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Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 29) (KKB, Swaragini)

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Laksh goes to Airport. He hears that flight landed just now. Passengers are coming. He searches sahil. Sahil comes in escalator like hero with his dazing black coat suit. Sahil too noticed lak. Lak blocks his way.
Sahil: what do u want? Y u came here?
Lak: y don’t u know? Ok …. I came here for swara before he completes his sentence a girl hugs sahil.
The girl: baby who is this? Its ok carry on I’ll check the luggage. Lak is shocked to see him with another girl.
Lak: who is she?…..
Sah: look its none of ur business. I never loved her. I just liked her beauty only. I tried to enjoy her but she didn’t allowed me even to touch. Such a boring girl. (kadhala? Enakum avalukuma? Vengayam. Nan avala anubavikanum nu nenaichen ana ava vidala so nan avala vittuten)


Lak holds his collar. Lak: How dare u? sahil looks his collar n lak realise what he done. He neat his collar.
Lak: sahil sahil plz…. Don’t say like that. She is very good girl, lovable and carrying too. She will make u happy lifelong. she loves u truly. (sahil apdi ellam sollada ava pavam ni varuvenu nambitu iruka avala yeamathatha)
Sah: what can I do with her love? Just then a boy comes n asks whats happening? (kadhalungura kathirikava vechi oorga kuda poda mudiyadu.)
Sah: vo kuch nai dude.
Lak: sir sir plz tell him to marry my frnd sir…..
He laughs vigorously lak cant understand anything.

The man: hey …… he is goes to marry my sis got it.
Lak: sir plz don’t do that. He already cheated my frnd. He will cheat ur sis too.
Sah: there is no use in talking to him bcos he know what is my character n y I’m going to marry his sis. I want money. we r partners. so plz go from here.
Lak holds sahil’s leg. Sahil plz sahil don’t do this. Swa cant live without u. she is waiting for u for 2 years. Plz…..
Sahil kicks laksh. Laksh gets angry n starts to beat but sahil n the man beats him n throws in road.
Laksh don’t know what to do…….. he goes to swara’s home lifelessly.

Lak finds swa peacefully watching tv.
Lak: hi swa.
Swa: hi. Without smile on her face.
Lak pov: what happened to her.
Lak: may I get water. She gives.

Swa: I have to go out……
Lak: so…… may I drop u?
Swa: no I can manage. I want to lock home. (usually if she went out then too he’ll take care of home.)
Lak: what happened? Y r u behaving weird…..? plz don’t talk like this. U can say straightly get out.
Swa: thank god u understand that I meant get out so plz…… she shows exit.
He left from there with pain.

@ late ni8.

AP: lak when u came to home? y r u sitting in this dark? He didn’t respond. She shaked him.
Lak: maa…..do u want anything?
AP: what happened?
Lak with fake smile: nothing maa. I’m alri8..
AP: r u fought with swa?
Lak: no maa. Don’t know y she is not talking properly. He hugs her. She caresses his hair.
Ap’s mind voice: I know u loves her. Hope god soon will unite u both. (ap knows lak loves swa by his behaviour. But she don’t know abt heart rob n sahil exchange bla bla.)
Sad music plays in bg. (yedho onru ennai thakka from paiya)

After 2 days.

At mall.
A girl is wearing white leggings with her purple colour western top. She is busy in taking in phone suddenly she collides with a yellow shirt person. She looses her balance abt to fall but the person holds her in his arms.
Slowly she opens her eyes: hey mohan u here?
Moh: ya its me only megha. Not able to see u for 3 days….. r u busy?
Meg: nothing busy. Narrators completed the story so we r not going there so we r not meeting. Simple.
Moh: ya u r ri8.

Meg: By the way u came alone?
Moh With sad voice: ya. Toughest job to me is selecting dress n gift. In this time my frnds r not with me. marriage date is in very near. So I came myself.
Meg with shock: marriage?????
Moh: I said abhigya’s marriage.
Megha gets relief. Then lets go I’ll help u to choose the dress.

