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Our impossible love episode 5

Hey guys this is Ayushi ya I know this is super late but what to do I had my exams and then I got hurt in school and then injection which everybody hates and guys the comments are going less atleast tell me if u find it boring or u can give me some suggestions .positive and negative both comments are welcomed but plzzzzzzzzzzzz do comment.so here goes the fifth episode of our impossible love
Aru :what do u think of urself mr Aryan chimaji ?do u think u are a king?
Aryan :I do not think I am (with full swag u know)
Aru was about to say something when a voice comes from behind her and she turns it was of aaba sahib (so guys Aryan saw aaba sahib and he started behaving like this but after aru said this he was really angry on her as he thought she does not believe in him)
Aaba: ae ladke teri himmat kaise hui humari poti se aise baat karne ki(ae boy how dare u speak like that with my granddaughter)

Now aru understood why Aryan was behaving like this but she knew that Aryan was angry on her ans she was cursing herself for being so stupid
Aru(acting)aaba let’s go plzz we should not waste our tym by talking to them
Aru took aaba sahib with him but Aryan was still angry . now it was aryan’s turn to come to aru’s room but ofcourrse he was angry so she decided to go by herself
In Aryan’s room
Aryan wanted to go to aru’s room but was trying to convince himself no to but he didn’t knew that he left the window open and aru came in and was listening to all this
Aryan:nhi Aryan tu us 2 foot ki dinosaur ke ghar nhi jaayega samjha (no Aryan u will not go to that 2 foot ki dino..’s house)what does she think of herself ?
Aru(in mind):hawwww !!! main tujhse maafi mangne aayi thi but ab bilkul nhi hargiz nhi I will not leave u zero iq (hawww!i came here to say sorry but now no never I will not leave u 0iq)
Aru was about to say something but aryan again started (plzz someone stop him otherwise aru will kill him)
Aryan:moti kahiki (fat lady)badtameez ,chudailon ki maharani(illmannered,queen of witches)
Now aru could not control and she started
Aru:oh hello 0iq tum toh ek dum devta ho na(oh hello 0iq u r god no)
Aryan was shocked to see aru bcoz he knew that now he will be murdered but then he remembered that he was the person who was supposed to be angry
Aryan:excuse me !!!!!!!!ghussa mujhe hona chahiye tumhe nhi(I should be the one who should be angry not u)
Aru:aaahah!!!!!! Bade aaye ghussa hone wale tumne bhi toh mujhe abhi itna kuch kaha(aahah!! U also said so much to me )
Aryan(smirks):what so much I don’t know
Aru:oh really phir tumne moti badtameez do foot ki dinosaur aur chudailon ki rani kise kaha(then whom did u said fat illlmannered do foot….. and queen of witches)
Aryan :wo…. Maine…..tumhe kaha aur kise moti,moti,do fooy ki dino….,chudailon ki rani(wo…. I …said that to u fatty,fatty,do foot… queen of witches)
After saying this Aryan starts running and aru chases him aryan repeatedly teases her by saying(the abive words)
Aru;Aryan stop it (she picks up the pillow and starts hitting Aryan )
Aryan also picks up the pillow and they both have a pillow fight till the pillows tear and the material inside is all on the floor)


But Aryan is still teasing her and she is still chasing him.suddenly aru slips andddd she falls (guys everytym the hero is not there )and Aryan starts laughing seeing her in this state and aru loses her control
Aru(trying to get up )Aryan u……(but couldn’t bcoz she got hurt in her foot)aahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Aryan(concerned)kya hua (what happened)idiot can’t u walk properly wait!!
He returns with volini spray
Aru:Aryan it is paining
Aryan:idiot I know that’s why I brought this(and shows her the spray)
Aru:nooooooooooooooooo Aryan it will pain more plzz no see I am fine(pretends that she is okay so she can escape)
Aryan:shut up !!!!!!and sit down(with full anger but of concern)
Aru sits down quietly making a puppy face and closes her eyes
Aryan was about to spray when aru shouts . Aryan laughs at her innocence and sprays it very calmly
Aryan:aru it’s done


So guys this was the fifth episode and guys plzz comment bcoz mr comment box is waiting for u POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE COMMENTS BOTH ARE WELCOMED and guys if u find it boring plzz tell and u can feel free to give ur suggestions and guys do u wnt some more epis in krishnavati or should aara go to pune asap

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