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My Romantic Hubby – A twinj OS

hi everyone I’m Anchali Singh and I’m new to this site and this is my first piece of writing.So pls do support me to write more. I hope this OS is not so vulgar as it is a romantic one.If it is so then I’m very sorry.So let’s start with short intro.
Kunj Sarna ( its of course our hot sid)
Twinkle kunj sarna
Yuvraj sarna
Mahi Yuvraj Taneja.
So twinkle and UV are siblings and kunj and
Mahi are siblings.
These are the main characters.
so here starts the story.

Twinkle’s POV:
what does this kunj sarna think of himself? He thinks that he can take all my decisions.I haven’t forgotten that I’m his
wife.but that doesn’t mean that he can take complete control over me.How dare he say that I should not continue my career.I have my own
dreams and I want to become the leading
fashion designer in the city.Does it mean that after marriage a girl can’t fulfill her dreams. I have fulfilled his wish and gave what he
wanted.I have already sacrificed a lot for him in
these 3 years.BT still he s not ready to do anything for me.No, I can’t bear him anymore.Its time to make u realise ur mistake Mr.Kunj
Twinkle’s POV ends.


Saying this she leaves sarna mansion and enters Taneja mansion which is just opp.to each other.She is about to climb to her room
when someone calls her from back.
man: Twinkle y r u here suddenly.Do u want
anything from here,baby?
t: bhai, I’m just fed up with ur best frnd.
( yes u guessed it right it was none other than
UV and kunj is his best frnd)
t: He wants me not to resume my career.U know na how much I love my career.BT he
never understands it tats y I decided to leave
him.im not gonna talk to him till he accepts my demands.
Then she leaves to her room.
UV to himself: She and her damn
demands.Donno how kunj is gonna convince
her.Kunj u r gone.
( Now UV is also on kunj’s side.He never give
up his best frnd I’m front of Anyone even if its
his own sissy)

Its been two days that twinkle was staying
in Taneja mansion.Kunj didn’t get time to speak and convince with her as he was busy with
some foreign clients.Twinkle is in the peak of
her anger.
It was Friday
and kunj finally signed a new contract with a foreign company. His partner,Rohan suggested him to take a break
for two days as he had a hectic schedule for the previous two days.
Kunj also decided that it is the right time to convince his darling wifey.
That night he went towards Taneja mansion.
The watchman saluted him and opened the gate for him.
He was heading towards the bungalow when he
saw the servant coming out. He stopped him.
K: Bhai,who’s there in the house?
S: mam and sir (leela and rt) went out of station
four days ago. Only UV sir,Mahi mam and twinkle mam are there in their respective rooms.
K: ohhhh OK thank u so.much bhai!!
K to himself: So my baby is alone in her room,tis
is the right time for a perfect romance to convince her.Only Kunj Sarna knows how to convince her darling.
He smirks naughtily and heads towards
Twinkle’s room.

To his luck,the room was unlocked.He slowly opened and went inside and finds out that
twinkle is bathing.He stands there thinking
something when he realised that twinkle is abt to come out of her bathroom.
He quickly went and hid himself behind the

Twinkle comes out with a knee length bathrobe with her hair tied like a bun.She came and stood in front of the mirror.
Now Kunj could not control himself seeing her
beauty and slowly came out.He came and hugged her from back.She was about to about but he placed his hands on her mouth.
He turned her towards him and eyed her
lovingly.Twinkle too at once forgot her anger and stared at him.Both were lost in each others’ eyes.
After sometime they come back to sense and
twinkle moves away angrily.

But Kunj pulls her with full force and held her by her waist. She tried to move away BT all was in
vain as her sadu sarna was so firm.He slowly moved close to her and she kept on moving back.She was stopped by the wardrobe.Kunj stares at her and at her lips.He doesn’t want to
waste time so he quickly locked his lips with her.While doing so he untied her hair and started playing with it.Twinkle did not respond for sometime.BT later she could not control herself and also as he was kissing her wildly,she gave in and kissed him back passionately while playing with her chest and collars.
Now Kunj was happy as she came into his way and started unroping her bath robe.twinkle was not aware of it and within sometime he removed it from her body.Now she was only in her inners.She came into her senses and pulled back.She was shocked to see her like tat.BT Kunj again pulled her by her waist and once again locked his lip with hers. Now it was twinkle turn and she opened the buttons of his shirt.And started exploring his abs and chest.
After sometime there were sleeping peacefully and were wrapped in a bedsheet.They were happy in eo embrace.
Its morning and Kunj woke up due to sunshine.He lovingly stared at twinkle and gives her a soft kiss in her cheek.Due to this twinkle wakes up.He sees him and blushes badly which made him go even more crazy for her.

Suddenly they hear a knock at the door and was shocked.They quickly composes themselves.
Kunj wears his t shirt and hides in the wardrobe.Twinkle takes a maxi , wears it and quickly rushes to open the door.
Mahi: gud morning,twinkle.actually some of my dresses got mixed with urs after coming from the laundry.I ll check and take it. ( she goes towards wardrobe)
t: Mahi,wait I ll take and give.
Mahi: no twinkle u don’t know my dresses na,I ll take by myself.
she goes and opens the wardrobe and stood there shocked.
Twinkle stood at the door with her eyes closed and stunned.
Mahi shouts ” yuvraàaaaaaj!!!!!”.
Kunj comes out and closes her mouth.
K: meri maa plzzz don’t shout.
yuvi comes there and was shocked to see Kunj
with his inner and track pants.
Suddenly a little boy camecame and hugged twinkle.
B: Mumma, gud morning.See ur aarush woke
so early today.

( yes it is twinj’s2 year old son aarush)
t: kissed his forehead and saidsaid good boy.
aarush saw Kunj and went toward him and
hugged him.
a: papa u know aarush missed papa shooo much.
k: took him in his hand: me too my little prince.
m: ahem ahem.bhai u and twinkle had a misunderstanding na then how come ur here early in the morning and that too in the cupboard.
k: I cleared everything yesterday night.
He realised wat he said and felt awkward.
yuhi laughed seeing eo and twinkle gave Kunj a death glare.
m: OK bhai,breakfast is ready plsss freshen up
and come down.

yuhi take aarush with them and leaves down.
t: who said that misunderstandings are over.
k: twinkle,u can continue ur career.I
understoodunderstood how much it is imp.to u
that u left me and came.so I don’t want to run. ur dream.u can continue it.
twinkle hugs Kunj and both had a tight hug

After a year Kunj is shown convincing a baby girl of 2 months in his hand telling her not to
t: ohhho my darling hubby. u used ur romantic tricks to convince me tat day but now see bcauze of ur romantic avatar,ur struggling now.
She laughs and takes the baby from his hand
and make her stop crying.
k: very bad,prisha. as soon as u went to ur mumma u stopped crying. I thought u are
papa’s princess. never mind my prince is there
for me .

Aarush comes in and says sorry papa me too mumma’s boy.
twinkle shows her tongue to Kunj while hehe
makes a pout and then smiles that his family is complete.
twinkle too realized that nothing is imp. than
her cute family and left her dream and career.

So guys I hope u liked it.
please do comment
and I’m gonna write a ff.
I ll be naming it as TERI MERI PREM KAHANI
I ll the intro and promo soon and please read that too.
please support me with ur comments as it gives motivation.
sorry for any mistakes and love u all.

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