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My pure love for her ( RagLak) Prologue

Hi guys Katrina here my first raglak story that I will continue later I am not getting any ideas for it. Hope you guys like this one too.

Ragini sharma: – a girl who loves herself a rich and spoilt girl doesn’t care about other feelings or emotions. Loves herself more than anyone. Hates poor people always thinks about her outer beauty than inner beauty.
Laksh maheshwari: – a pure soul who always listens to his heart loves and cares for everyone treats everyone equally is a very rich famous business man but stays like a simple person. For him simplicity is the real beauty he hates selfish person.

******Rest all characters are same as the serial*********

So guys how was raglak intro. Love you all bye take care see you soon with next update. Please comment so that I can continue this ff and few of my favourite couple raglak ff writers are bela fourzashi16 anaita kavya dafsi pavani di sindhura di are my favourite writers. So tell me guys who is your raglak ff writer??? Tell me through your comments in the comment box.

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