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Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 8

Ritik,Shivanya,Pradeep,Prerna and Tammana goes to Bundela mansion.

Tammana says that she will start marriage preparations.Shivanya and her parents go to their home.

Ritik goes to his room and thinks

Ritik:I have met Shivanya first time but it feels like I have met her before and in flashback I always see me and Shivanya dieing in river why?

At morning Ritik goes to Shivanya’s house and says

Ritik:Shivanya come we both will go together to office.

Shivanya agrees and goes with Ritik to office.

Ritik is driving and Shivanya is siting beside Ritik.Suddenly Ritik stops the car because a lady was coming.Ritik and Shivanya are shocked to see the lady because she is Yamini.They don’t know her but they feel a connection with her.

They both comes out.Shivanya goes towards Yemeni but Ritik is tanning little far from car.

Shivanya goes to Yamini.

Yamini is shocked to see Ritik and Shivanya.

Yamini:Ritik and Shivanya

She gets happy but suddenly the car gets blast and Ritik falls front.

Both are shocked.

Precap:Shivanya and Yamini takes Ritik to hospital.

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