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Our Salt & Sweet Love Story – Season 2 (Episode 3) (Ragsan, Abhigya)

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frnds i’m really sry for not posting ff on this sat & sunday (27.8.16 & 28.8.18). my frnd TINA was passed away. i got this news on friday. really i’m fed up. i was not in the mood to write. thats y i didnt post. plz pray for her soul to rest in peace.

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Episode 2

Episode starts at Rajvanshi industries.

Abhi: bhaiya…… did u called me?
Suraj: hann…. I thought to make a deal with rishi & co. and that to finalise the deal with u.
Abhi: that’s nyz… where is the papers tell me….. I’ll sign.
Suraj gives the papers abhi is abt to sign while suraj stares abhi cunningly. But abhi stops.
Suraj: what happened abhi?????

Abhi: bhaiya…I think we have to drop the deal.
Sur: y????
Abhi: bcoz the terms which coded by rishi & co r not suitable for us. And more over they r dangerous too. if we delayed to finish we will finish.
Sur: r u afraid of them? don’t u believe ourselves or ur bhai????
Abhi: not like that bhaiya….. I’m just warning u…. don’t wry ….. I guessed that u want to deal with them. I’ll make some correction in this papers if they accepted it then we will. Don’t wry they will accept n I’ll made them accept. He leaves from there.

Suraj monologue: every time……every time this boy escapes from my trapping plan. As usual today to escaped. I want to see him in suffering but….. always he proves that he is Abhigya’s son. I didn’t let Abhimanyu to concentrate on studies but still he is the first just like his mom pragya. I tried to deal up with rishi & co just to make them anger on abhimanyu. But he proved that he is abhishek’s son by thinking abt consequence. I don’t want him die just like their parents……. He have to die by his intolerable pains n sufferings. While saying this he breaks the things.

Screen shifted to appu

Appu rides her scooty. She is searching some shops so she didn’t noticed that in opposite a vehicle is coming. She bumped into that bike n fell down. She got scratches in her hands. She turned n found that the man who came in opposite got hit by stone which was near by. He is in pool of blood.
Appu: omg….. what had u done appu….. what I do now…. She rushed to hospital. Dr. checked him.

After 1 hour.
Dr.: Don’t wry mam. He is alri8…… but now he is unconscious. Now rest is must. U can go n see him but don’t disturb him. Ok.
Appu gets inside of ward. She sits on bed. She closes her eyes n prays….. god plz…. Save him…. If anything happened to him bcoz of me I cant tolerate that. Tears falls on the boy’s hand.
Slowly he gains conscious. Slowly he opens the eyes.
now his face is revealed as vivaan from udaan.

Appu: thank god….. u came to conscious…..
Vivaan: I only camr to conscious but u r thanking god for that????
Appu: vo..vo…
Vivaan: just kidding. He tries to sit.
Appu: what r udoing? Don’t strain urself…..
Vivaan: no… my niece’s will be end now… I’ve to be there orelse she will get afraid. No one in home to pick up her.
Appu: omg…. What to do now…. I cant let u to go in this situation. Ok…. Show me ur niece pic. I’ll pick up her….
Vivaan looks on.
Appu: don’t wry I wont kidnap ur niece if u have doubt on me then keep my bag ph with urself……
Vivaan: not like that….. if it is some other they wont admit me n hospital n treat me. I thought to don’t give more work to u. more over my niece wont attach with anyone.
Appu: u don’t wry….. I’ll pick up her. She gets her scl address n bla bla….

Screen shifts to mall

Saran is following teju. Suddenly teju disappeared. Then he felt some ones hand on his shoulder n turned back and shocked to see teju…..
Teju: y r u following me?
Saran: vo… nothing. I came here to meeting….
Teju: really???? For the 1st time I’m hearing that meeting going to be happen in mall
Saran: I didn’t meant that office meeting this meeting is with frnds…..
Teju: my prince charm talks very cutely……

Saran: what did u said?
Teju: vo…. I’m sry….
Saran: can u call me again…. My mom only used to call me as prince charm.
Teju: what??? See me….. I’m I look like ur mom? Am I look like oldy…?
Saran: no I didn’t meant that….

Teju laughs….. just kidding. If am able to fulfil a mothers place then I’ll be very happy. U r my sweet prince charm…… ur maa is feeling hungry wont u offer something to eat?
Saran: oops sry….. come lets we eat. Both goes to coffee shop in mall.
Teju pov: how so easily I accepted to call me as maa…… y I’m feeling unknown love towards him….. is there any connection to me n him?
Teju’s thoughts were disturbed by saran’s words.
Saran: what r u thinking? Don’t u like this coffee?
Teju: nothing like that. I liked it. both talks and drinks.

Other the other side, sara, krish and varun comes to mall.

