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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-25 maha epi

The episode starts with Rajiv is ready to attack on Shivanya when two couples come in front of Shivanya and keeps the locket of hanuman in front of Rajiv.

Rajiv screams in pain.The couple takes Shivanya out of the house.


Shivanya:Who are you?

Girl:I am Paridhi and he is my husband Rajbeer.

Shivanya:Thanks for saving me and please help me to reach hospital.

Rajbeer:Why what happened?

Shivanya:In which car Ritik was there that car got blast and now Ritik is in hospital.

Paridhi:Don’t worry Shivanya come with us.

They all sit inside the car and leaves for hospital.

Rajiv is inside he house trying to come out but fails because there is sindoor and sindoori Dhaga of hanuman Jim out of every window and door of the house.


Rajbeer and Shivanya are going but Paridhi stops them and says

Paridhi:We have to keep this sindoor and sindoori Dhaga of hanuman Ji on every door and window so that the soul doesn’t comes out.

Flashback ends

Rajiv:What you both did!Now I will kill them also.My death revenge is incomplete till now.This story revenge started at that time when


A boy is seen flirting with girls.He is wearing casuals.He looks like Ritik.

He is flirting when he hears someone voice.


Yuvraj turns to him.He smiles seeing that person.


Yuvraj runs to Siddharth.

Yuvraj:Where were you Siddharth I was waiting for you.

Siddharth:You were waiting for me are you were flirting with girls?

Yuvraj:You can say both.Let’s go.

Yuvraj and Siddharth goes from there.They reach there house.

Yuvraj and Siddharth reaches their house.

They listen the voice of a lady

Lady:Yuvraj,Siddharth you came.

Yuvraj:No mom we are still outside.

Both laughs.

Lady comes there

Lady:You will never change

She exactly looks like Yamini.Her name is also Yamini.

Yamini:Yuvraj you always say like this.

She catches Yuvraj’s ears.

Yuvraj:I am really sorry mom.

She leaves his ears and kisses his forehead and says

Yamani:You are my son and I will never get angry with you.

All the three smiles..

Precap:Yuvraj bumps into a girl and gets lost in her eyes.
Guys how is maha episode?Hope you like it and Rajbeer and Paridhi will be there for some episodes and this flashback track will be for 2 or 3 or maybe more so please forgive and Yuvraj exactly looks like Ritik.

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