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Hllo everyone… lets move to story directly..

Episode starts with pragya is over abhi… pragya and abhi gets up… abhi cover his body with hands.. pragya went outside in tensed and shy face… abhi put on his dress…
Abhi: hey chashmish… you can enter now…
Pragya enters… abhi starts smiling at her..
Pragya: oh god he starts his idiotic smile.. bappa please help me to control my anger..
Pragya: vo…
Abhi raised his eyebrows and smile..
Pragya in anger; please stop this idiotic smile..
Abhi: what is I am an idiot?
Pragya: ya..
Abhi: are I looking like that to you chashmish..
Pragya: u are idiot… idiot… idiot..
Abhi: k I am an idiot..
Pragya: no you are not an idiot..
Abhi: hey chashmish what’s your problem now.. first you call me idiot.. when I accept it.. you are telling opposite.. actually is for this purpose u came here..
Pragya: in mind ( what happened to him.. usually he always tried to fight with him.. but now.. is he up to something… take care of yourself pragya… but I like this abhishek.. this cute abhishek) she smiles..
Abhi: chashmish.. is I am joking.. why are you smiling at me… just open your mouth…
Pragya: this is the same question what I want to ask you…
Abhi: what? ( in voice just to avoid to answer to her question )
Pragya: actually I am not interested to fight with you now.. I just came her to tell you something… abhi raised in eyebrow.. actually… I.. I.. I.. need to…. thank you for helping me yesterday… and sorry.. I must not talk with you like that.. it’s really my fault… what you did is right… sorry abhishek..
Abhi: hllo chashmish.. I don’t do this because of you.. I will do it for anyone who is in your place at that time.. so I don’t need your thanks.. I knew it’s your dadi who compelled you to do so.. and one more thing.. you are not looking good in this expression..you look cute at the peak of anger… this sorry such things don’t suits you..


Pragya looks at abhi in confusion as she can’t understand anything… abhi realized what he had said now.. so to change that..
Abhi: one thing… don’t enter to someone’s room without permission… I have one doubt… you are always like this..
Pragya: what do you mean..
Abhi: always hit on someone..
Pragya look at irked… abhi smiles.. purab enters..
Purab: pragya… when you came? I am really think to see you once… I am really happy now.. bhaiyya I came to call you for breakfast.. pragya you also join with us..
Pragya; no purab.. dadi…
Purab: no just for one day… just for me…
Pragya: k baba… lets go..
Abhi get anger.. by seeing them like this…
Before leaving room
Pragya: sorry for colliding with you…
She leaves..
Pragya: purab where is bulbul…
Purab: she will be at room…
Pragya: let’s call her also…
They leaves to bulbuls room.. abhi… abhinav aliya preethu are at dining table.. pragya comes by washing hands.. purab and bulbul also sits.. pragya take blessings from abhinav..
She just go take seat.. there are seats are vacant one is besides abhi and another at purab.. they both pull chair to make her sit.. by looking abhi she sits near purab just opposite to abhi… purab take plate and place food for pragya… abhi didn’t like purab getting close to pragya… from his face expression pragya felt something..
Pragya : allu porotta.. it’s my favourite…
Preethu: abhi also like it a lot… pragya look at abhi… she takes a bite.. tears rolled through her eyes… abhi sees it..
Abhi: pragya what happened to you…
Purab: pragya is it spicy…
Pragya wipping her tears… nothing it’s just like my maas taste.. I just remember her… she gets up from table and goes… abhi also gets up..
Preethu: what happened to you?
Abhi: preethu… I have an important work.. I just forget it… he goes.. pragya is standing at balcony..
Abhi comes there.. he touches her shoulder… she turns..
Abhi: hey chashmish.. are you crying.. is this you… where is your courage and strength.. why are you crying like a silly girl..
Pragya: wipping her tears.. you don’t Knew the pain what I am bearing.. how is life without maa.. I always miss her a lot… do you knew she always make this for me.. it’s really so tasty.. I never ate such things after she left.. when I taste it I feel my maa is with me.. but how can she na?

