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NNaagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-23 & 24

Rajiv laughs evily.

He sits on bed and thinks


Rajiv:Tomorrow Ritik and Shivanya will get separate as Ritik will be no more in this world.

He smiles evily.

At morning Ritik is leaving for office when Shivanya stops him and says

Shivanya:Ritik stop


Shivanya:Please wear this locket.It will protect you from all bad,I am feeling that something is going to happen.

Ritik laughs and says

Ritik:What will happen to me Shivanya?Don’t worry nothing will happen to me.

Ritik leaves from there and Shivanya gets worried for him.

Ritik sits inside his car and reaches the office.He comes out of car and has not gone inoff far when the car gets blast and Ritik falls far away.He gets unconscious.He gets hurt on his head and hand.

All the employees arrive there and one of the employee calls ambulance.Ambulance takes Ritik to hospital.

Shivanya is in her room and is worried for Ritik.

She gets a call on her phone.She picks up her phone and gets shock listening the news of
Ritik’s accident.


The phone slips from her hand

She immediately goes out of her room to go to hospital.She opens the main door but it gets close automatically.She tries to open the main door but it doesn’t opens.

She takes her snake format and tries to go from under the door but she gets a current and takes her human form.

Shivanya:Why I am not able to go out of the house.

Rajiv comes there

Rajiv:Because I have done this all.

Shivanya turns and is shocked to see Rajiv there.

Shivanya:Rajiv you

Rajiv:I am not a human,I am a powerful soul.I have came back to take revenge of my death from you and Ritik.

He laughs evily.

Rajiv:Now I will kill you.

Precap:Rajiv with attacks on Shivanya but two couples save her and takes her out of the house.
So how is this episode? Next episode will be mahaepisode so hope u will like it

And a question in this ff which track you liked down are the options

1.Ritik and Shivanya’s marriage track

2.Evil soul’s track

Please tell which track you like

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