Moh: that’s great. Lets go. He points towards escalator.
Meg gets nervous: its ok u go. I’ll come by lift. She goes to lift n pressed close button b4 it closed moh enters into lift.
Moh: u r afraid of escalator????? He laughs.
Meg gives a dead glare.
Moh: ok cool cool. B4 he could complete the sentence the lift jams in mid.
Both looses the balance n falls down in two corners of the lift.

Meg: omg…… what to do now???
Moh: its all bcos of u….. I already told to come in escalator na? see here is no network too. (nan unna escalator la vara sonnen la en pecha ketiya? Ippo paru….)
Meg: in full angry tone: may I called u to come with me? don’t put blame on me….. (nana unna enku varasonnen?)
Moh: I didn’t mean that…….
Meg shouts for help n knocked the door.
Moh: there is no use in shouting n knocking.
She gives stern look to him n turns her face to another side.

After 2 mins of pin drop silent
Moh: I’m sry…..
Meg turns towards him. She sees his cute pout face. He holds his ears n again says sorry. She smiles lightly.
Moh: I think smile try to escape from someone lips….. (yaro kastapatu siripa adakuraanga….)
Megha gives firm look n cute smile. He too smiles.
Moh: whats ur next future plan?

Meg: marriage.
Moh: that’s nice. What kind of person u r expecting.
Meg: just like u.
Smile on moh face fades: what?
Meg: ya really u r sweet person. U r the real example for a man. If any girl rejects the boy then he throws acid on her or cut her neck or tries to molest her but u sacrificed ur love 4 ur lovable one.
(ambala na unna mari dan irukanum. Ponnu pidikala sonna avala vittu vilagurada vitu avala azhikanum nu nenaikiradu periya pavam)

Moh: ya she loves another then I have to leave na…. then realised what she said. How do u know that I was in love?
Meg: I know that’s it.
Moh: tell me na…..
Meg: ram told. (this ram is frnd of moh who came to 1 / 2 scenes in starting epis. B4 abhi’s entry)
Moh: ohh.
Meg: mohan I seen many person’s in my life but no one disturbed my mind. But u r totally disturbing me. I don’t know when I fall in u. but ur loving caring nature made me fall for u.
(envzhalkaila evlovo pera pathuruken but unna mari enna yarum disturb pannadu illa.)


Mohan is shocked to hear all this.
Meg: I know now u r feeling awkward to be with me. u asked na how to exit from here. Here is the emergency helpline. She called n informed that they both struck in lift.

In few mins they get out of lift.
Mohan didn’t utter a word too.
Meg felt bad but consoled herself to give some time to him.
Meg: bye mohan.
Moh: u said u’ll help me to select the dress……
She smiles n both selects the dress.
Moh: our purchase is over shall we go down? Both r near to escalator.

Meg hesitates. Mohan forwards his hand. Hold it. U’ll feel strength. She holds his hand. Both r in escalator. She tightens the grip.
Moh: don’t worry I wont leave u……..
She looks on.

Moh: not only to the end of this travel but TILL MY LAST BREATH I WONT LEAVE U. (ippo mattum illa ennaikum un kaiya vida maten.)
She widens her eyes. Yes I TOO LOVE U.

She felt very happy n hugged him. He too reciprocates. But so soon this escalator reached ground floor. so released the hug.
Both comes to coffee shop.

Meg: I thought u’ll take some more time.
Moh: actually from starting I’m feeling something special while seeing u. but I’m unaware abt my feelings. I got the answer after hearing their sweet n salt love story. my feelings with prag is not storng. Love is very strong thing. Abhigya’s love is very strong tahts y they r able to unite after two years too. Like wise my feelings towards u is stronger than feelings on prag. That’s just a infatuation. U r my love.
She smiles n hugs him. (saiyara saiya plays in bg) (pesamal rendu nenjam pesudhey from nenjam pesudhey serial plays in bg)

Screen freezes with hugging position of Meghan.

Precap: Abhigya’s bachelor party.

Hope u all liked the epi. Swalak fans plz…. Tolerate me. I’ll try to unite them tmrw bcos tmrw is the last epi. Plz place ur cmnts by urs loving Aastha.

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