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My family-part 3

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Part 3:
Next morning,
Ragini is doing puja near tulasi. Her friends Kavya and Kavitha will come.
Ragini: hey…why did you come so early…? Any special news…?
Kavya: nothing much, we just came to see your US relative boy.
Kavitha: we heard that he is very handsome and good looking.


Ragini: handsome…! Good looking…! One has to see his face in morning, they will faint there itself..! oh,… he and his monkey face. And, his voice is just like donkey..!
Kavya: really…?
Kavitha: or you are telling feeling jealously that we might like him…?
Ragini: oh shut up yar…! If you want you may ask Sanskar.

Sanskar just comes.
Ragini: hey Sanskar, tell them how Laksh looks??

Sanskar: how Laksh looks? He looks as Laksh…!

Ragini: Hehe… see, Laksh is Laksh. We can compare with him no one…!
Kavya: is he that much handsome…?
Ragini: no idiot…! He is that much yuck…!
Sanskar is busy in digging water from well.

Kavitha: I know, there is no other boy handsome than Sanskar…
Sanskar goes away with her words feeling uneasy…
Kavya: you know Ragini, the boys who live in foreign has different habits it seems.
Ragini: different habits means…?
Kavitha: he is a rich boy, maybe he has many girl friends…?
Ragini shocks…
Kavya: maybe he drinks everyday…?
Again Ragini shocks….

Kavya: just imagine Ragini, if such a boy is married to your sister Swara, how she would suffer…!

Ragini’s imagination starts for future, “Like laksh ignoring Swara and roaming with other girls, he drinks everyday and beating her….” She over exaggerates her imagination…..
Her Pov starts, “No…..! I will not let such a person married to Swara. I can’t see my Swara suffering. I have to stop this marriage and kick that boy back to US.” Pov ends.

Kavitha: what are you thinking Ragini…?
Ragini: hehe…nothing…now, go away yar… I will meet you guys outside…go…
Says ragini and sends them away.
Ragini strongly decides to stop the marriage.
Next Ragini comes near Sanskar,
Ragini: Sanskar, don’t worry. This time, I have a master plan…

Sanskar: maata…! Namaskar..! I don’t want any plans. What happened yesterday is enough..!
Ragini: come on yar.., you shouldn’t feel discouraged…! Sometimes failures are common…!
Sanskar: not sometime, every time… just leave me…
Says Sanskar and goes away…
Ragini: go..go..next time you will ask help know…! Then you see, what I will do..!

Ragini roams here and there thinking what to do… she goes near Laksh’s room to see what he is doing. She is surprised to see that he is doing yoga. He is in balcony.
Ragini keeps looking at him with blank mind. Suddenly Laksh looks at her. Then she comes to world.
Laksh: hey…what are you doing here…?
Ragini comes in front of him.
Ragini: this is just over action know…!
Laksh: what…?
Ragini: you are just doing this to impress family members right…!
Laksh: No, I do this everyday…
Ragini: you need not lie. I know how NRI boys will be…
Laksh: how they will be…?
Ragini: I need not tell you, you know everything…!
Laksh doesn’t understand. When she is about to go away.
Laksh: actually, I’m sorry…
Ragini turns to him, why?
Laksh: we have a fall on steps yesterday, I’m sorry for that…
Ragini: nono, actually, I have to say sorry, I shouldn’t have run as a monkey around.
Laksh: hmm…yes… you are a monkey…!
Ragini get angry… ‘you….’
Then itself Sanskar comes, “Laksh, you said we shall go out…come on..”
Laksh: ya…coming…
Ragini: oh…you both became friends…?
Sanskar: ya…any problem…?
Sanlak leaves.
Sanskar will be showing all fields, crops to Laksh. He will be taking photos.
Laksh: wow…beautiful…
Sanskar: yes… there are more places to see…
Laksh: arey Sanskar bhai, why do you have that drinking habit? Just stop it yar.
Sanskar: I don’t have that habit at all…it was all Ragini’s….
When he is about to tell, one rolled paper falls on Laksh. Laksh takes it to hand and reads it.
“Some poetries show, that a prince has come on flying horse, for princess and took her away… I feel like you are the same, who came crossing the seas, just for me, to take my hand…your eyes made me rock… your smile made me waterfall… is it love at first sight…? Hey hero, I will be waiting for you, tomorrow morning at corn fields… do come…. I will be singing a song for you, to recognize me…”
Laksh reads the paper.
Laksh: I think this is for you…?
Sanskar: I didn’t cross any sea. It is you who came crossing the seas.
Laksh: do these kind of foolish girls are there in this village?
Sanskar: I don’t know.
Laksh: whoever is this girl, I should warn her, not to write like this next time. Who might be it.

Laksh looks around. He finds Ragini is talking with her friends. He goes near her.
Laksh: so, playing with letters you have started with me..?
Ragini: what play? What letters?
Laksh: don’t act innocent. Aren’t you who threw it…?
Ragini shouts: what rubbish…! I didn’t throw anything.
Laksh: you are only standing here…
Ragini: but many girls are going here and there…
Laksh: writing letters like this is your habit right…!
Ragini: hey US bug…! I don’t have bad habits like you.
Laksh: bad habits…! What do you mean by that…!

Sanskar comes in between and stops their fight.
Sanskar: laksh bhai, she wouldn’t have written it…! You may check writing with previous one…
Laksh: hmmm…. But I don’t leave this girl without scolding. Anyways, tomorrow morning right…!
Says Laksh and about to go away.

Kavya who is beside ragini,
Kavya: Ragini, as you said, your US relative face is not like monkey, he is handsome…!
Laksh amazes and looks back.
Ragini: stop it yar…
Kavitha: yes…! Even his voice is not at all like donkey.
Laksh still amazes and looks at Ragini. Ragini closes her face with hand.
Laksh leaves with Sanskar.
Ragini looks angrily at her friends.
Kavya: hehe…ragini, my tongue didn’t stop…
Kavitha: sorry ya…
Ragini takes a stick and chases them… they keep running…
Later Ragini reaches house. Near gate, suddenly Laksh comes in front of her and shouts, “Bhoo…”. Ragini gets scared and about to fall back. “careful ragini…” says Laksh and holds her hand without falling. Ragini looks at him with her big eyes…
He pulls her towards him, when she is about to fall on him, he stops her holding her shoulders. Ragini feels uneasy. “Relax Ragini, I scared you funnily. Did you got scared…?” he asks.
Ragini: what…? Scared? I’m queen of this village. Hahahaha…. I’m the lioness… lioness never scares…!
Says Ragini and about to go…
Laksh: Ok Lioness…! I want to tell you something…!
Ragini looks at him.
Laksh: just now, my friend came from US. He likes to marry you. However, I will be married to Swara. Next, your marriage will be with my friend. We all can go to US together….
Ragini: what nonsense…? Why I should marry him..? ask him go away silently. Don’t disturb this Lioness.
Laksh: oh, come on Lioness! I’m not forcing you…! Just, once have a look at him. You will definitely like him…!
Ragini: No I won’ see anyone.
Laksh: he is just under that tree behind you… once look at him and say ‘No’
Ragini thinks to see once or Laksh is not going to leave. So she turns back to see him.

Amazing….there is no one… but there is a donkey….!!!
Ragini looks angrily at Laksh.
Laksh in innocent face, “I’m a donkey, my friend have to be a donkey too…right…!” he says stopping his laugh.
Ragini starts laughing looking at Laksh. He too laughs. She laughs until she gets tears in eyes; they keep looking at each other while laughing…..

Precap: Laksh’s love…

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