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HELLO my sweeties..thanks for all your comments..ya now love track began…but there is something to clarify right..so lets clear out all the confusions till now…so lets go to our story…
Abhi meesages to pragya…fuggi iam not in a mood to work today..please come to my cabin…we can talk for sometime…
pragya:no ..i cant iam little bit busy in my work..
abhi: hllo iam the Md of this company…iam ordering you to meet me at cabin..
pragya:oh actually i forgot that my MD is a kadoos hey na…
pragya: abhishek….
abhi: iam birthday boy na..its your duty to make my wish possible right..
pragya: may be…
abhi: what may be?which means…you are not interested with me now..as you have lot of works right..
pragya: ha…
pragya: bye…catch you later…
abhi: catch me later..i will show you how to catch you now…abhi getsup from his cabin..he goes to pragyas cabin…
pragya: abhishek why are here? i have already told you na..
abhi: hllo miss.pragya..iam your MD i just came to check howz your work is going on..otherwise i will take action ..
pragya: oh really…
abhi: so do your work..abhi sits in a chair opposite to her…he placed his hands there and place his head too and look at pragya…because of his looks she cant work properly..
pragya: abhishek…because of you i cant get concentraton on my work…
abhi: hllo mdam..i dont do anything..
pragya: k tell me what you want now?
abhi: take leave from job…we can spent some time together..
pragya: together…k…
abhi : k then lets go out…
pragya: wait a minute…i just need to ..
pragya; hey come on fuggi…they both leaves..
abhi: oh god if now there is rain..then(in mind)
pragya: hllo kanjoos…dont expect too much..
abhi: what?
pragya:haa..are you wishing for a rain…abhi suddenly stops the bike..and turn towards her..
abhi: how do you knew that?
pragya: because i love you..
abhi: are you craziee??
pragya: haa then…
pragya sees purab coming…purab stops his bike..
purab: pragya…bhai maa is calling you..i just came to inform you that as your phone is switched off..you just go home..i will drop pragya safely..
pragya:thats right abhishek..you may leave ..i will go with purab…pragya get on purabs bike and smiles at abhi..
they goes..
abhi: fuggi…you simply go with him ..thats right abhishek you may leave…i will teach u..
abhi goes to home..
purab drops pragya
pragya: give this to abhishek…
purab:gift…are you not coming …
pragya: haa iam coming…
purab:k then see you..
whole house is decorated…
purab:bhaiya..this is from pragya..
abhi takes it..and smiles..purab get puzzled..
bulbul:what happened purab?
purab:bulbul…iam in a doubt as some connection have started between two..
bulbul:between whom?
purab:thats what we have to found out?
bulbul:what do you mean?
he goes..abhi goes to room open the gift…it was a dress..
meri sweet abhishekji,
this is for you..please wore it on the function…
what abhishekji…oh god…i dont knew how much name she will give for me…but iam enjoy all these…
and look at the dress
the function have started abhi is in dark blue kurtha…all re coming..
preethu:abhi..so let us cut the cake…
purab:no aunty..pragya have not come yet…purab waits for pragya.abhi feels jealous..
bulbul:bhai..which is this dress?do you brought it..
abhi:no its ,y friends present..
bulbul:friend…who is thst?she or he?
abhi:pragya has reached..she is also in dark blue saree…she looks so beautiful..abhi admires her..
preethu:lets cut the cake now..
abhi:no where is maa..maa..sarla:haa beta,,,abhi cuts cake ..all wished him..he gives cake to everone..he looks around pragya couldnt find her..
he searched her..at last he sees her on balcony..abhi touched at her shoulders..she turned and hugs him..
abhi:what hapened fuggi?why are you crying?if anyone tell you something..
pragya:no..i saw my maa..
abhi:what maa…
pragya:haa..my maa after 20 years…
abhi:whose is she?
pragya:your sarlamaa…my maa…purab my brother..aliya my little sister …
abhi :did she realize you?
pragya: i dont knew if she sees me..but iam happy to see her…my maa…she hugs and cries..
pragya:abhsishek do you knew…my happiness..its beyound sky…i thought they are no more..but look there are infront of me..i told you na i feel some connection with purab..he is brother..my purab..
abhi:come fuggi..lets tell others you are pragya…sarlamaas child..
pragya:wait abhishek..after everyone leaves…i will tell to my maa..
abhi:come all are waiting for us there…
pragya:i will come ..you leave..
abhi’;no fuggi…
pragya: please..he goes…

episode ends..
so guys..will pragya convince her mother as she is her daughter?is some turning points going to happened…some twists are waiting for you..thats an unexpected one..for that wait till wednesday night..as iam going to take one day leave..
NB:-iam not bringing twist by separting them..


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