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My Heart Beats For You part-1

Hi friends this is loga and megan we are back.sorry for late post.so we are posting two episodes today here is the 1st one.
Ok now let’s start the 2 nd ep
Enjoy reading it:

Mrina’s pov:


Meanwhile downstairs, the whole Malhotra family had sat down for breakfast. Ramnath Chacha sat at the head of the table, eating and reading the newspaper. Ma and Pa were talking about something. Vandy bhabhi was talking about her friends to my brother Varun. Preeti Bhabhi was serving breakfast to my second brother, Pushkar.Just then, the door opened in Shravan bhaiyya’s room. Bhaiyya and Suman walked downstairs, hand in hand, smiling at us. “Good morning”, we chorused. “Good morning everybody”,Shravan bhaiyya said and sat down. I smiled at both of them. “Good morning everybody”, Suman said. “I have made halwa for all of you”, Suman said smiling and started to serve everybody. Suman’s halwa was the most famous in town and any human would die for that halwa. “ Good morning bhabhi. Had a busy night?” Pushkar bhaiyya said teasingly at Suman. Suman frowned at him and went to the next plate. “Where’s my halwa?”, Pushkar bhaiyya asked. “No halwa for you” Suman laughed and said. “See,Preeti, your sister is not giving me any halwa”, Pushkar bhaiyya said to Preeti bhabhi. “You’re annoying her. Be a good boy, she’ll give you”, Preeti Bhabhi smiled and said. She looked at Shravan and asked him how the halwa was, through her eyes. Already Shravan bhaiyya had emptied the bowl. “Perfect”, he mouthed back.

Any person could see that they were head over heels in love.Looking at Shravan bhaiyya,I could see how Suman had changed him.”Before meeting her,my brother used to be so morose. When that lady left our dad,she took our happiness,especially my brother’s happiness with her. I remembered the mornings when my brother had red eyes from crying the whole night. Soon,he started to keep all his feelings inside.He lost his smile,his happiness.On the whole,he became a lifeless giant. Now on seeing them,its hard to believe that they are the same person. My brother’s eyes crinkled when he smiled. He had become a full person after seeing Suman.Thanks to Suman,my brother is living like a normal person”,I was thinking when Shravan bhaiyya caught me staring at them both and asked, “What are you staring at, Mrina?” he asked. “Nothing bhaiyya”, I said and looked down.

Ramnath Chacha cleared his throat. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at him. “Welcome Suman to the Malhotra family.”, he said. Suman smiled at him. “I am very happy on having you as my daughter in law. So, as my wedding gift to you both, here are your plane tickets. A ten day honeymoon trip to Maldives. You leave in the evening ” Chacha said and gave them both their plane tickets. Both of them fell at their feet and got his blessings. He blessed both of them. “Ok, I am getting late for work.”, Chacha said and left. “Well, I also have to go”, Pushkar bhaiyya said and left. Shravan bhaiyya looked at Suman, smiled and also left. Suman went upstairs to their room.

I followed Suman to the kitchen to help her clean up. We were talking when I noticed a red mark at the base of her throat and a few red marks along her hand.”Hell, my brother’s been busy”,I thought. “Hey Suman,what are all those red marks?Mosquitoes bit you or…?”,I asked naughtily.Suman turned bright red and whacked me on the head with a towel. Just then,Bhaiyya entered the room.”Bhaiyya,it seems you were busy last night. As a lawyer,you are very careless to leave evidence like this”,I said with a smirk. My brother looked very embarassed.”You too,Mrina?”,my brother asked with a embarassed look.”Just for fun. I’m leaving now. You kids enjoy”,I said and ran out before he could say anything.

Suman’s pov:

“Bye Sumo,I’ll be back soon”,Sharavan said and kissed her on the cheek.
“I’ll be waiting”,I replied and watched him go. After he had gone, I went to my room to pack.I opened a suitcase and started packing. I took some kurtas and started folding it. A particular kurta caught my eye. I looked it and smiled at the memory. It was the kurta I had worn the day I first saw Shravan.I smiled and memories started to flow.

Precap:shraman’s flashback(their first meeting)

So how was the episode
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