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Pain Trust Love episode 20

So lets strt wid a new part..
At S.K. Mansion
Sanskar: Shona..its tym fr ur medicines..come have it fast..(no response)..shhoonnaaa..
Miss mary: Sir swara beti has gone to sahil sir’s house one hour before only..
Sanskar: Wo..wo..ohh..haan..haan..ryt..actly i for..forgot..
Miss mary: Sir can i ask u one thing?
Sanskar : Hmm..ask..

Miss mary: Sir u love her a lot naa??
Sanskar: Yes..more dan my life..infact she’s my life..she’s not nly my love from dese three to four days bt she’s my love since six months..since i saw her for d first tym..
Miss mary: Ohh dats really great sir..bt wat abt her..
Sanskar: Hmm..unfortunately she doesn’t love me back..bt she tld she lyks me n she trusts me..dats more dan enough fr me..okay m in my room i hv some project..aftr lunch is prepared call me..i hv meeting after 3 o’clock..okay..


Miss mary: Okay sir..
Sanskar went to his room n strtd working bt concentration was far from his mind..he was missing his shona badly..

Sanskar’s p.o.v.
I am Sanskar..i hv changed my identity to sanskar kumar..all know me as S.K. M a heartless n ruthless businessman wid no emotions fr d world..bt noone never knows dat i need someone beside me..n only tell m wid u..i trust u completely..der was noone whom i could tell dat yes she’s mine or he’s mine..bt now i feel lyk i got evrything..i got my love my life my wife my swara..ohh sorry sorry fr her n fr me she’s nly my shona..she’s sch a girl i must tell..soo strong out of imagination..i fell in love wid her wen i first saw her..u guys must be thinking by seeing her beauty..yup to some extent u all r ryt..aftrall m a guy..bt i hv seen soo mny girls bt she had something unique n something different in her which attracted me towrds her like a magnet..i still remember dat day…

In a small park..around six to seven small children were playing..sanskar was waiting fr someone ovr der in his car n looking towrds d small children playing..suddenly d children saw someone’s back n shouted n ran towards her…sanskar’s eyes were following d direction..n den wat he saw took his senses..hearing d shouts of dose small kids d girl turned..she was very beautiful wid long curly hairs wearing a off-white sleeveless frock upto her knees wid floral designs..her hair was open…completely fair in complexion..big beautiful eyes showing innocence..lips perfect n face showing her craziness n bubbliness..she bent down infront of dem n dey strtd talking aftr sometime dey went to a nearby ice-cream stall n she gave each kid one ice-cream n in retrn got a kiss on her cheek from each one..den she took a ice-cream fr herself at dat tym see saw a beggar sitting over der bt hving nothing..she went over der bent down infront of him n offered him d ice-cream sweetly saying something..d beggar took dat n blessed her..she smiled only..offff wat a smile..sanskar was seeing all dis n his eyes were nly following her werevr she ws going….at dat tym somewer from a distance called her loudly..SWARA ..dats wen sanskar got to know her name n thought to himself..her name is as beautiful as she is..n she went wid dat other girl n he saw her nly continuously talking something n d other girl nly listening n trying to stop her bt it seemed like impossible to stop her..
Flashback ends..

From dat day i strtd to go near dat park n fortunately i often find her der doing something or other..seeing her from far n seeing her innocence n her character i fell in more n more in love wid her..i never thought dat d S.K. who never cares fr neone is now following a simple girl whom he doesn’t know at all except fr her name..den i was also on my revenge mission..n to my surprise she turned out to be sister of laksh’s finance..somewer i felt happy dat she’s single bt controlled my emotions..cz at dat tym revenge was more important fr me..bt i felt vry hurt wen i was following laksh n saw laksh proposing her..i also cried seeing dose unknowingly wen she accepted him after lots of argument..den i went home n thought to take revenge as it was my first priority n fr dat i can do nething..n in dose i hurt her a lot n widout my knowledge i was also very mch hurt..bt wat to do..

my revenge overcome my love..bt wen she got to know abt me..n widout being ngry softly explained me abt how wrong i was i realised dat hw mch i hv hurt her..i was feeling vry guilty..n thought to make evrything fine..bt see wat happened..wen i saw her on d hospital in dat state n heard dat someone has pushed he into d river i felt lyk someone has killed me wid her trying to kill her bt thnk god she was fine..bt aftr dat her life completely changed..she was n she is hurt..bt she’s soo strong dat along wid her she’s making everyone smile..she’s d girl who cn make impossible to possible..she has changed me..she has made sch a lovely bond wid my frnds dat wat to say..m jealous dat dey r giving her more priority..bt m very happy cz my shona is very happy n i wnt nly her happiness..

To be continued..

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