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My family-part 13

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Recap: Ragini forgets past…???


Part 13:
Everyone looks shockingly at Ragini.
Sumi: Ragu, kya huva…? Are you okay??
Ragini: who is Ragu…?? Why are you calling me like that…??
Everyone looks at her in confusion.
Ragini: why all are seeing me like that…? Where is my palace and why I’m I here…??
Her answer shocks everyone again, and all shout, “Doctor….!!!”

Doctor trembles at once and Sanskar brings him there.

Sumi: doctor, Ragini is not identifying us…? What happened to her…??

Doctor tries to check Ragini’s wrist. But she takes her hand away.

Ragini: who the hell are you?? How dare you to touch me…!! You will be hanged if you do like this with princess..!!

Now, everyone were hell shocked again. Listening to it Shekar goes away in anger.

Sujatha: doctor, probably she forgot the past….

Doctor keeps thinking looking at her.

Dadi: say something doctor…!

Doctor: There may be brain or nervous damage in some cases. It is for high shocks, not for these kinds of minute one’s. But looking at patient’s condition, it may be truth. So, she is probably suffering from partial amnesia.

Sanskar: then why she is telling that she is a princess…?

Ragini: what rubbish discussion is going on here, while Princess Devi is present here…

Everyone shocks again…

Laksh: ye princess devi kaun hei?

Sanskar reminds past and says to Laksh slowly….. “Laksh, did you remember what happened at our childhood?”
Laksh: what happened…?
Sanskar: just go to fb….
Fb starts….
Laksh and his parents ap, dp come to India on their vacations. On August 15th Ragini has to perform character of princess Devi in a drama in school function.

{In USA schools have summer holidays in july, august…. So, Laksh happened to come to India then…}

So little Ragini is feeling nervous to act in the drama. Then little Laksh comes near her…
Laksh: Ragini…. Now, you are not Ragini. You are Devi. Princess Devi. Just forget that you are Ragini. But you are queen Devi… just believe that…..
Ragini goes into the trance that she is really that queen. Next day she performs very well in the school and she gets 1st prize. But, the family faced trouble to bring her back as normal Ragini, as she still acted as queen….”

Fb ends…..

Laksh: oh… so, Ragini has become like that again…??
Doctor: probably, she might gone to subconscious memory. So, she forgot the present life….

Ram: then how she can be normal again…?

Doctor: it takes some time. But don’t try to remind her past. She might suffer.

Dadi: what we should do now….?
Doctor: act according to her…!

Sujatha: okay doctor, give tablets.

Doctor: no need for tablets. She needs rest. That’s it…
Says doctor and leaves.
Ragini is looking around confusedly.

Sumi: okay princess…! Now take rest, we will leave…

Everyone are about to go…. Ragini shouts, “Stop…”
All looks at her.
Ragini: where is my palace…? Why I’m I here…??

Then Sanskar starts his story,
Sanskar: princess…! We actually changed our disguise, and we are hiding here, from enemies. She is your mother(showing to sumi) and she is your sister(showing to Swara)
Ragini: and who are you…??
Sanskar: I’m your senapati. Army captain.
Laksh laughs with his words.
Ragini: who is he…? Why is he laughing like that…??
Sanskar: he is servant in our fort…!
Laksh shocks with his answer.
Laksh: I’m not servant. I’m prince of neighbor kingdom.
This time Sanskar laughs.
Shekar is sitting in hall seriously. Sumi comes near him.
Sumi: Ragini is suffering from memory loss. We have to wait until she remembers everything. We should not try to remind her anything, otherwise she will suffer.
Shekar: there is no need of it..! She is acting…!
Sumi: shekar, why are you telling like that? She is suffering a lot and you are trying to tell she is acting?? Don’t put blames on my Ragu again…!
Shekar: but sharmista…!
Sumi: your wish to believe her or not. But I won’t tolerate if you say anything to my daughter…
Sumi goes away….shekar looks on…
Swara comes near Ragini.
Swara: Ragini, don’t worry. I will take care of you….
Ragini: who is Ragini…? I’m not Ragini…
Laksh: princess, she mean. This is your disguise name. So, she called like that…

Ragini holds her head in pain. “Ragini… I mean princess…” says Laksh comes near her and holds her.
Ragini removes his hands, “Don’t dare to come near me……..!!!”

“Sorry princess…!” says Laksh and comes out.

Sanskar: Laksh, we have to act like this still she is normal.
Laksh: yes…! I wish she has to get back as normal again soon…!
Swara: princess, take rest for now…
Ragini: No sister, our kingdom is in trouble. We are hiding here…? No, I have to fight with enemies…
Says Ragini and comes out of room.
Swara: Ragini…. I mean, princess… stop…
Ragini comes out and shouts, “where is my sword…??”
Sumi: why do you need sword now..?go and sleep…!
Ragini: I have to fight with enemies…
Sanskar: princess, kingdom is out of danger…! You may rest now.
Ragini: but, where is my sword…?
Says Ragini and starts roaming in house.
Sujatha: I think she lost memory along with brain. From where we have to bring sword now….??

Precap: Raglak sword fight…

Friends… I think I bored you a lot in this part. I know, you didn’t expect Ragini changing into a princess. I’m sorry, if the story is boring…

Coming to the memory loss part, I don’t know whether there will be loss of memory for current shock… it may be a false assumption. I’m just using it for the story purpose. I don’t know the science in it….

Thanku friends for reading, please comment and let me know your views….

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