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Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 28) (KKB, Swaragini)

Thnq so much for ur continuous support frnds do support like this. i replied to all ur cmnts.

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Episode 27

Epi starts with mohan.

Moh: wow really superb story I liked it very much.
Megha: ya I too liked it but how ur sasu maa accepted you? I’m sure there will be any incident. Isn’t rag?
Ragsan: sure y not……

FB showed.

one day kavitha came to our house. San n ram don’t liked her arrival but suj is happy. Both planned to throw out rag out of that house.
Rag is cooking in kitchen san called her. She went from there. Kavitha poured extra salt n chilly powder in sambar.
San n ram, suj, kavi all came to dinning hall. All had their first spoon. Suj split the food.
Suj: cant u cook properly? Even animal too wont eat this.
San: maa I accept that food is not good but I’m sure u only added the extra salt n mirchy powder so don’t blame her.
Suj: san plz believe me…..

Rag: san plz believe her I forgot that I already poured salt. Thats y………
San: sry I don’t believe this..….. he woke up from table n ram too left from there. Rag remains sad.
Suj soliloguy: I didn’t done anything but all r blaming me.
Kavi comes there: what happened buva? (aunty)
Suj: y don’t u know? if I found who poured that salt I’ll kill him.

Kavi: buva…. Y r u getting angry. I only poured salt.
Suj: what? Then y u remained silent there?
Kavi: already he is not talking to me properly if he came to know abt this he’ll throw out me instead rag. I’ll watch what san is doing bye….
Suj: what kind of girl is she?

Another day.

Kavi split the oil on floor to make rag slip. Rag is coming towards oil. She was abt to step on oil but saan called her so she went to san.
Kavi got irked n went from there.
San: rag take care of urself. Me n dad going to business trip ok.
Rag: I know…. U don’t wry. Tc bye…..

Then suj comes she didn’t noticed that there is oil. She stepped on it n fell down.
Rag came fast n helped her to stand. Suj leg is paining heavily. Rag helped her to go to room n made her laid on bed.
Suj: arrey bhagwan I’m innocent y r u punishing me……..
Rag came there with oil n massaged her leg but suj says plz no no it will pain.
Rag: haan ma it will pain but if u didn’t do this u cant cure.

Suj: no it pains very much.
Rag: I think its sprain. Massage is enough plz…… I’ll massage u without pain.
Suj with pout face: pakka?
Rag: pakka with smile. She massaged politely.
Suj felt the relief. Then suj saw kavi playing video games. Here I’m suffering in pain she is enjoying????

Another day

San n ram came from trip. Ragsan bond is going smoothly. Kavi cant tolerate this.
Rag is standing near staircase. San n ram is in down. Kavi pushes rag from stairs. She rolls from steps n got hit at head n fainted.
Suj came near kavi after hearing screaming sound of rag.
All rushes towards hospital.
Dr.: don’t wry its minor injury. Nothing to wry.
San: thnq dr. he turned to suj with red eyes. Look now she is safe if anything happened to her I wont leave u. whats ur prob with her? U tried to kill her? Plz…… afterwards don’t talk to me. my mom is no more from now,

Suj pleads to him he is not listening her. She pleads to ram but he too refused to talk. They brought rag to home within 4 hours.
San made rag laid on bed. After some time suj came there with juice glass. But san pushed it n scolded suj.
With angry she thrown kavi out of her house.
Kavi: what r u doing?……
Suj: enough is enough. I hate rag she too knows that but never she came in between our mother n child relationship. But within one week u totally separated my son from me. god opened my eyes now. Ragini is my BAHU…… got it. Get out.

FB ended

Rag: like this my mom accepted me…….
Meg: really nyz……
Moh: is kavi changed now?
San: haan. Time changes everything. She too got married a person n understood what is love n meaning of the love.
Meghan: that’s really wonderful.

Diya: then when ur marriage abhi bhaiya?
Abhi: coming soon. All arrangements r in process. Next week Friday our marriage.
Diya: wow….. then I’m going to eat very tasty marriage food.
Swa: u hai na……. always thinking abt food.
Aliya: I think now story is over so plz feed to ur cute stomach.
Lak: sure madam ji……
Alia: bhaiya….. with pout face. After dinner all went to their respective home.

Next day

@ swa’s home
Lak gets a call. He lifted the call.
Lak: haan tell me.
Caller: laksh….. vo…
Lak: kya vo…fo….
Caller: laksh….. sahil is back…..
Smile on lak face fades.

Lak: r u sure sahil is back? He felt someone is there n turned back but there is no one. He came out of home.
Lak: really is sahil back.
Caller: ya he is coming to Chennai today.
Lak: ok I’ll manage. Thnq for the info.
Caller: ok dude bye. He cutted the call.

Screen freezes with tension face of laksh.

Precap: Laksh holds sahil leg and pleads to him.

Hope u liked this epi. Isn’t it? Plz place ur cnmts. By urs loving Aastha.

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