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Hello friends..lets go directly to story without no bak bak..
Abhi: so let’s see.
Pragya: ya.. pragya goes to her cabin..
Abhi: fuggi…. you Will lose this game.. at that time.. you must do. What I am telling to do…
Abhi went out of his cabin.. pragya is noticing all this.. as abhi looks at pragya.. he suddenly collides with a girl.. abhi holds the girl.. by placing his hand on her belly… pragya get irked…
The girl: tum..
Abhi: anjali what a pleasant surprise yaar they hugs each other.. pragya came out from cabin..
Anjali: abhi… I am really surprised to See to you here… why are you here… are you working here.. oh no.. it’s too shock for me.. hey you changed a lot yaar… during our college times your style.. your behavior.. voice.. how much girl’s are following with you.. I thought you have started a career in music.. but..
Abhi: anjali.. that’s on college time na.. I am M.D. of this company.. why are you here..
Anjali: you are the M.D… so I am going to assist you. Wow.. that’s too fantastic… abhi… I have got an appointment letter as PA post..
Abhi: wow that’s so nice..
Pragya who is watching all this in very anger.. abhi..who is watching this is really smiling by seeing her face…
Abhi: fuggi .. now I will show you..
Anjali: abhi what are you thinking..
Abhi: nothing.. pragya came between them..
Abhi: hey anjali.. meet miss. Pragya arora.. she Is our advocate… personal as well as company..
Anjali: hllo pragya..
Abhi: come anjali.. I will show you office and tells about your work.. they both enters abhis cabin.. pragya can see they both are talking so happily.. she is restless by seeing so…

As anjali… enters out pragya tries to get in…
Anjali: sorry pragya. Abhi is busy and he has an important meeting now.. so you can meet him after sometimes..
Pragya goes in full range of anger.. she takes phone and calls purab..
Purab: hey pragya..
Pragya: purab I will kill him.usually I will do so..
Purab: what happened pragya..
Pragya: wow that’s so nice of you anjali..
Purab: what anjali..
Pragya: haa his new PA
Purab: PA..?
Pragya: his collegemate too.. do you knew.. she told me to not enter to his cabin.. if I need her permission to meet him.. don’t you knew your kanjoos Bhai.. what a smile.. what a talk.. he came as a saviour for anjali.. if she has fall down so… his heart will break na..
Purab controls his smile… so this is good chance to make pragya more anger..
Pragya: why are you silent?
Purab: pragya.. pragya… you must be so careful.. I knew this anjali.. during his college days he has some attraction for her.. but she didn’t mind him.. if she became PA so there is many chances to become them more closer…


Pragya: you are right purab… I will show him.. ends calls..
Purab; oh god.. purab you rocked. Poor Bhai.. now my pragya will perform dhamakidal performance…
Bulbul: oh.. so you are in middle between them right.. purab you are too bad.. you knew others love and help them.. then why are not seeing the love which one has for u… she goes..
Purab: what… what did she mean.. love for me.. whom…?? Is that bulbul who loves me.. no no way.. if so.. is not?
Now it’s lunch time..
Pragya sees abhi sitting so. She just came to sit beside but anjali cames..
Anjali; abhi.. can I have lunch with you..
Abhi looking at pragya; of course.. pleasures mine..
Pragya sits on opposite place as she saw him.. anjali is talking a lot.. but abhi is watching pragya as he likes his jealousy pragya a lot…
Anjali: abhi.. why are you smiling?
Anjali; abhi.. can I ask you one thing.. do you loves pragya.
Abhi: how do you knew that..
Anjali; it’s just simple. As from the moment I enters here.. I saw pragya looking me at jealously.. and you are admiring her for a long time..
Abhi : actually we have did a challenge today.. she said she will not feel jealous by seeing me with any girl.. but I knew she feels jealous.. anjali just look that bubbly.. devi.. he smiles.. pragya gets up and goes… office time ends… pragya hopes that abhi Will drop her.. but abhi goes with anjali…
Pragya: you go with her.. ohoo kanjoos I will show you..
Pragya calls purab..
Pragya: will you come to pick up me..
Purab: ya of course..

