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Our baby an os by riya a gift to maro Di

hi guys this one is for maro Di I have been working on it for along time hope you like it please do comment

shravan and suman were sleeping soundly after a very long tiresome day. Although shravan’s snoring and suman’s soundly breathing was not bothering either one of them this night, someone else stirred in her sleep. With a light yawn she opened her doe like brown eyes, taking in her surrounding, looking up at the objects that were slightly twirling above her. She reached up with her tiny hands trying to touch the objects, when a loud snore startled her, and she began to wail. Her father’s snore scaring her again. shravan and suman both immediately opened their eyes, suman straining to keep them open, sighed and began to get up, when she felt two hands on her shoulder lightly pushing her back on the bed. “You sleep, I can take care of her” shravan said softly. “Are you sure, you’re really tired, I can do it” suman replied, with sleep lacing her words. shravan pecked her on the forehead and smiled, “Don’t worry sweetheart, go back to sleep.” “Ohh..ok, if you say so” suman mumbled and settled in the bed again. shravan removed their blanket off him self and got out of bed, and lightly padded across the room to the wailing sound. As he neared the crib and looked inside, the wailing stopped and his eyes met with a pair of teary brown eyes, the eyes were a striking replica of his wife’s. He couldn’t help but break out into a smile and a second later the once wailing baby began to giggle. She squinted her eyes, having a lone tear slip between the corner of her eye.


“Awww, ishu, baby what’s wrong? shravan cooed, caressing her face and removing the tear off her face. ishu just smiled sucking on her thumb and showing her toothless gums, making her daddy chuckle. “Did you just wake your mumma and I for us to talk to you” shravan asked her and immediately she shook her head and stretched out her hands, indicating shravan to pick her up. shravan without any hesitant picked her up from her crib and cradled her in his arms. ishu with her slobbery hands touched shravan’s, face which had him jokingly scold her. “ishu, eww you got spit on my face” he laughed, which made ishu giggle louder. “Shhh, we can’t wake your mumma, she’s asleep” shravan said quietly while giving her a peck on the cheek. ishu just giggled even more and made spit bubbles with her mouth. “You really are a mischievous girl, you know that right” shravan told her as if she knew what he was saying, while grabbing her bib. shravan came around with ishu and gently placed her on their bed and put her bib on, so she won’t get her clothes wet with all the spitting she was doing. “Now where were we,” shravan said while picking ishu up and sitting on the bed and leaning on the bed frame with ishu on his lap. “Oh right, where you get your mischievousness from,” he said and ishu pointed her tiny chubby fingers towards him, “Oh really, so it’s my fault huh princess” he said while tickling her tiny stomach.

She let out a scream and laughed, “Shhh ishu” shravan said while stifling a laugh himself. “Of course she gets it from you, how else could she be so mischievous if her father wasn’t?” suman said smirking and sitting up, leaning on the bed frame, resting her head on shravan’s shoulder. She pinched ishu’s cheeks. shravan smirked, “So I guess the queen and princess are against me now, huh?” suman laughed softly, reaching for ishu who gladly went to her mother’s outstretched arms and cradled in her warmth. “No, never against, we’re always going to be with you” suman replied looking into shravan’s eyes, “and besides I’m her mother aren’t I, so she gets a little from me too,” she smirked. “Oh really, is that so?” shravan smirked leaning closer to suman, putting his hands over her shoulder bringing her closer to him. “shravan, what are you doing?” suman said, hinting at ishu who was resting her head on her mother’s chest sucking her thumb and watching the tussle between her parents. shravan and suman both looked down at ishu, all three of them looking at each other when ishu broke into a fit of laughter making shravan and suman laugh along with her. After all the laughing was done, suman finally made ishu fall asleep by rocking her back and forth, while shravan sat there mesmerized by how his life depended on these two angels. suman got up from the bed and shravan got up along with her and they both put ishu back in her crib and softly tucked her in. shravan and suman both were entranced by what they created, a symbol of their unconditional love. shravan hugged suman from behind while gazing down at their princess, his love only amplifying each day for both of them. shravan tightened his hold on her as she leaned into him, “Thanks suman,” shravan whispered. “For what shravan?” she asked confused while turning to face him. “For loving me, giving me a new life, and giving me an irreplaceable gift of all” he said as love and happiness swelled his heart, “I’ll pray that your daughter grows up to be just like you, exactly like her mother, kind, generous, thoughtful.” suman tightly hugged shravan, resting her head on his chest as he encircled his arms around her, “shravan” she whispered, “huh” shravan asked. “Our daughter, not mine, but Our daughter, shravan and suman mahnotra’s daughter.” shravan’s smile widened as he hugged suman tighter knowing that he will never let her out of his embrace.

so how was it hope u liked it please do comment and happy birthday maro di

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