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Pain Trust Love episode 12

So here’s d nxt part..
Swara : Wait aunty..
Miss mary: Yes mam do u need anything??
Swara: Yes i need a favour from uhh…plzz dnt call me mam…call me swara or anything else u like bt nt mam..plzz
Mary looked at sanskar to know his reaction..
Swara : Dont look at him aunty n m really sry fr his behaviour towrds u tody…u didnt do any mistake bt u got scolding cz of me..m sry fr dat…
Miss mary : Its ok mam..
Swara : Again mam…

Miss mary: Okay i will call u swara beti..now is it ok??
Swara : Yes aunty…perfect nw u go n do wat u wer doing..byee..
May left from der…
Sanskar : Shona y did u ask sry?? I scolded her naa den u cld hv asked me to tell her sry naa den..
Swara : Its okay sanskar..ur nt habituated of apologising anyone soo i did it on behalf of uhh..ek hi baat hai tum bolo yaa mein..
Sanskar was overwhelmed listening dis n he looked at swara..swara realised wat c said n looked at sanskar n dey had a cute eyelock which was broke by swara..
Swara : Ummm..sanskar nw m seriously vry hungry..plzz let me eat..
Sanskar : Yaa take ur food fast..waise shona some u seem to be soo cute n sweet dat i just want to pull ur cheeks..
Listening dis swara got a bit shocked n covered her cheeks wid her hands hiding dem..
Swara : Wat..no no i wont allow u..hw cld u saannsskkkaarrr…
Sanskar : Uffff shona ur impossible..i was juz kidding..nw come have ur food…
Den swara suddenly remembered d letter..while having her food..


Swara : M angry on u sanskar..n i will nt tlk to u…
Sanskar : Not agn shona..now wat did i do??
Swara : Achha u dnt know wat u did??ok listen m telling..
Sanskar : Am all ears..now strt..
Swara : Ur too mch sanskar…y did u call me sleepy head in dat letter haan??do i look lyk dat??
Sanskar just nodded in his in yes den no den yes den no..swara got irritated
swara : Stop nodding ur head lyk dat..n wat u tld if i skip medicines u will punish me..haan…u..will..punish..mee…haan??
Sanskar : Yes i will..
Swara : Achha..wats d punishment ??
Sanskar : Simple..i will call arjun or kavi n tell dem to give u injection n den admit u in hospital n keep u under observation of strict doctors..is dat enough..
Swara: (gulped in fear)its more dan enough sanskar…m going to hv medicines always in fact u know wat i m love wid dem…
Sanskar : Achha…hmm…dats better…waise complte dat fast n freshen up…today dose four r coming here…ok..
Swara : Okay..done…
At mm

sujata n ap wer setting dining table..
Sujata: Jiji..how cld sanskar marry dat cheap girl…i still cnt accept d fact dat dey bth r married..
Ap: Suju u knw naa sanskar’s name is nt taken in dis house wen he returned i thought evrything will be fine slowly bt things became worst now n yes dnt take swara’s name also u knw naa how laksh reacts listening her name..
Suju: Haan jiji..ur ryt bt…
Ap: Sujata..bas…dp ji hears dis he will get vry angry..
Suju: Haan jiji..i knw bt still he is my son..how cld i just frget him??…i cant…i cant jiji..saying dis c strtd crying n blamed everything on swara…
Suju: Dis all is becz of dat girl…cz of her we all r facing dis day..huh…
Ap: Sujata..bas..everyone might be coming soo keep quite..
Ragini listened to dis n smiled seeing swara defamed automatically widout her trials bt c didnt know y somewer c felt bad…

To be continued..

Keep commenting guys..ur comments mean a lot to me..n seeing ur comments m vry happy i didnt expect dat i can get so gud commnts by writing fr d frst tym…byee guys tc..will post nxt part soon..wid swasan n frnds bond.

Credit to: Kash

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