They both reached house.. abhi is already there…
Pragya get busy with preethu and sarla.. abhi came to kitchen…
Sarla:abhi do you want anything..
Abhi: nothing maa.. I just came.. that’s it.. abhi signals pragya…
Pragya didn’t mind… ya all sat for dinner… it’s pragya serving for all.. she serves except abhi.. and sits opposite to her..
Purab: oh so pragya is anger on him.. so we can see cute fight..
Purab serves food to abhi.. abhi look at pragya.. but she didn’t notice him… after having food..
Abhi message pragya.. but..no reply..
So group chat starts..
Abhi: purab.. do you knew someone is not talking with me.. not looking at me.. even she don’t care about me.
Pragya: purab.. you just tell him.. if he has his pyaari anjali with him.. then why I am?
Abhi: purab… as today as someone told me that.. they will not get jealous.. but look now..
Pragya: purab… just tell him.. I don’t care.. as anjali is there to care for him.. his sweet PA..
Abhi: Ya purab.. anjali is there.. what a ladki yaar… so sweet..
Pragya: purab.. tell him not talk about her..
Purab: hllo.. if you both have to talk and fight directly… why there is always purab…
Abhi: purab.. u just tell her.. to come on backside of our house as I need to talk with her..
Pragya: purab… I am not interested..
Abhi: purab…
Purab: pragya… just go.. and you came to knew what he wishes na..
Pragya: k purab… I will go just for your sake..
Abhi: just for his sake… purab but just one help… you must just take care that no one is coming..
Purab: Haa.. I knew you will make me do this job.. hllo bhaiyya.. I am pragyas brother don’t you knew that..
Abhi: but your are my best buddy na..
Purab: haa… don’t apply butter on me.. k done..
Abhi reached at place.. pragya also.. abhi drags her to nearby room..
Pragya: haa tell what you need to talk..
Abhi : just touches her with finger. Oh this much hot.. why are you so anger as you have no problem.. as I.. pragya: who told you I have no problem.. haa I have problem.. I don’t like to see you with any one.. I don’t like you talking too much with her.. don’t you knew how dare she is.. to not allow me to even see you..
Abhi;so challenge completed you failed..
Pragya; me failed..
Abhi: haa you got jealous.. so you must do what I said..
Pragya: what..
Abhi is coming close to her..
Pragya: why are you coming near to me..
Abhi is comingclose.. pragya moves backward. As pragya just slipes abhi tried to catch her both falls down..
Sayyara tu sayyara plays.. they have an eyelock there…
Abhi; fuggi…
Pragya: kanjooss..

Abhi kissed on her cheeks.. pragya blushes.. as pragya tried to get up.. abhi make her so close..
Pragya: kadoos.. what are you doing just leave me I need to go.. they will search me..
Abhi: do you really wishes to go… then k.. pragya is not going.. so you don’t wish right.. pragya smiles…
Abhi: I really enjoyed this day.. bubbly devi..
Pragya: bubbly devi..
Abhi: haa it’s you… you are too beautiful at that time..
Pragya: so you are enjoying that na.. abhi: of course.. I am enjoying it..if I am not then who have that right..
Pragya: ohoo… abhishek.. I am going..
Abhi: no fuggi.. don’t you knew how nice feeling is this..
Pragya: chee.. she goes..
Purab who is standing out..
Purab: so finished..
Pragya: what?
Abhi also came out..
Purab: your fight..
Pragya: who fought?
Abhi: haaa who fought?
Purab:ohoo.. now what I am..
Abhi: fool.. they laughs..
Purab: haa.. ya that’s right.. I need it..
Pragya:meri pyari purab.. I am really blessed to have such a brother.. nobody will not get anyone like you..
Purab; haa.. haa.. I knew it.. I am really special.. let’s go and sleep now..
They all leaves..

Next morning…
All are in living room..
Abhinav: I called all of you here to tell an important decision…
Bulbul: what?
Abhinav: as we elders decided to
Make pragya get married.. so pragya today you don’t go to office.. as someone came to see you..
Abhi:: but baba.. why this much fast? As she..
Sarla; no abhi.. it’s time for her to get married..
Preethu: aliya and bulbul.. make pragya ready for that..
Aliya; k aunty.. all leaves..
Abhi: purab what we will do.. as we trapped.
Purab: Bhai I have an idea.. come with me…
Episode ends..

So guys let’s wait for what is their plan.. is a hi possible to stop this move.. hope you all liked this.. thanks for all comments.. special thanks to my silent readers too

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