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My family-part 21

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Recap: Raglak’s pain….


Part 21:

Ragini wakes up in early morning as every day, gets ready, and came down. As usually she searches for Laksh in his room, but he is not there. She searches in house but he is nowhere.
Ragini: maa, where is Laksh?

Sumi: don’t know beta, I have not seen him from morning.

Sanskar: I have seen him going somewhere. I asked him. He said he is going for a morning walk.

Ragini: he just had the habit of doing yoga in morning. But walking…? Something fishy…

Laksh goes to a temple and he meets a famous pandit. He says about his horoscope problem. Then pandit says,
“Son, if your love is truth and it has strength nothing can depart you… just pray to god intensely, he will accept your prayers and grant your wish…”
Then Laksh looks at the hanuman idol there. As said by pandit, he starts his prayers.
After completing puja Laksh turns back and amazed to see a person over there….

At home,
Sujatha: Ragini…come fast… breakfast is ready…

But Ragini didn’t come or didn’t reply.
Sujatha: swara, call Ragini…

Swara nods her head and goes to her room. But Ragini is not there.
Swara: chachi, Ragini is not here…
Sumi: where is she then? She is not there in garden too…
Says Sumi coming with flowers…

They three searches in entire house. She is not there. They call to Shekar whether she came to farm. Even Ragini is not there in farm. Swara goes to Kavitha’s and Ragini’s friends houses. But Ragini is nowhere.

Sujatha: this Ragini is not there and Laksh is not there. Not understanding were both went. They went together or separate…?

Ap: what do you mean Sujatha? Both might ran away…? My son is not like that….

Sujatha: even Ragini is not such a girl…!

Dp: don’t jump into conclusions without knowing the truth…

Sumi: Ha… they might have gone out for some work. I mean, Ragini might gone to temple… she generally goes to temple when she is upset. But, she informs us before going…

Sujatha: sumi bhabhi… I remember, Ragini was asking about Laksh this morning, did she go in search of him…??
Everyone remains calm.

Just then Sanskar comes to house running.
Sanskar: did you find Ragini…??
Dadi: No Sanskar, did you search all village?
Sanskar: Yes, I have searched her in whole village. But she is not there. Even Laksh is not there.
Ap: what…??!!

Sujatha: so what I guessed might be right…both might have eloped…!

Sanskar: maa, stop it…!

Shekar: if Ragini has done really such a stupid thing, I will never excuse her…!!

Everyone looks at Shekar.

It was already afternoon. Sanskar and Ram have searched them in beside village bus stations also. But they were nowhere. They reach home with tired faces.

Swara looks at the mango tree and she is amazed to see some chunni is hanging. Swara and rest all goes to see, and they are hell surprised to see, Ragini is sleeping on the tree branch peacefully.
“Ragini….!” Shouts everyone.
Ragini trembles and wakes up…
“What happened? Why are you shouting…?” she asks. Everyone are looking angrily at her.
“Why all are looking me like that? Did I do anything wrong…?” she asks yawning.

Sujatha: wrong?? We were searching for you madly all the world… and you are sleeping here?
Ragini: did you search this tree? You could have searched this tree first…!

Sanskar: hehehe, I forgot, generally lioness have the habit of climbing tree when upset…!
Swara: you could have reminded this earlier.

Shekar: what is this beta? We felt nervous for you. Is this is the way grown up girl has to behave…?
Ragini: sorry papa…

Just then Laksh enters the house from main gate. There is Prasad in his hands.

Ap: Laksh, where did you go? We were searching for you for 3 hours…!
Laksh: maa, I went to hanuman temple. I was doing puja…

Sanskar: ohh…! I forgot to search temple…!
Swara looks at him sarcastically.

Adarsh: puja…! Wow lucky, you have changed. When did you become devotee?

Laksh: when I have started loving.
He says and looks at Ragini and amazed to see her on tree. She is not looking at him.

Laksh: what are you doing there?

Ragini: counting the leaves… why do you need??

Laksh laughs: you are just like monkey hanging on tree…!

Ragini looks angrily at her.

Laksh: dude, lioness got angry I think. We have to run…!

Ragini: laksh…! I will kill you…!

Says Ragini jumps from tree and chases Laksh. Everyone amazed to see their normal behavior. At last Ragini catches Laksh and twists his ear.
Ragini: come on, tell me sorry now…!

Laksh: oh… I’m sorry Ragini… leave me, it’s paining…!

Ragini: call me lioness..!

Shekar: what is this beta…?
Raglak looks at him.

Shekar: I mean, you are happy…? You are just behaving very normal…?

Ragini: haa papa, I’m happy…! Why are you asking like that…?

Sumi: actually, we have not agreed for your marriage, you both have loved…!

Ragini: that’s why maa, we have decided to remain as friends.

All: what…??!!

Laksh: it’s really sad to say that… I’m missing her, but we have decided it yesterday night…!

Laksh moves far from Ragini. He says, “Ragini, our relation becomes incomplete without our family blessings. Even god may support, but, without our family support we can gain nothing…!”
Ragini keeps looking at him.
“Ragini, let’s forget this all as our dream. Let’s be friends from now…!”
Ragini shakes her head painfully and says, “Alright Laksh, as you wish..!”
She says. Both gives shake hand to each other.
“Laksh, however we are friends from now…! So as a friend I request one thing…!”

“What is it Ragini…?”

“In 15 days, Swasan marriage is there. However you are staying up till then. I will ask our family to do my engagement.”

Laksh shocks.

“You can see my engagement and go back to US. However, you can’t come for marriage again…!”

Laksh stops his tears. “Alright Ragini, you have listened to me. I will listen to you…! I will see your engagement and go…!”
Fb ends…………..

Everyone are looking amazingly at Raglak.

Sumi: so, you are sacrificing your love…?

Ragini: maa, we have sacrificed already. And it was really easy to forget that. However, I didn’t love Laksh that much… I just had infatuation on him…!

Laksh: and we have realized it yesterday. So, no more worries…!
Swara: are you telling truth? Or you are just telling to make us happy…?

Raglak laughs.

Laksh: come on swara, don’t take anything seriously.

Ragini: of course we are telling the truth….!

Everyone looks confusedly at them.
Ragini: come on, everyone aren’t believing us right…! Papa, you can select a boy and perform my engagement…but, it have to be after swara’s marriage.

Shekar: are you sure ragu beta?

Ragini: lioness doesn’t say lies…!

Shekar comes and hugs her.

Shekar: daughter should be like you, who can sacrifice her love and heart to family. But, we are doing everything for your good.

Ragini remains silent.

Shekar: I will surely see a nice boy and do your marriage with him…!

Ragini looks at Laksh… he blinks his eyes to say yes. Ragini nods her head.

All get happy that Raglak are happy…..

Precap: swasan engagement, full masti, shopping, Raglak as friends…???

Friends…don’t get disappointed….. something is waiting for you…….

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