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My heart belongs to you…(my bracelet girl) epi 5

Hello frnds, first of all “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”. Again thank you so much for your precious feedback….Sorry I couldn’t reply individually but reviews from each one of you is really special for me…
Now let’s start the episode….

At the college,
All four of them were walking through the corridor after their class when they saw a group of students standing near the notice board.
Sanskar- what’s happening there?? Come let’s see.
They came to the notice board.. It says” The college is going to complete 25 years next week and there gonna be a 2 days fest followed by a prom party”
Swara- wow its awesome!!! There gonna be so many competitions… I’ll take part in singing…
Ragini- ya…see there is a classical dance competition too…I will take part in that…
Laksh- our choice is already fixed….it will be…..
Sanskar- …football.
Laksh- yes bhai….(giving HiFi to him)
Ragini- okay…now let’s go….we have to submit our name also.



There seen a great hustle in the college…It seemed that every student of the college is assigned with work… some are seen decorating the college with colorful frills, lights, beautifully designed posters….other are seen preparing for their competition….whether for sports, dance, drama…..while some of them are seen managing the events… There is a joyful environment in the college.


In the garden, ragini was sitting. Sanskar comes there.
Sanskar- hi! Ragini
Ragini- hi!! How is your practice going ??
Sanskar- nice…just finished for today…and how’s ur dance practice?
Ragini- gud….but some moves are really tough..
Swara comes there.
Swara (in sad tone)- hey friends…
Ragini- what happened, why my sweet sister is upset…. (hugging her)
Swara- nothing… actually the song which I am going to sing, I want to sing it with guitar…but some of the tones are really hard to play…..
Sanskar- then don’t worry….I will teach you.
Swara- u know how to play guitar….oh sanskar…thank you so much.
Sanskar- arre…first let me teach you..then u can thank me.
Swara- okay okay….can we practice at my home…
Sanskar- okay, I’ll reach by 5…so be on time….
Swara- okay…guruji.
All three of them went from there.


At swaragini home
Sanskar reached there. Sharmishta (swaragini’s mom) opened the door.
Sanskar- namaste aunty, I am…
Shomi- sanskar, right?? Swara has told me about you… Come inside.
Sanskar just nod his head and went inside.
Shomi- actually beta, swara is not at home….she has told that she will come in 15 minutes.
Sanskar- no problem… I will wait for her.
Shomi- okay beta…u sit I will bring snacks for u.
Saying this, she went inside the kitchen.
Sanskar was sitting admiring their house, when he heard a noise of a rhythmic music. Initially he tried to avoid but the music sound was so strong, he couldn’t resist. He got up and moved in the direction from where the sound is coming. He reached into a room and what he saw is that ragini was practicing her dance moves having earphone in her ears. He just stood still admiring her dance moves…her postures. And ragini unaware of her surrounding was lost in her dance….and then she started taking rounds (chakras) in perfect motion completely in accordance with the music. She was taking rounds but suddenly she tripped and was about to fall….but sanskar hold her in nick of time. Due to continuous dancing, her heartbeat was very fast and her hot breaths were touching sanskar’s face. She was about to get up, but accidentally she place her foot on his shoe leading to both of them fall on the bed and her lips got accidentally touched his lips… Both seemed froze for a moment as if some sort of current has passed through their bodies. Both immediately got up and stood with their back facing each other…both trying to avoid each other.
Ragini- wow…I…I am…I am…Sor..

“Hey guys”
Swara entered the room.
Swara- hi sanskar, what are u doing her??
Sanskar (shocked by her question)- wow…main yahan…
Swara just laughed.
Swara- arre yaar…..why are u tensed ?? You must be here to meet ragini…
Sanskar- yaa
Swara- come…let’s sit outside.
Both swara and sanskar was about to go,
Swara- come ragu…
Ragini- no swara… you go…I have to practice…by the way, u have to practice too…
Swara- okay….
Saying this both went outside.

In drawing room,
Swara was doing continuous talking….and sanskar was just nodding, as the thoughts of recent incident was going on in his mind.
Here, ragini was also tensed thinking about the incident.
Ragini- what have I done…..what would sanskar think of me…..how will I face him.

Both swara and sanskar did some practice…after finishing the practice, Swara played the whole song on guitar.
Swara- superb….thank you so much sanskar… Now I will surely rock..
Sanskar- ya swara, you are gud…but do practice.
Swara- sure…
Sanskar- okay then…I leave now.

Both got up…Sanskar was about to go, but then his eyes fall on the photograph hanged on the wall, showing an adorable picture of swaragini in which swara is shown hugging ragini…but the thing which attracted the most sanskar’s eyes is swara’s wrist….no..no.. the thing on her wrist…the pearl bracelet…that bracelet which was the most precious thing to him…
Sanskar- yeh photograph…
swara (looking at the picture)- yeh…acchi hai na!!!
sanskar- …and this bracelet….i mean nice bracelet.
Swara- this bracelet…ya this was really beautiful…but it lost somewhere….
Sanskar- ok then….bye.
Saying this, he left.


At sanlak house,
Sanskar was standing near the window, holding bracelet in his hand…”so this bracelet belongs to swara”…..the incident of her encounter with the bracelet girl flashed in his mind….and then the memories with he shared with ragini….their first meeting…the first hug at the cafe…ragini’s acting and now the most fresh one…their first kiss, though it was accidental….. Suddenly, a mixture of emotions were going on in him.


Here, fifth episode also ends. Hope u lked it. Plzz do give comments…
Only one or two episodes are left….so plzz bear me till that….
once again- Happy independence day……. :):)

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