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only for ur happiness…. twinj (os)

hi…its me tamanna…tamanna.twinjfan here…im here to share my first piece of writing..i m hell nervous……my imagination on current track..this is after yesterdays epi with just difference..here after knowing truth about tw n uvs fake marriage n his[kunj] babys miscarriage…he again does plastic surgery n comes in his original face that is our sids face…then it is same till yesterdays track but with our sids face not with naman shaw [i hope u have understood] in simple after knowing tws truth kunj changes his face[sidhant gupta] n uv has again turned to negetive…nothing change in track except kunj face [naman to again sid]…hope u like it..

let’s begin….
In pub after tw said to kunj that uv is winning n he[kunj] is losing…he decides to leave her for her happiness.he thought that after his return everyone’s life have been mixed up n if he will leave them than it may become normal again..so he decides to leave for london..
kunj is in his room….he thinks about his time spent with tw n hw she said uv is winning..he thinks “its all bcz of me…i shld nt have left tw..i m responsible for all this.. i think i should leave her she was happy with uv..i will leave her fr her happiness…i love u tw n will always love u only..”he is crying while thinking this..
screen shifts to tw’s room…
here tw is also crying..she is also thinking about thier memories n hw kunj was silently weeping in his car…tw thinks”i love u kunj…u shld have trusted me… why u did this to me…why u left me 5years back…it is difficult to forget hw u left me, hw u didnt trusted me…”n cries harder…
judai from badlapur plays in BG..


sarna nd taneja family except tw are present there…all have come to bid bye kunj.. kunj is wearing black shades so no one can see his red eyes due to continues flow of tears..its time for his departure…he hugs all family members..he first meets anand,next monoher,usha,bebe…then he comes infront of leela..he folds his in apologiozing manner…he says
kunj-” sorry ma…yeh sab… meri waj..he se hi ho.raha hai…meri waa..pas aanese tw.. ki zindagi ulaj gai hai,…mera yahan..se jaana hi teek hoga..mai ek.. kharab beta aur.. pathi hun..i dont deserve.. her love…”
he said all this controlling his tears and now keeping stone in his heart..
ku-aap uski.. shaadi uv se.. karaado..use u..v kush… rakhega..
leela saw tears flowing through his eyes n he is trying to stop his tears…she holds his folded hand n says…
leela-yehsa nahi kehthe puttar..isehi saccha pyaar kehthe hain puttar…apne pyaar ke khushi ke liye apni khushi khurbaan karna..mai b kahan khogayi thi…mai kaise bhulgayi jo tumne mere tw kiya tha…aur aaj bhi kar raha hai puttar..aise bohot kam log hothe hain…aur aisa mat kehna puttar tu pyaar deserve nahi kartha..tw kitni kush kismat hai ke usne tujhse pyaar kiya..
screen shifts to tw..
here she gets to know about uv n pallavi..she leaves for airport in car…she thinks”hw can i do this..hw can i nt trust my kunj…i should have trusted him..plz kunj dont go..dont leave me again..”she driving towards airport as fast as possible..
sanam teri kasam song plays in bg…
kunj nw comes to uv..he says in choked voice
kunj-uv mai… tw ko tere hawale kar.. raha hun…use hame..sha khu..sh rakna…she de..serve happiness”
uv-[in a taunting way] i know hw to care fr my tw..tujhe yeh kehne ki zaroorat nai…obviosly usne mujhe isiliye chuna hai..nt like u..5 years pahele use chod ke chale gaye ab aakar mujhe sikha the ho..”

kunj didnt say anything n just left..
sanam teri kasam continues..
here kunj is moving towards enterance with tears flowing through his eyeswhich not visible through his shade n tw is in car driving..tw is allso crying..screen parts in thier faces..
tw arrives at airport..she sees her family members n ask them about kunj..she rushes inside airport..uv is shocked to see tw there.. kunj is checking in..tw searches kunj [note:song is also playing..so u can imagine hw]..
finally tw finds kunj n rushes to him…while coming near to him she takes baby steps n relaxation smile on her face..she pats his sholder…he is shocked to see tw…he immediatly hugs her..she hugs him back..after few minutes kunj parts away..
kunj-tw u shld go now..its time to board my flight..
tw is shocked…she starts to beat him on his chest like baby n says
tw-what do u mean kunj sarna…tum samajh the kya ho apne apko..tum kahoge toh mai chali jaungi..[nowstarts to cry]mr. sarna ,mai tumhare bina nahi jee sakthi..I LOVE U KUNJ SARNA…tum paanch saal pehle mujhe chod ke jaa chuke the..ab badi mushkil se mile ho ab mai tumhe jaane nahin doongi..u get it…tum nahi jaaoge…
kunj immediatly hugs her n she also hugs him back…he says “i love u too..”they part away..tw removes his shades n looks at his eyes which is red n tears dried up..she becomes teary eyed…
tw-itna pyaar karthe ho mujhse…[she asks]kunj- kudse zyada…
n both joins their forehead..

Hw was it…i know boring..first tme haina isliye…i m really really nervous..
so pls do cmmnt ..plz..plz..whether +tve or -tve..
eggs,tomatoes,shoes sab allowed hai..lekin shoes’ sirf branded wale..oky..arey use honge na yaar…n love u..

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