: Hello tanvi beta u..wat happened??
Tanvi: Thnk u chachu fr sch a beautiful chachi..
Sanskar: Soo u liked her??
Tanvi: Chachu i love her..i hv given her a name as i got confused to call her chachi or bua
sanskar: Achha wats d name??
Tanvi: Angel..

Sanskar: Angel…aaww dats so sweet..bt sch a sweet name fr a devil..
Tanvi: Wat…devil??
Sanskar: Haan she’s a small naughty devil lyk u..listening dis tanvi went running to swara n..
Tanvi: Angel chachu tld dat i hv given wrong name fr u..ur a small naughty devil nt an angel..is it true?
Swara: (irritated)Saaaannnnssskkkkaarrrrrrrr…….
Sahil: (murmured)sanky beta ur gone today..

To be contd..

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