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Hllo everyone… thanks alot…. for accepting my story….
Lets move on to story…
Abhi move towards pragya… there is a heavy wind.. at that pragyas dupatta files and fall on abhi… ( palko palko pal hi..from ohm santhi om plays )
Abhi take that dupatta and throw it.. pragya get angered..
Abhi: hey chashmish… do you knew who am I
Pragya: haa.. your a kanjoos.. laphanter ladka aur gangster Hein.. always follow someone..
Abhi: you..
Pragya: I have already told you… don’t follow me.. if you do so…
Pragya goes taking her dupatta and gives a hated look to him…
Abhi: who’s this girl baba… I just thought to tell her sorry while hearing her innonce.. but she is not meant for it.. fb ends by bulbul calling abhi..

Bulbul : bhaiya where are you lost? Bhai don’t hear this.. that bhudhus purab.. he is flirting with pragya…
Abhi: ha… it’s better for him to stay away from her…
Bulbul: what do you mean? How do you knew her… mean pragya..
Abhi: bulbul yeh lambi story… just ask your friend.. he goes..
Aliya: bulbul.. actually what happened to Bhaiyya..
Bulbul: I don’t knew aliya.. but there is something between them.. soon I will find it..
Scene shifted towards abhinav and pragya in office..
Pragya: uncle.. as I am working in their company I came to knew all this fact.. they are planning to get
kill you…
Abhinav: what are you saying?
Pragya: uncle.. I don’t knew you are bulbuls father.. but from the day.. I came here.. all are talking about you.. and telling about what all things you did for other’s.. I just came hear the discussion.. of Mr. Thakur and his son nikhils.. uncle..
Abhinav: pragya.. what are you saying? They considered me as their enemies. I knew that.. but they will not plan this..
Pragya: uncle… please be live me..
Abhinav: pragya… k I believe you… I will be take care.. but pragya… god will decide the time of death.. if my time is coming.. I can’t get away from this.. k pragya.. don’t be afraid.. and one thing.. be careful of yourself…
Pragya: k..
She take blessings and leave..


Pragya comes out.
Purab: oh my angel..
Pragya: what?
Purab: nothing.. oh pragya.. I was waiting for you.. why you feel tensed now… when I see you at home.. you are so cool
Pragya: nothing like that..
Purab: if you feel not to share that with me.. then k..
Pragya: purab.. don’t think like that.. I will tell you.. but this place is not suit for that….
Purab: ( in mind) if she is going to propose me.. usually in filim this will happen yaar…
Pragya: purab…
Purab: oh k.. let’s go.. they both go and reached at a lake side..
Purab: in mind.. for such instances this place is most suitable.. and smiles..
Purab: pragya tell me..
Pragya: purab actually I came there to tell something important..
Purab: what?
Pragya: I am came to knew that someone is going to kill uncle..
Purab get shocked… pragya what are you saying?
Pragya: tears are coming through her eyes.. ya purab it’s true..
Purab: sit silent for sometime.. he sees still pragya is crying… he thinks.. what a nice girl really she is.. she is crying for someone whom she has no blood relations… purab goes and wipes pragyas tears… at that time abhi is there seeing both.. abhi look angered..
Purab; pragya don’t get worry… we will there na.. nothing happen to uncle if we are around him..
Pragya: but uncle…
Purab: you don’t get any tension.. me and Bhai will take care..
Pragya: Bhai… because of him all this must be happened
Purab: what do you mean?
Pragya: your Bhai is gangester na..
Purab: laughs a lot.. abhi still watching all this.. in anger he takes bike and goes with full speed..
Purab: Bhai..pragya.. nothing like that.. he is so nice person.. he always raise her hands against criminals.. always raise voice for truth…
Pragya:but… anyway.. leave it.. I am getting late… my dadi will wait for me.. I am going now.. thanks for your help…
She leaves.. he smiles and returned to home…

Abhi reached home in anger.. and go to his room.. he throw pillow down..
He look at mirror…
In mirror he sees his inner mind.inner abhi:abhi why are you get angered by seeing them like this..
Abhi: because I hate pragya…
Inner abhi: is that the reason… you get anger when you see them both together.. which means you have some feelings for her.
Abhi: no… nothing like that… I only hate her..
Inner abhi: soon you will get to knew about it…
He sees purab coming.. goes to living room…
Aliya: purab… you are looking so happy..
Bulbul:purab.. don’t continue your cheap number with pragya.. she is not like others..
Purab: sitting and relaxing.. I knew that… she is not like others.. she is really angel..
Abhi shouts purab… purab get shocked.. abhi just came into sense..
Abhi: purab….. did you complete that work what I said?
Purab: Bhai.. I have it to you on morning…
Abhi: sorry.. I just for get about it… he goes…
Purab: ( in mind) I think Bhai is in sometension may be he came to knew.. I must talk to him..
Scene shifted towards pragyas house..
Dadi is waiting for her.. pragya comes..
Dadi : pragya where we’re you… kabse I am waiting for you…
Pragya: sorry dadi…
Dadi: pragya I am feeling very tensed nowadays.. from the moment I came here… I feel something… some..
Pragya: dadi… don’t get tensed… I am there for you na…
They both hug and cries..

Episode ends…

Guys I knew there are some confusion are there.. it will be cleared soon..

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