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Pain Trust Love episode 16

Thnkxx a lot guys fr ur awesome comments..keep commenting n yes one epi is missing its not posted by tu.

So here’s d nxt part..
At S.K. Mansion
its shown dat all r fighting among demselves dat wid whom swara is going to come to spend some days..n wen asked..
Swara: M going to mary aunty to see her in kitchen till den u guys keep fighting..bt final decision will be mine wid whom i will go..bt fr three days..bt lets play a game..u convince me d one who wins i will go wid dem..


Sanskar: Wat do u mean go wid dem..m not going to leave u anywhere..n wat abt me..
Swara : Simple ur nt in d game cz m going to stay wid u alwys..n plzz dnt make dat sad face ok..i will go nly fr two days happy now!!
Sanskar: (sad face)ok..bt nky two days n u will go tomorrow..
Swara : Ok baba..saying dis she went away..

Sahil: (teasingly)looks lyk someone cant stay widout his wife fr a single moment also..hmm
sanskar: Achha lets see..kavya bhabi dat gupta industry project u remember naa..dats vry imprtnt..dey tld dat dey will finalise d deal by seeing d designs n presentation made by d designer nly n d designer has to be present..ur d designer naa so u hv to go to Delhi fr a week to finalise it..ryt sahil??(smirked)
sahil: Arey yaar i was juz kiddinv n m taking ur wife nly fr two days n ur sending kavya fr a week dnt take sch revenge plz yaar..
Sanskar : Ok den tell sry..
Swara : Coming from kitchen..y wld my bhai ask sry??i heard evrything n bhai u dnt wry i will make sure he doesnt send my bhabi anywer..ok soo just chill..n by d way u guys hv two hours to cnvince me soo strt..

Sanskar : N i will make sure noone wins..so dat shona wont go anywer..
Swara : Ur going to do nothing..ur going to kitchen now n hv to prepare something fr me..now..go
sanskar: (shocked)WAT!!NO way..cooking n me never i dnt knw d ‘C’ of cooking..
Kavi: Hello dnt tell lies u hv done a two years crse on cooking along wid studies cz of ur passion..
Swara : Wat.wow..tell me naa i will also do it wen i join my clg to cmplt mba..
Sanskar: Wat..wat u tld? U wnt to join clg no way..
Swara: (thought its nt ryt tym so covered)arey yaar i was tlling ki..umm..kkaasshh..i wld hv met u before..i wld also do dose classes..
Sanskar: Its ok..achha shona u luv rasogullahs ryt? I will prepare dat fr uhh okay..
Swara: Really..wow ur d best husband i wld ever hv..saying dis c ran towrds him n hugged him tightly n kissed his cheeks sending shivers to his spines..den c realised wat c did n moved a little bck..bth wer avoiding eye contct..kavi noticed d situation becoming ackwrd so c tried to lighten it..
Kavi: So sanskar u go to kitchen n u guys come we hv to think something to convince our princess..
All webt in der ways n swara got busy wid her remaining choco n tv..
After one n half hour..

Swara : Wat yaar m getting bored guys..u all r engrossed in ur mobiles n office wrk huh..
Sanskar: Taaddaaa..shona see ur rasogullas r ready..come on taste n tell howz it??
Swara: Wow..u hv made it na sanskar den u nly feed me u know i lyk it wen u feed me..hearing dis sanskar looked at her lovingly n swara smiled to him..
Arjun: Arey wah..Give us also..
Swara : 30 minutes left..
Arjun: Arey princess i know bt how cld i miss our sanky’s dish??
Swara: Whoz dis sanky?
Kavi: Ur sweet hubby nly..all used to call him dat in clg..umm lyk a nick name..
Swara: Wooo..dats cool!!bt i dodnt give himcne nick name..lyk he calls me shona..i wilk also gv him a nick name..
Sanskar: Shona first eat dis n den think okay..saying dis he strtd feeding her n c was eating cutely thinking something..of crse a nick name fr her hubby..
Kavya: Look at dem sch a sweet couple..aaww how cute..
Swara: (suddenly shouted)yeah i got it i got it..i luv uhh bhabi..yes!!
Sahil: Bt wat princess??

swara: A nick name fr sanskar..
Kavi: Wats dat..
Swara: CUTIE..i will call him cutie..he is my cutie n m his shona..
Sanskar: No way..cutie..seriously shona..out of soo mny names u got dis..dats so girly n m nt cute ok..
Swara: (a bit sad)ok den i will call uh..umm..aann..haan..sanku..is dat okay?
Sanskar: (melts seeing her sad face)ok my dear shona call me watevr u want bt nt cutie ok?
Swara: Okay sanku..saying dis c smiled cutely looking at him..Sreing dis kavi cldnt control herself n pulled her cheeks n kissed her tightly..swara smiled looking at hr love..
Swara: Di jiju bhai bhabi..m nt yet convinced..u hv to do something lyk…
At dat tym d door bell rang n some servnt went to open n shouted in shock…

To be continued..
So guys keep guessing y he shouted in shock??wqt did he see??bye guys tc..

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