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My heart beats for only you (Episode 17)

Episode 17

Recap – http://www.tellyupdates.com/heart-beats-episode-15/
episode 16


Episode starts with Kunj carrying Twinkle down the stage in his arms after their performances. He put her sit and ordered her not to move. “You guys were awesome out there!” Varun said patting their backs. “Uh huh, almost as if there were enjoying it and didn’t want to come off the stage,” Siddarth said teasing them while Twinj started blushing. “By the way, i have surprise for you Twinkle.” He added sternly.
Sargun- one minute…trust me you’ll be shocked.
C- we all kinda were whenwe saw this.. Hold on.
Siddarth and Varun was holding the person Twinkle had described earlier whom had attacked her. “Is this your visitor who came and harm you?” Twinkle was shocked and nodded. “Yes! The same black shirt person. Who is he?” Kunj was also shocked and tightened his fist in anger. “Bol!!! Who is it?? I won’t spare him!” And he held the person’s collar but sargun held him back. “Kunj, this isn’t a ‘he’ its more like a she…”
“What?! Ohh sh*t don’t tell me it was..” He pulled off the hood revealing the person’s face. “Maya!!!???”
V- Ji haa Maya!! … Stop moving you witch! Don’t forget I’m holding you here. Your hands are tied and i can easily break them if u want!

Maya just glared at him. “Do whatever you want but when the principal finds out that you’re the ones who ill treated me then we’ll see who’s talking!”
“Really what will you do Miss Maya Arora?” The principal said with anger in his voice. Chinki had told him all that Maya did and brought him so that he could hear her confession.
“You were the one that destroyed the hall right? And i heard you tried to kill Twinkle? Haa? Is that true!?”
Maya- I never tried to kill her, i just wanted to get rid of her.” Maya was shocked. She didn’t intend to say that in front of them. Just then CHATTAK! Both of Maya’s cheek started stinging. Kunj had slapped her on both cheek! “You heartless b*tch! I’m not even surprised that it was you who tried to harm Twinkle! You witch! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIMES I COULD’VE LOST TWINKLE???? Haa?” Kunj pulled her hair and threw her on the floor. He looked at the principal. “Sir, I’m sorry. I know.I’m not supposed to hit girls and I’m really sorry but Maya has crossed all her limits and i did say that whoever did this to Twinkle, i won’t spare them. I’m sorry!”
P- Arre Kunj. No need to apologize, I’m sure she must have done this because she lost her so called popularity and power. Don’t worry it served her right! Maybe I’m the first head master of a well known college to allow any of these things to happen.” Kunj turned to Twinkle who was speechless and was crying. “Twinkle why are you crying? You should be happy that her truth is out.” Twinkle looked at him and wiped her tears. She got up and limped towards Maya. “Maya, were you the one who sent me that message?” She nodded.
“Were you the one who placed the twine in front of the hall so that i could fall?” She nodded again. “The chilli in my sandwich?” She nodded again. “You moved the ladder so that it would hit me too?” Twinkle asked crossing her fingers. She looked at Maya who now had guilt in her eyes. She nodded. Twinkle sighed and put her hands on her shoulder and looked at her calmly. “Maya…According to everyone here, i wasn’t supposed to be shocked to know that it was u who did all of this but actually….I’m very shocked. Somewhere inside of me was praying it wouldn’t be you..but i guess i was wrong. I didn’t expect this from you. You know after this celebration today i was going to come to u and apologise for talking to u so rudely the other day but I’ll still say it .. I’m sorry for getting in your way and say those things to you…” Maya was now feeling guilty of her acts and looked at her sadly. Suddenly she hugged Twinkle and started crying which left them all aback. “Twinkle im sorry!! Really i am! I am a horrible person. I got so jealous of you that i didn’t expect to stoop so low. I was going to kill such a nice person. I’m sorry Twinkle! Please forgive me.” Twinkle broke the hug and wiped Maya’s tears. “Varun was right. I am a witch, the best one around.” Twinkle smiled. “No Maya you’re not…I forgive you.”

