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Mysterious woman and a perfect business man (Promo)

Hello friendz. It’s me ,sujee again. An idea just came into my head so i thought if writting another ff as i have no works to do these days…… I want the hero and heroine to be our aryan and aradhya.but if u want u can imagine ur fav one tooo

(In a forest)
Some men r searching for someone while a girl is shown.She is too beautiful but her face is scared and she is trying to hide behind trees and bushes.


Then a palace is shown …it’s too rich and well furnished. It’s decorated for some functionAnd a huge room is shown with a big framed photo,where a man dressed liked a king and his wife is sitting in a chair and a girl is standing behind them(the girl is none other than the one who is hiding herself in the forest).

A man is shown talking on his cellphone and he is wearing a formal suit. The venue seems to be a marriage function .he is going back to a room where the groom is getting ready.He is going to say something but his phone rings again .so he is leaving the room again .while others r teasing him “A Perfect Business man he cannot even participate in his own brother’s marriage “

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