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Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 26) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Recap: Ragsan marriage.

Episode starts with shocking face of everyone.

Kailash’s mom holds kishan’s collar: where is my son? Where is my son?
Kishan: aunty plz….listen me….
Kailash’s mom: if anything happened to my son I wont leave u……
Kailash: maa I’m alri8.
Everyone turned back towards kailash.

Kailash: maa look I’m alri8 na plz leave his collar.
k. mom: but…..
kailash: he didnt kidnapped me. I’m not interested in marriage that’s it maa. Plz don’t create any scene in front of all. Its not my marriage so plz lets come with me to home.
kailash wished san to happy married life then both left from there.
Ram to guest: plz don’t mind these things breakfast is ready after having breakfast cordially wish the couples.
Suj, dadi and their family left from there.

Scene shifted to san’s home.

Ragsan and all came to home but stopped at door by dadi n suj.
Suj: we wont accept her as our bahu.
San: u have to accept the truth maa. N me and rag both r majors. No one cant force us.
abhi: kishan u cool. Aunty plz try to understand him n bring aarti.
Suj: u r supporting him?
Ram: cant u understand till now…. I came here to attend my son’s marriage only ok.
Suj n her family members all r shocked.

Ram: kishan explain them what happened…..
Kishan narrates FB.

Kishan calls abhi. (on rag,prag, swa utt’s first exam day)
Abhi: I heard that ragini is going……
San: that’s y I called u. I don’t know what to do.
Abhi: don’t wry I’m with u na…. tmrw we all going to meet the groom.

Next day both goes to kailash.

Kailash: you….. that day helped ragini na? (he means that fasting)
San: haan.
Kailash: what r u doing here?
San: vo..vo…
Abhi: what vo…vo… look Mr. he is in love with ragini.
Kailash: I know
San n abhi: what?
Kailash: yaa 2 days b4 we went to date. I asked her to talk in starting she didn’t but when she started to talk I got irritated.
Abhi: y what happened?
Kailash: she talked only abt u unknowingly. My first love went far away b4 we start our life. I cant marry a girl who didn’t love me.
Kishan felt happy but didn’t showed, innocently: what to do now.

Abhi: I have a plan.
Kishan: what?
Abhi: marriage is happening in marwadi culture. So groom can hide the face. So u go to his place.
Kailash: ok. Kishan now u can show ur happiness. Don’t hide it. I can feel ur mind set.
Kishan hugs kailash: thnq so much. U r giving my life to me.
Abhi: other fuctions like sangeeth n extra…. Will happen as per family’s wish. marriage only have to happen as per our plan. That is safe to all.
Trio smiles.
FB ends.

Prag: then u know all this? U r the story writer…… abhi bents his head down.
Sahil to lak: do u know that kishan is the groom? That’s y u asked us to be with groom.
Lak: I don’t know but I believed in god.
Suj: I wont take aarti.
Parineetha: I’ll do ram bhaiya.
Everyone looks at pari.

Pari: I know that kishan and kavitha’s marriage wont happen. That’s y I made engagement postponed after rag’s marriage.
Kavi: maa…..
Adharsh: u cant force kishan to love u. tahts a feeling.
Suj: bhaiya.. bhabi….. u……
Adharsh: kishan’s love for rag is visible to everyone but don’t know how it is invisible to u?
Dadi: I wont let this rag happy.

Ram: sasu maa….. me n meri beta bahu r going to my house. If ur daughter want to live with me then say her to get in car. Or else just stay here.
Rag takes blessing from urvashi and hugs all her siblings and waves bye to them with watery eyes. Ram n suj were in front and ragsan in the back seat.

All went to their respective resident. ragsan reached Chennai.

Suj get down from car n went to her room. Rag felt bad. San hold her hand tightly to give strength.
Ram took aarti to ragsan. Ragni done her graha pravesh.
She lighted the light in mandhir then took blessing from Ramprasad.

Next day

Hostel in Coimbatore.

Lak: swa… sahil….. bye. I’m going to Chennai to live with my parents.
Swa: take care. She says bye but unknown feeling makes her feel hard.
With heavy heart he bids bye to swa n sahil. Laks love for swa is visible but she is unaware abt that. He left from there.
Swa: sahil…… I love u…..
Sahil hold her cheek: don’t wry I’ll return. I’m just going to do my further studies only. Love u too.
Swa: I don’t know how can I be without u?
He pecks on her forehead.
Swa: just now only u completed ur exams in this soon how can u do ur further studies.
Sahil: I told u na. my sis is in abroad. I met her b4 3 years so she want to be with me. after that I’ll continue my studies there.
Heavy pain is visible in swara’s eyes. Miss u….. she cries n left from there.
Sahil’s pov: finally I get rid of this stupid sentimental girl…….

Scene at ragini

Rag wakes early and does all household. San stares her lovingly.
Ram: today is ur rasoyi…. What dish u r going to prepare.
Rag: halwa???
Suj: adhan yearkanave halwa kuduthutiye thaniya vera kudukanuma? (already u given halwa na? she means rag deceived sujatha)
Ram: don’t mind her words. u Go beta.
She prepares for cashew nut halwa. She pours ghee. Kishan smells it and eager to eat it.
She serves halwa to kishan n ram. She goes near to place halwa in front of suj. But she pushes it n leaves from there.

Water drops escaped from rag’s eyes. With watery eye she went to her room.
San turned her towards him and wipes her tears. She emotionally hugged him.
Kishan: don’t wry my dear. Its SWEET AND SALT life. Now u r in salt part. We cant eat food without salt just like that we have to overcome this. Soon our life’s SWEET part will come.
Rag: yes u r right. How maasi accepted me now just like that sasu maa too accept me.
Kishan: that’s the spirit.
Rag: I wont talk to u.
Kishan: y my dear. U already spoiled our first ni8 by ur crying.
Rag: I’m angry on u na then how can I talk? u married me without my permission.
Kishan: sry ra baba…… I cant live without u. wont u confess ur feelings now too? He holds his ears very cutely.
Rag: then u know abt my feelings?
San: with naughty smile: I read ur diary.
Rag: what????? U cheat…… he runs from there. She chases him but collides with suj. She gives disgusting look. Rag feels bad.

Screen freezes with sad face of ragini.

Precap: Pragya’s engagement.

thnq thnq soooooo much for ur continuous support. thnq so much for ur sweet cmnts n wishes. i done my internal exams well n results too good. its all bcos of u.
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I know its boring hope u’ll like further epis. Thnq so much for ur continuous support. By urs loving Aastha.

I’m very talkative. now i’m writing ff named “our salt & sweet love story” in combination of abhigya ragsan & swalak

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