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My Favorite place is inside your heart – INTRO AND CHAPTER 1

Hey everyone……don’t know how many of u will like my ff but hope u all will…….now if u all r thinking who I am, im Yukku , i used to be active in tu before sid left tei but now im a silent reader….so don’t get miffed with my talks & hope u guys enjoy the epi….(fingers crossed)
Guys this is purely a twinj ff
Main protagonist

Twinkle Taneja- cute, bubbly, responsible,jhalli…loves her family a lot. Shee is a person who loves to care for others & loves being pampered, sis of uv & Miss.Amritsar 2016.
Kunj Sarna-(Siddhant Gupta) loves himself the most. Smart,dashing,hot,se*y, romantic but is reserved type of guy &the most pampered one in his family. Mr.Amritsar 2016,Model .he is searching for his true love which he has found in……..
Mahi sarna- younger sister of kunj….(not a chashmeesh) cute,naughty girl….
Yuvraj Taneja-elder bro of twinkle.hot ,good looking, crazy…..romance is in their genes…..
Other characters r same but there is no RT & there is a small twist ki they all stay in the same house…..wanna know why??? ???


*Flashback* ( u guys might be thinking epi ke start me hi fb shuru par kya karru fb bohat zarruri hai)
Manohar Sarna & Leela Sarna alias Leela Taneja r both siblings but within three months of leela’s marriage with rt , rt died in a car accident & rt’s family thought her to be a bad omen and threw her out of the house. She came and stayed in her bro’s house & after a month leela realizes that she is pregnant but still rt’s family didn’t accept her so she stays with both her twin kids(twinkle & uv)…….
*fb ends*

Epi 1
A girl is seen ( she is wearing a white crop top with black shorts) trying to wake up a guy…..
Girl: Uv bhaiya wake up
Uv: Twinkle di plz yar let me sleep for 5 min
Twi: ok then uv bhaiya u sleep I’m going to check our results
Uv: (wakes up with a jerk) o shit….i almost forgot ki today isour MBA results…..thank u di for reminding me….i love u…..
Twi:ok ok bhaiya go get ready fast maa is waiting…..
Uv: ok di u go I’ll be there in 10 min
Twi leaves & uv rushes into the washroom

Elders were having their breakfast. Twi comes there & see that Mahi is already present there.She takes all elders blessings & sits next to Mahi
M:good morning Twi
T:good morning Mahi
The girls chit chat about their results & by then uv also joins thems.

Everyone finish their breakfast & yuhi & twi take the elders blessings & go to check their results.

They all r checking the results. Yuvi & mahi have passed with distinction but twi after a long time of trying to search her name comes near yuhi & her gang ( Priyanka,Akash(priash) Shravya,Rakshith(rakya))disappointed.
Uv: di what happened to u why ru so sad
Twi: bhaiya my name is not there on the board . saying this she starts crying. all of them try to convince her but she keeps crying.
Suddenly they hear a voice from back. They turn & find their principle. Twi wipes her tears.
Principle:Congratulations miss Twinkle u have once again made our college proud. First by winning the Miss.Amritsar title & now by ur results.
All of them: what.
All of them runs towards the notice board once again & see that Twi’s name first.
In excitement all have a group hug & congratulate twi.
They leave to Sarna Mansion.

*Sarna Mansion.*
Twi & Yuhi enter the house.They see that all the elders are sitting and discussing something. Twi winks @ yuhi & starts pretending as if she is sad, she goes & hugs leela & acts as if she is crying.
Leela:what happened twi why r u crying.
Twi: (crying) maa I did not get good marks but…..
Leela: but amazing marks coz u got first rank ( she says this twisting twi’s ear
Twi :ahhh maa plz leave my ear…ahhhh it is paining maa pz.
Leela: ok ok dramebaaz.
Twi: (rubbing her ear) how do u know maa that I got first rank.
All this while all of them were laughing seeing twi & leela
Leela: that is why I ask u to read news paper daily.
Twi: (confused) what……that means the news is in news paper.
She checks the news paper & reads aloud


She gets too happy and hugs leela. She takes everyone blessings & all ofthem congratulate her & later yuhi also.
Bebe: why not arrange a party tomorrow to celebrate this happiness.
All of them agree & twihi go to their room & uv goes to meet his friends.
Bebe:let my kunj come from Bangalore then v will do the announcement
Usha: but Bebe will they agree
Leela: of course they will babhi coz they will never go against our wish.
Manohar: ok then it is final as soon as kunj returns from Bangalore we will do the announcement.
*Twinkle’s room*
Twi takes out few gowns from her wadrobe while mahi is busy texting someone in her phone.
Twi: mahi tell me na which gown I should wear tomorrow
Mahi: (busy with her phone) hmmmmmm
Twi :mahi r u listening to me
Mahi : ( still busy with her phone) hmmm
Twi gets angry & snatches the phone from mahi
Mahi: twi give back my phone.

Twi sees she is chatting with someone and starts running while mahi chases her & reads the msgs.
Twi: (reading the msg) jaan its been just half an hour since I saw u last & I’m already missing u……love u….
Omg mahi that means u love someone & u did not even tell me……hawww so bad I thought u share everything with me but when did this happen…..
Mahi starts blushing.

Mahi: I love him from long back but we confessed on ur final round of ms. Amritsar day
Twi: omg mahi that’s why u were missing that day…..btw who is that lucky guy.
Mahi: u have seen him many many many times & u know him very well…….but I’ll not tell who he is but……
Twi: but…..
Mahi : but u have to guess who he is.
Twi: wat no way u know I’m bad in this guessing game.
Mahi just shrugs.

Twi: ok ishe coming to the party tomorrow.
Mahi: of course he’ll be there.
Twi:ok let me guess tom now select a gown for the party .
Mahi: ok come lets select…..

PRECAP: party, Kunj entry & Twi guesses the guy mahi loves

Hey guys how was it plz comment on it guys…..i know u all r genius enough to guess who mahi loves & thinking why twi & uv being twins call each other di & bhaiya……..keep thinking…….
I’ll upload next epi on Friday.

crazy,unique,cute…..i love myself the most but love sid evenmore

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