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Our Love Story – Twinj tale by Shreya ( Part4)

Our Love Story- Twinj Love (Part4)

Hello Beauties.. I am back again.. post kiya coz I have time and moreover I din went to school today because of health issues..

So I am telling you all as You all are my friends.. Guys Reports have confirmed that I am suffering from the 1st that is the starting stage of Anemia… God!..

And yes Now have a *special treat* for a Person who doesn’t know how to respect and how to get respected

.. I AM NOT gonna take the name coz I Donno if you know the meaning of Giving respect or not..but I respect all the humanity..I am not gonna bash you or talk ill for you Coz you know what.. My upbringing is not so weak that I will be changing my tone and my esteem because of you..Do you get that??..but don’t ever think that I am Gonna leave you Miss..WHATEVER!.. You have spoken Against MY Sayooo..you better Thank God that I am not in front of you..otherwise… Let me.cool….first of all You are no one to say anything to anyone here..and if you don’t like the ff then who asked you to read that..listen I am trying my best not to get hyper..So if any of the haters reading my post do remember that whenever you feel that any of the writers is disappointing you then either stop reading her/his posts or tell them where they are wrong.. this isn’t a civilized conduct…and now.. Learn to respect religion.. And Muslim is a pious Religion.. If you don’t like then don’t but you cannot say anything Ill about …like this…
I have wasted a lot of time on you ..I don’t wanna waste more…

So for no confusion in characters-

Samar – shaheer shaikh
Kunj’s best friend and manager
Sarah – Jennifer Winget
A super Model
Kshitij – Rohan Mehra
Riya – Erica Fernandez
Dev’s fiance.
Maira- Kunj’s younger sis (17yrs old..not 19..sorry)…Tunisha Sharma..(Ahenkara Of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

So last part’s link to recall the story if you need and unregistered members.. I have replied to your comments.. Do read..-

“SUICIDE “..was echoing in his ears…” Is..is she fi..fine..?”..Kunj asked worriedly..”noo..I mean she is alive.. But is in coma…” Kshitij replied …Kunj was so upset to know about her condition.. He hit the vase beside him..and turned.. Tears gushed out his eyes.. “Its because of me…I am the reason behind all this…I am so sorry Sarah..I never knew that you’ll do something like this…I can never forgive myself…”.. He said crying..
” Because of you??!!..what do you mean?.. “..Kshitij asked ..Kunj told everything to him whatever happened..
” so that’s why ..Her father is searching for you..”..Exclaimed Kshitij.. “What???!”.. Kunj asked..” Now I understand.. Kunj you better go back to your house .Her father is behind you…He assumes you as the reason behind her act and his men are searching for you all around… “..Kshitij told..
” But I am reason.. “..Kunj said..” Don’t worry just go back to your house and please TC of yourself “..kshitij suggested..
” Okay “..KUNJ said before leaving.

On road..
Kunj is driving his car..thinking about Sarah.. He was teary eyed..He reached home.

A Big mansion

He entered and saw Bebe sitting on couch holding her head..as she saw him..she rushed to him and held his shoulders..and worriedly said..
” Puttar..puttar… Maira puttar dance class gyi thi aur ab tak….”..listening this Kunj became hell tensed…”She hasn’t returned since 5 hours and you are telling me now..!! “..he exclaimed.. He grabbed his mobile and called the dance teacher.. He told that she left long back..making him more tensed… He was about to go to search for her just then he gets a call..
(They are only Kunj’s talk)
” Who’s this?”..
“What do you mean!!”..
” Tell me damn it..”..
“Don’t you dare harm her….”..
” I am coming… “..
He cuts the call..
” what happened?? “..Bebe asked..” Nothing.. I am going to get her back..Don’t worry ..have your medicines and sleep”..he replied rushing out.

Next scene-

A Big mansion is shown

Kunj is shown sitting on Sofa along with an elderly man on the opposite side caressing his Gun..they are surrounded by many of black commandos holding rifles.. And Two of them holding a girl..who is trying to free herself… At a corner.. Kunj is tensed seeing her and signals her..’I – AM -HERE – DON’T WORRY’

“So you are Kunj..Sarah used to talk much about you..but we never met..”…
“..Why have you called me here…leave my sister”.. Kunj said in a loud tone.

As he raised his voice.. All guns were pointing him and the Girl..

” hey hey..cool boys..Jamai hain hamare..itni tameez se pesh aa rahe hain hum…(he is my Son in law..we are addressing you so nicely..).you are our SIL..we expect this from you also.. “..He said..(He is Sarah’s Father)

” Tameez (Conduct)..You have kidnapped My sister and expect me to be calm…Is this your conduct to kidnap a girl to call her brother to you??…”..Kunj said controlling his anger to save Maira..(his sis)

“Toh laash bhej Deni chahiye thi mujhe…haina..(I should have send her deadbody to you ..right!)…”.. He said as if it was Normal..

” Don’t dare to harm my Sister.. “..Kunj said as an angry young man..

” Cool down my boy.. Sher ki gufa main usipar hamla nahi karte…I have a surprise for you..”..Saying this he signalled something to his commando..He nodded and left..and brought 3 people.. A girl and 2 boys..they are Samar, Diya and Khitij..tied

Kunj was shocked to see them also..

“Kunjjjjjj..”.. they shouted..

” What’s this…Why are doing this?”..Kunj asked standing up..

“My only daughter is lying like a dead person because of you…I am not gonna leave any one of you..if you will not marry her…I can do anything for her..She loves you like anything that’s why I am not harming you..but I am not gonna leave you even…”.. he said at the top of his anger.

“.. But I had a reason for that…Kitna bura aapko lag raha hai ..itna hi mujhe bhi…But understand I CAN’T MARRY HER “… Kunj Shouted…

” Why can’t you….????”..He asked..


“Because what say damn it….(tries cooling).. SEE..I don’t want to force you..If you have a genuine reason then I will think of it..but for me My daughter is the most important.. Get that!”… He said..

” Because I love someone else.. “..
Kunj said…

Leaving all his friends and his Sister Shocked… Surprised…Perplexed…


Hey guys..

PRECAP- Giska hame tha intezaar vo ghadi aa gyi aa gyi..

Sho my lovely Girls…
How was it??
Excited for the next part??
Will you comment??
Karna toh padega…

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