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Our Love Story – Twinj tale (Part 5)

Our Love Story (Part-5)

Hey guys remember Sarah is alive but is in Coma.

“I Love someone else”.. The words of Kunj were now echoing around..
Maira, Riya and Kshitij were looking at each other and then to Kunj..then Kamal Shankar (Sarah’s father).. all were perplexed!!..
Riya was like No !..
Maira was like.. Means The Kunj Sarna is in Love and she even doesn’t know!!!
For once Riya’s eyes fell on Samar..He was Smiling!..

” You Love someone else?!!”..Kamal repeated his words..”Who is she?.., why isn’t she with you?..”…he continued..
Kunj sat on sofa with glassy eyes…increasing everyone’s curiosity and making them a bit emotional.
“Tell…me son..what happened?.. Why are you both not together.. I have the right to know on behalf of my daughter.. Tell me”.. Kamal said.

” I love her..unconditionally… incomparably …I met her for the first time when we 4..(Samar, Kshitij, Riya and Kunj)..were in Bern, Switzerland ..3 yrs back for a concert …

Flashback (no.2)-

The scenery of the world’s one of the most beautiful cities is shown…Bern in Switzerland
Like This

Its the time of morning.
The music starts to play in BG (The shimmer of Sindhu…plug ur earphones to get a proper feel and imagine what I am imaging and writing).

A flower shop is shown and then its interior is shown-
Like This

.. A girl setting some of the flowers in a vase is shown ..wind starts playing with her hairs..from the window …she smiles ..her soft pink lips are shown.. .keeps a book on the reception..
The cute girl comes out of a flowers’ shop..
She takes her purple cycle with flowers in its basket and starts cycling..

She was wearing –
Like This

Her eyes big beautiful brown eyes are shown..she takes a turn she is cycling on a road with Maple and Flamboyant trees on both the sides..the red- yellow leaves of maple and the red flowers on the green leaves of flamboyant were like welcoming her ….the breeze was flowing making her silky-soft , half brown hair flying.. Her lips are shown smiling..

She passes a fruits shop where a lady in her 40’s was setting the fruits to sell them..
“Good morning Anna “.. The girl said picking a small strawberry basket cycling…” morning TWINKLE “..the lady replied with a smile…
The girl is shown cycling further….Her face is shown ..she is none other than our beautiful heroine..TWINKLE TANEJA…
She now passes by a park where many children are playing… They all wish together..
” morning Twinkie”..”morning.. “..she replied …while cycling further she came across an old couple ..the lady was miffed with her husband… She gave the old man some flowers and singnalled him to give them to her. …the lady smiled getting those flowers.. Twinkle smiled and cycled further…

She came to the main road.. She took a turn ringing her cycle’s bell…but ….

BANG…she hit with a black Mercedes…” Aaaaaa”..she screamed.and broke its headlight as the driver applied break on time..a man in coat came out of another car was moving along with the Mercedes behind it and stood…..She fell..her cycle was damaged..
Just then a strongly built guy came hurriedly out of the Mercedes . he was wearing-
Like This

He was wearing shades..he saw her collecting her things still falling on the road..he helped her in that…he sat to pick her things and they both approached her diary together.. (Things fell from her purse)..they looked at each other…The guy was lost in her..(the tuning.. dere na dere na..of ishq Bulava plays in BG) ..She picked it…while picking she kept on babbling.. He got up handing her things to her and lifting her cycle.. Apologized…
” what do you think of yourself “..Twinkle said
” I am so sorry miss..I will pay for the damage “..he said..
” oh ..thank you so much for your kindness Mr….But I can handle that..You Richies can you see and drive.. What if some infant would have been there..But I don’t want to waste time on you …I am getting late..leave my way”..she said .
“Okay listen..If you are getting late then my driver will drop you wherever you wish..and I’ll get your cycle repaired..”.. He suggested..
Twinkle found him a gentleman so she agreed and asked him to give the cycle where his driver will drop her.. The man singnalled his bouncer and he took the cycle and went to get it repaired…The Guy made Twinkle sit in his Mercedes and left in another car (which was following him )..as Twinkle reached her destination which was actually a studio she came out of the car , thanked the driver and asked him to thank his boss also..he left she turned and found posters of a Rockstar there..
” Why do I feel that I have seen him somewhere “..she said to herself..
She entered the studio and again there she saw some hoardings of the same..
” Oh My!”..she exclaimed with surprise..
“God Twinkle you are such a fool..You met him and made him get your cycle repaired!.. What would he be thinking of you..”..she thought.

” Miss Twinkle.. You are the next..best of luck”..a girl said calling her name out…
“God save me..”.. She breathed


Hellllo beauties… Sho sorry for such a short and boring update… I would try making the next long enough but I am really busy now…

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