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My Heart Beats For You (Prologue)


Introducing the characters
Shraman(same as shown in the real show)
But they r not childhood frnds
Preekar(same as shown in the real show)
Both the tiwari and malhotra family’ characters are same as shown in the real show
Introducing a new character
Mrina-a beautiful girl doing her undergraduate degree.shravan’s sister.loves his brother so much her world is her brother after her mother(nirmala) left them for some man(ahuja).she hate nirmala
New characters will be introduced later if it is needed
No promos guys
So let’s start the 1st chap:
Mrina’s pov:


“BEEP! BEEP!” The alarm sounded. I woke up and looked at my phone. It said 6 AM. “Oh well, time to go back to normal life” I thought and got out of my bed. I went outside my room and looked at the house. The house was strewn with all sorts of flowers, lanterns and all types of decorations. After all, it was Shravan bhaiyya’s wedding yesterday. I recollected yesterday’s events.
“Wow,Shravan bhaiyya and Suman are finally married. After all these days, it’s high time they got married.” I thought and left for jogging.

Meanwhile in Shravan’s room,
Shravan’s pov:

Suman woke up and got up. She couldn’t, because my huge hands were wrapped tightly around her.I watched as twisted around to face me so that her face was resting on my chest.She blushed on seeing my intent eyes staring at her.”Tell me,my beautiful wife.How are you feeling now?”,I whispered in her ears.She stammered and buried her bright red face in my chest.I made her look at me and said”Tell me love,how you feel on seeing me.Tell me or I won’t release you”. She smiled coyly and said,”I feel proud that you are mine and mine alone., protected that you are there to look for and after me,and love. Pure love.” I felt damn happy on hearing this.”Ok,that’s good”,I said and released her.She got up blushing,and went to the bathroom while I went back to sleep,smiling like an idiot.Inside the bathroom, she washed her face and looked at the mirror. Her face showed every percent of happiness that she felt. After some time, she stepped out of the bathroom, very silent to not wake me up. She closed the door, but I woke up on that sound.I woke up and looked at her with half opened eyes. She was wearing a baby pink sari with a gold border that accentuated her blush and made her look like an angel. “My angel”, I thought and went back to sleep. “Shravan, wake up. Please wake up” Suman said. “Please, five more minutes”, I said and rolled over. She again called me shravan I asked wat in my sleepy tone she came near me “l love you Shravan” , she said,caressing my face and kissed me. “I love you too”, I mumbled back in between my sleep.”Ok, I am going to make halwa”, she said and went. She walked into the kitchen and started cooking. She knew exactly where everything was, because of the countless times she had cooked there. She hummed to herself and started cooking.

Mrina’s pov:
I returned from my jog and went to the kitchen to drink water.There, I saw Suman cooking happily. “Best not to disturb her”, I thought to myself and tiptoed back to my room.

Shravan’s pov:
Suman went back to their room. Just then, I stepped out of the bathroom in a towel and was drying my hair. On seeing me,she blushed and came to me. She took a towel and tried to dry my hair,but couldn’t. It was cute watching her standing on tiptoes and trying to dry my hair.I laughed and sat on the bed,so that she could dry.Then I wore my usual blue jeans and white shirt.After I finished, I took her in my arms,held her by the waist and whispered in her ears”I love you, Suman Malhotra.”She smiled and I bent down and kissed her. “We should go downstairs. They’re all waiting for us”, she said, smiling and took my hand.

Precap:Shraman’s honeymoon trip and some flashback about their first meeting(love at first sight)

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