Screen shifts to scl

Appu to watch man: sir, I came to pick up pooja.
Watch man: we cant allow child without parents……
Appu: I know but her chacha is met with an accident n no one in their home. if u had doubt talk to him. Vivaan tells situation to him by phone.
Appu: pooja….. I came here to pick up u…..
Pooja: how can I believe u? if u kidnapped me then what I do?

Appu pov: now only I understand y vivaan said ”u cant manage her” she looks like small kid but see her talks like 100 age old granny.
Appu: u can believe me dear. What I have done u’ll believe me?
Pooja: I want to talk with chacha….. after that I’ll believe u.
After talking with vivaan she comes with appu.
Pooja: I want ice cream…..
Appu: sure I’ll give u ice cream but not now….. ur chacha is waiting for u….. I cant make him wait more long. After sending u to him I’ll give u.
Pooja: ok. (In mind how much she cares for chacha….. so cute.)

Screen shifts to mall.

Sara: papa do u know…. Here is a coffee shop…… the coffee will taste like heaven milk…… so nyz u know…. U must try it today….
Varun: of course I’ll but b4 that we’ve to purchase dress for silver jubilee.
Krish: sir….. r u asking her to select dress???? Then u cant go out till all the shops close.
Sara: what do u mean?
Krish: haan I told the truth only…. How mnay times I used to follow u. don’t I know that?
Sar: u rascal……

Varun pov: just immposible fighter cocks. He heads towards textile shop.
After few mins sara: hey where is papa?
Krish: bcoz of u only he went…… no one cant tolerate u except me.
Sara: very funny lets find him.
Sara: papa…… y u left me?
Varun: finally u both finished ur fight….. ok how is it? (he points the dress which he hols in his hand)

Sara: wow…… super…… I loved it. wait now I’ll select dress for u.
They finished their shopping.
Krish: I’m very tired have to eat something
Trio goes to coffee shop where saran n teju is.
Teju: ok lets go I’m getting late. I’ll waait in parking slot. U come after billing. Saran nods.
Varun: wow…… he goes towards teju…. how cool u looking…… he says this to his image which is reflected by mirror. Back side of mirror teju goes. Sara n krish is arguing as usually so sara didn’t notice teju…… here saran is busy in billing so he too didn’t notice varun.

Saran gets out of coffee shop. His purse slips from his hand while taking it he sees sara n gets shock. Sara too sees saran n she is not less than saran in shock.
Krish: sara come on…. He pulls her.
Saran: where she went???? Is that really sara or my illusion?
Sara: hey leave me…. she searches saran but didn’t find her. Same happens with saran.

Screen shifts to hospital

Pooja: chacha…… how much wounds….. I’m sure….who made this wounds sure they too suffer a lot….
Appu coughs.
Vivaan: appu only the reason 4 this pooja…
Appu: holds her ears n says sry cutely. Sry pooja…. I didn’t done it intentionally…..
Pooja: ok I’ll forgive u bcoz u admitted him in hospital na….
Vivaan gets up.

Appu: what r u doing…… I wont let u to go home. in ur home there is no one. I’m sure u cant manage pooja single. How will u prepare food?…. if u don’t mind….. can u both come to my home?
Vivaan: no its ok. Thanks for the care. But I’ll manage. I don’t like to be burden for u.
Pooja: nothing like that chacha. She is soooo good. We will go there.
Trio goes to orphanage home.
Vivaan: r u staying here?
Appu: no….. I’m in flat. I cant take u there,…… society ppl will say something so….. I’m the MD of this home. here all r good ppl.
Pooja sees many children n runs to play with them.

Sharda maa comes there and says Appu make him sit.
Appu: haan maa. She finds sara there. Vivaan…..
Vivaan: no prob. u go I’ll manage.
Another side saran is sitting sadly.
Diya: saran what happened? Y r u dull?
Sara: di…. Today I saw saran…..
Diya: what? Today u met sara…… that means she is alive?

Saran: no maa I don’t know.
Sara: I don’t know that’s real or illusion di…..
Saran: b4 I found her she disappeared…..
Appu: afterwards if u see him 1st try to meet him. If he is alive then how nyz it will be……
Sara n saran: sure next time I wont miss.

Screen freezes with energetic face of sara n saran.

To be continued………….

Really sry for not showing abhigya scenes. In next epi sure I’ll give u their scenes.

update info
i’m really sry for being irregular. coming saturday & sunday cant post epis so MY NEXT UPDATE IS TOMORROW……….r u happy?
for this week only i cant post ff on sat & sun so instead of that i’ll post tmrw n day after tmrw (1 & 2.9.16)
sat & sun i’m going to tour…… thats y i’m unable to post ff.
again…… from 6.9.16 to 16.9.16 i’ll held up with my mid-sem exams. (what i do….. my clg treats us worst than scl students)
my 4th epi will be publish on 1.9.16
my 5th epi will be publish on 2.9.16
my 6th epi will be publish on 5.9.16
after 5 there will be break till my exams completed.
bye….. by urs loving Aastha.

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