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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-16-21

Ritik and Shivanya reaches Raheja house but sees no one there so Ritik asks the waiter that where is everyone?

Waiter:Actually there was a party and you both were not their so they went and told you to take care of yourself.



Waiter goes from there and Ritik and Shivanya goes to their room

Ritik:It’s late night let’s sleep.

Ritik is about to sleep on floor when Shivanya stops him and asks him to sit on bed with her as he is not well.

Ritik smiles and says yes.Shivanya is going out
of the room when she is falling but ritik catches her and they both have eyelock.O re piya song plays.Shesha is there and she gets jealous and she thinks that she will soon kill Shivanya but for now she have to go to out of city to gain power.

Shesha goes from there.

Shivanya comes in sense and says him thanks and both sleep.

At morning Ritik goes to office and Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Today I am going to do a big sacrifice just for Ritik.I will not kill Ankush Raheja.I see love Ritik’s eyes for his father which stops me from killing his father.I will sacrifice my revenge for Ritik.

Tears roll down her cheek.

A forest is shown where a man is standing.It’s not a human.

Man:I will kill that Yuvraj or Ritik as I am a powerful soul.

He laughs evil.

Precap:The soul tries to attack on Shivanya.

Guys hope u will like it.25th episode will be last episode of this ff.Just joking guys 25th episode will be maha episode.

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