Tears of her eyes and words make abhi sad..
Pragya: why are you become sad?
Abhi: I am sad… hllo chashmish.. I think your chashma is not working well now.. just go and check..
Pragya: don’t talk about
My chashma..
Abhi: ohoo chashmish… it’s better for you to check.. that today you have some different vision.. seeing me as sad.. smile…
Pragya: hey and point finger..
Abhi: just make her to fold it by telling.. chashmish..
Pragya: kadoos.. don’t look me like that… if you call me chashmish then I will call you kadoos… rakshas…
Abhi: I am rakshas… right.. he move two step forward.. pragya backward.. while she slips abhi hold her by placing his hand on her waist and pull her towards him.(beegi beegi plays) her face is just close to his face.. pragya close her eyes.. she slowly take her face.. she just opens and see abhi who is looking at her.. there is some special in his look.. her heart starts to beat faster… sweat coming… suddenly purab comes calling pragya.. they both gets away..
Purab: pragya you are here.. baba is calling you.. pragya goes looking abhi…
She reaches near abhinav..

Avhinav hand over a letter..
Pragya opens it and smiles at reading.. but how?
Abhinav: pragya I knew that abhi have told that you lost your job..so.. don’t think I am doing favour… but you have qualification for that..
Abhinav: is everything k now abhi ?
Abhi: thanks baba and hugs him..
Abhi goes.. pragya goes following him..
Pragya: abhishek.. abhi stops.. thank you so much…
Abhi: I have already told you I don’t want your thanks..
Pragya; I knew you don’t need it.. but it’s for my self satisfaction and she turns and started to go slowly by smiling.. and abhi also move forward by smiling..
tried my best ?
Something in my heart
pulling me a little today.
never been like this before.

like a sea wave
pulling the seashore
my heart didn’t hesitate
to drown itself.

I’ve one little heart
which was mine till now.
I could see it going
away from me slowly.

this is a dream state
didn’t like disturb it.
I dreamed and saw myself
in my own dream.

what would I want ?
won’t you stand and ask once ?.
you and me are same,
when is time to say that ? (2)

to come with bunch of flowers.
to give you with joy.
i am desiring
to share my mind.

what is that stopping me
my heart is helpless
like a leaf in river
am moving deeply..

Abhi and pragya turns and look at each other…
Bulbul: pragya why are you smiling like this..
Pragya: nothing like that bulbul… I am leaving now.. dadi will wait for me..
Purab comes.. pragya I will drop you there..
Pra:k fine.. they both go… and reached at pragyas house..
Pragya: thanks purab..
Purab: what is the need of thanks between us.. pragya remembers abhi..
Purab: pragya.. where are you..
Pragya; k bye purab..
Purab: what is this pragya.. you are not inviting me to your house..
Pragya: sorry purab.. I just.. come and have a tea..
Purab: no pragya I have some work.. so tomorrow see at office..
Purab goes..
Dadi comes out..
Dadi: is that abhi?
Pragya:abhi? No.. that’s purab..
Dadi: I think may be he drops you here.. I wish to see him.. he is so nice boy..
Pragya: Ya… he is..
Dadi: which means.. your fight ends..
Pragya: fight ending that too with kadoos rakshas.. she smiles and goes..
Dadi: what? … dadi looks puzzled..

Pragya gets into room and recall all moments… what I see in his eyes is real? How caring and lovely he is.. he fights with me so that I.. why I am thinking of him.. she looks at mirror.. pragya.. why are you blushing this much by thinking him.. is this that disorder… the disorder of love… she says shyingly…
Scene shifted to abhi…
Purab: bhaiyya.. how nice is pragya… I really likes her a lot.. I feel something for her.. is that the real love.. I followed so many Girls.. but I feel this what I felt now.. is this so called love.. oh god.. to whom I am asking this things na… he leaves..
Abhi look sad…
Scene shifted to pragya…
Pragya looking at mirror.. pragya what all things you are thinking now.. don’t be think so.. if that’s not true then.. her face get dull on the opposite side abhi looking at mirror and said: abhi.. in these what all things are happening to you.. is I am really fall in love with her.. abhi you knew how cute she is while fighting with you.. I just feel to make her close and gives her a tight hug… but.. is she don’t loves you then… if she loves purab so.. abhi first let me find is she have any feeling for me.. but how?? Think abhi think…
Episode ends…

Hope you all liked it.. sorry for short update and thanks to all commentators and for my silent readers who read my story as silent.. I don’t thank you till now na.. ???

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