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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-11

Hi guys how are u all?Thanks to Ayesha,Suman,Aishwarya,Nandana,mouni roy fan, Shreyaa and all who commented on my ff’s.

Ritik Shivanya gets married.


Yamini:Shivanya you got to your room Ritik will come soon.

Shivanya listens and goes to Ritik’s room.She enters Ritik’s room.She sees Ritik’s photo when she gets a flashback again.


Shivanya sees her self with the same boy and this time also she is not able to see boy’s face.The boy catches Shivanya’s hand.

Boy:I love you Shivanya and I will never leave you.

She is now able to see his eyes.

He hugs her.She hugs him back.She sees a tattoo on his neck

Shivanya:Why you did tattoo on your neck of R and S?

Boy:Because your name starts from s and you know my.So I wrote as we are made for each other.

Shivanya smiles and hugs him even more tightly.

Flashback gets over.

Shivanya:Why this dreams and flashback comes in my mind always?Whose is that boy who always comes in my dream?

She is thinking when Ritik enters the room and says

Ritik:Shivanya I am telling you first only that I will sleep down and you will sleep up.

Shivanya smiles and says

Shivanya:How much caring you are.

Ritik takes matres and sleeps on floor.Shivanya sleeps on bed.

Shivanya gets a dream.

The small boy is there in her dream and again she is not able to see his face.Some unknown person takes the knife and comes towards the boy and is about to stab him when Shivanya comes in between and she gets stab.

Shivanya jerks from her dream and shouts.Ritik gets up and Worriedly goes to Shivanya.

Ritik:Shivanya what happen?

Shivanya is scared and unknowingly hugs Ritik.

Ritik:Shivanya what happened tell me?

Shivanya:Ritik is saw a very much scary dream.

Ritik caresses her and says

Ritik:Shivanya don’t get scared I am here.Whenever you will need me then tell me.

Ritik is going when Shivanya catches his hand and says

Shivanya:Can you sleep beside me as if I will not be able to sleep here alone.

Ritik agrees and says

Ritik:Okay no problemhe smiles and kisses her forehead and sleeps.

Precap: …………..

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