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Hello everyone!! I’m here to share my views on the new trend of bashing and then analyzing it!!

This is for people who bash!!

Yaar… SWARA… SANSKAR… RAGINI… LAKSH none of those characters are true!!! Those are fictional characters played by few good actors!! We appreciate their acting skills… we become their fans.. make pages.. encourage them!! Many people who write in this page are here to share their thoughts.. Imaginations which they get on their favorite characters.. As well improve skills as a writer as well as reader by reading other ff’s… That’s it… Ye sab kya hai?? There are many other things to do!! Instead of wasting time in bashing actors or characters… we can discuss about existing problems in our country… world!! But no!! It is so much satisfactory in criticizing someone instead of thinking how to improve ourselves… I don’t really understand why people has problem with actors or actress!!They are paid to act like that!! But we are wasting our time thinking about them!! Please watch clips or bytes of the actors… They are so close to each other… They don’t have any problem but what is your problem if Swara and Dhanya are not seen in a single photo?? Leave actors personal opinions to them… What is the need for us to divide ourselves as SwaSan/RagLak/SwaLak/RagSan fans!! we’re good as Swaragini fans!! Please don’t misuse our Right to speech and sharing opinions to bash others or criticize others!! A story always require critics opinion but not the characters!!

This is for writers!!

Few people write ffs with lot of mature content.. I accept that physical intimacy between characters is must.. But it should not be open completely… Then it wont be less than porn story!! Writers should also consider the readers who are teens and younger.. We shouldn’t create a curiosity in them about this.. I saw in TU many writers and readers are school going kids!! We have no right to pollute their thoughts!! Some might think that “mature content is also a part of splendid writings..if we don’t write then readers who are interested in those stuff will anyhow read it..” Yes!! I agree with that.. But I also put forth a point that they may read it or watch it through other sources.. Why you want to become the source of that!! Our ff’s shpuld inspire people!! A writer holds the repsonsibilty of giving a postive message through their ff!!So ,Please don’t encourage mature content without limits or ff which give wrong messages to readers!! I’m sorry if i hurt anyone in this issue specially!! Coz this is what i feel when i read few ff’s!! There are many other things to be discussed but i’m afraid that we will end up fighting!! Hence, I will sign off for now!! Will come back with the next update of my ff sooner!! I will end up by saying “NO OFFENCE”

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