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Naagarjun 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nagmaya tells Astika that he should not be angry on Shankchurn as Shankchurn is worried about them and wants to protect them. Astika asks Shankchurn to protect himself first. Shankchurn angrily walks out followed by Nagmaya.


Arjun tells Tina that Astika is leader of all these snakes. She asks why is he bluffing, where are snakes. He dorns his holy necklace into Tina’s neck and she sees nag rakshak turning into snake. She then looks at Arjun and sees him as snake. He asks what happened. She says he is snake and falls unconscious. He takes her home. She wakes up and says she saw snake, him…when she wore necklace. He says all snakes are gone, now he knows how to save Noorie from Shankchurn. She asks if he knows why he is different than others. He says Noorie is most important

to him at this time and leaves.

Arjun goes to Noorie’s room via window and says Rajveer is a snake and if she wears his necklace, she will see Rajveer is a snake. Noorie sits silently like an idol. Rajveer comes and starts taunting. Arjun holds his collar and asks what did he do with Noorie. Rajveer shakes Noorie, but she sits like idol even then. He says he freezed Noorie. Arjun says he has problem with him, then why is he troubling Noorie. Rajveer says he knows about his necklace, so he freezed Noorie so that she will not wear his necklace. He says they both are same and Noorie like snakes. Arjun says they both cannot be alike, he is human and Rajveer snake. Rajveer slits Arjun and his hand and both their wounds heal instantly. He asks who is he then. Arjun says he will not fall for his tricks, he came here to save Noorie. Raveer says he cannot save anybody, not even himself as he is just a soldier of his father who is sitting far away and playing game. His father is in front of him, Astika. Even he is Astika’s son, so they are brothers.

Arjun goes and stands in the middle of road. Astika travels in his car. Arjun stops car with his kick and then kills nag sainiks. Astika comes out ad says he knows what he wants to know. Arjun says Astika and Rajveer are snakes and he is human, Rajveer lied. Astika asks what did Rajveer say. Arjun says he told he is his son. Astika says this is true, he is his son. Arjun says this cannot be true, he will kill him. Astika touches his head to cal him and then get nag shastra. Arjun identifies it and says that means he killed SP with Rajveer and wanted to kill even him. Astika says Rajveer cannot kill him as he is unique and son of naglog’s mahabali’s sonn Astika who is soldier of maharaj Takshak. Arjun says he heard Takshak’s name in marabharath, he is the one who killed raja Parikshit, but that is a story. Astika says it is true and not story, many many years ago he and Takshak made a compromise with human and now Arjun is chosen to complete this. He says why he. Astika says he is half human and half snake, that is why he is not affected when he poisoned prasad and whole amroli was affeected. Arjun says so he is the one because of whom his dad was insulted, his family was troubled, SP was killed, Noorie is in trouble. He will kill him if he tries to trouble his family. Astika says he did not want to trouble his foster father and did ot want SP die, if he remembers he saved him from Shankchurn and Mohini and lost his powers for 21 days, else he cannot dare to drag him here. He has to kill Arjun if he wants to save his family and become nagarjun and feel the pain. Arjun asks what pain. Astika pushes him from clifff and says he knows his past, present and future and once he is ready to accept it, he can come back to him.

Precap: Arjun asks Vasuki what happened that Takshak and Astika waited for him for years. Vasuki says he was waiting for him to question.

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