“Thank you Twinkle..” She turned to the rest of them and put her hands together. “I’m really sorry for hurting you all and being such an idiot. If possible please forgive me.” They smiled at her and shook their heads. Varun also apologised for calling her a witch. She looked at Kunj but he turned away still angry at her. “Kunj .. Please forgive me if you can. Im really sorry for hurting Twinkle. Really… Please?” She said pleading placing her hands on her ears. Kunj just looked at her expressionless but saw twinkle motioning him to forgive her. “Ok fine .. I forgave you because Twinkle said so..but that doesn’t mean I’ll forget what you did to her..” Maya smiled and said ok. She really was feeling guilty but then the principal spoke up making her feel a bit better. “Maya, I’m sorry but after all you have done to this college and your ill behaviour, I’ll have no choice but to expel u from this institution. You aren’t allowed to come back here again.”
Maya smiled and looked at them. “Well i have to get my punishment… This is enough.. Sorry again Twinkle..” And she waved them goodbye. Before leaving with the principal, she whispered to Kunj, “i know u love her…what are u waiting for? Tell her!” Kunj widened his eyes and was shocked. He turned to look at maya but she already left. For some reason he started sweating.
Sargun tapped him. “Kunj! Arre what happen?” He composed himself and wiped his face. “Umm nothing place is just hot I guess..” He said nervously and in one breath. They started laughing.
K- How did you guys find out that it was Maya? I’m still wondering about that.
Sargun- Actually when u left to start your performance on stage, we saw her running away and we got suspicious. Sid and Varun ran after her and we realised it was Maya and she had on a black hooded shirt.
Sid- Yea and she also had a piece of glass in her hand. I’m guessing it was the one she hurt Twinkle with.
K – Wow … Ok ..
C- At least the good thing is she realised her mistake and apologised. Right Twinkle?
They looked at her but Twinkle was just staring at them teary eyed.
V- Arre! What happened to you now?
Twinkle smiled and laughed. “Kuch nahi…just that I’m glad that i was destined to make such wonderful friends…You guys did alot for me… Thank you.

Sargun- what nonsense yaar Twinkle!? Up to yesterday u were giving us a lecture about not thanking you aur abb? And why are u talking as if we’ll never see each other again haa?
“But it’s true nah? The function is over… so that means i won’t be needed anymore…” Twinkle said sadly and they all realised she was right.. Even Kunj was shocked. Though he had her at home,he got used to her being with him all the time.
Sid&Varun – naii yaar we can work out something!! We’ll miss u! You can’t leave!”
S&C -they’re right Twinkle!!
Sid- besides who am i going to tease Kunj with?
Suddenly they heard a silent chuckle behind them. “Sir? Aap yaha?” “Haa meh. I’m really sorry to keep barging in like this but the teachers and I just discussed something very important and thought to let you no first. Actually Miss Twinkle isn’t allowed to go anywhere now.” The principal said smiling at them.
Kunj was lost. “Huh? What do you mean?”
“Twinkle this college really needs someone like you .. Your talents.. Your mind blowing dancing skills…well basically your dancing. I know how well you taught our students to perform at today’s function and i, myself saw how good u are.”
T- sir?
P- Twinkle, will you please become this college’s new dance teacher? Please? We need someone like you…
Everyone was now hell happy even kunj. Twinkle was speechless. She didn’t have to say anything. Her friends spoke for her.
Chinki and sargun both yelled at the same time hugging her. “Of course sir! She will!”
He smiled. “Good! Thank you..” He left and they all started to celebrate. While Vinki and Siddun were busy celebrating and dancing, Twinkle and Kunj were staring at each other and were having an eye to eye conversation. (Sajna ve plays in BG)
T- Kya hua? What are you looking at?
K- kuch nahi .. Just you..Can u see anything else around? (He winked and she blushed.. remember eye convo) Kunj smiled. “Are you still in pain? Thik tuh ho nah?” “I’m okay..Just tired..”
They smiled at each other..

Episode ends on their faces.

No precap ?
Hiiiiiii !!!!! HAPPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL!!!! Sorry i know I’m a bit late with that ?
Anyways thankkk you alll so so much for commenting on my last two episodes.
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Thank you guysss so much!!!!

I know it wasn’t a surprise that Maya was the one trying to hurt twinkle but what to do? Tried to make it sound intense ? … Anyway hoped u all like the way that forgave her…. Do comment please and tell how it was…

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Love making friends
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