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Hey guys..Maryam again..,thank u so much for ur comments..really meant a lot. .n soory guys for not replying each one individually….

So let’s start with Part 1…


SWARA P.O.V continues..

I don’t know what was my fault that I have to suffer this much…Maybe my only mistake was to LOVE AND SACRIFICE…my Family disowned me for no such reason…and if I was found guilty they should support me or at least Trust me a bit….But no their so called Reputation and Ego comes in between….
I still remember my happy days with my Family Four years before….


A Huge Mansion is shown…it early in the morning so their is piece in all the neighbouring areas of that Mansion but except in the Manion itself….it’s THE GADODIA MANSION…
A Lady in her early forties in seeing marching toward a room…shouting a name….. .everyone else in the house is least bothered with this beaches it’s her daily routine. …
The Lady finally reaches a room….a Royal room…painted with baby pink paint…the room is designed like it’s a room for a Princess…most importantly in every wall of the room there are posters of someone…hey I think j knew him…He is the singing sensation..the heart throb. ..ATIF ASLAM…*(oh god how I love him)*…..In the center of the room is a Master Size bed…Wait. ..there’s something lyin on it..wait it’s not something it’s actually someone…Maybe a girl….The lady March towards her n take off her blanket. ..which she have been covering from head to toe….The lady yell at her….
Lady: Oh God…Shona get up….hurry up its late already…
GIRL.:. Mom just five minutes plz..
Lady: Excuse me..don’t u think u are saying this from the last 30 minutes…it’s more than enough now..come on get up…
Girl: Mom plz… ( pressing her face more in the pillows)
Lady: (smirks) OK as u wish…but complain later when h won’t find any posters of ur CRUSH/LOVE…
GIRL:(Immediately gets up) No mom don’t do anything with my Aadee ( Atif aslam,)…look I am awake..
Lady:(giggles)…Hmmmmm. .that’s good…now come on get up else u will be late for your FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE…
GIRL: (making faces).. fine. .but don’t dare to touch mu Aadee..
Lady smiles n went out of the room….




OH. .how I miss that morning fight…,I wish I could go back to my old days……

Hey guys done with Part 1…I know it’s short..but my writing capacity is thus much only..so sorry….plz do leave ur precious Comments they really means a lot. ….
IF u have any prone with the storyline…plz don’t hesitate…I will surely across upon this…
N ya.. I may not be Regular..so plz forgive me for that too. …

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