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My Devil (Episode 2)

Episode 2
The episode start with a girl who is sleeping on floor of kitchen suddenly someone pour a bucket of cold water on the girl and she woke up being scared… the lady who pour the water angrily hold girl from her hair and said

lady:u bl**dy useless creature get ready its ur interview today did u forget
girl:aahh ma its paining
lady:shut up u dumbo go and get ready I want u to get this job anyhow did u hear me do anything but get this job u know very well that this job is of Mr Maheshwari’s PA and u know how rich he is na u have to get this job and if he likes u then its even more better u’ll spend nights with him and I’ll get more money
girl:what but maa how can I no maa I can’t
lady:shut up just shut up and go u have to lure him go get ready and don’t come here if u don’t get the job
the lady left and the girl cried a lot…


At Maheshwari’s Mansion
Laksh woke up in morning… he took shower and get ready… he came down for bf… while having bf Nancy (the lady Laksh called to send the girl) came and said
Nancy:yesterday u said to look for a new pa so today I have appointed a girl she’s intelligent and hardworking she need this job also like really badly but
Nancy:but she said she can’t wear the uniform I mean she said she isn’t comfortable in short clothes but she want this job I tried to make her understand but she said she want to talk to u personally
Laksh thought a lot and said
Laksh:send her in my study
Nancy:ok sir

Nancy left and Laksh also… Laksh was sitting in study and was thinking about the girl… suddenly there was a knock on door… Laksh said
the door got open and a girl step in (she’s the same girl whom the lady treat badly)… the girl didn’t saw Laksh as his back was facing her… the girl said
girl:ca…can I co…come in Sir
Laksh was mesmerized hearing a sweet voice but she was nervous… Laksh said
Laksh:come in Miss
girl:ra…Ragini Sir
Laksh close his eyes and mumble
Laksh smile and thought

Laksh:if the name and voice is so sweet then how sweet the girl would be thinking this Laksh turn and saw Ragini… Laksh was mesmerized… he couldn’t believe what a beauty is standing in front of him… Ragini was wearing white anarkali… her hair was open and she didn’t had any make up… Ragini get scared seeing Laksh’s intense stare and remember what her maa said (if he likes u then its even more better u’ll spend nights with him and I’ll get more money)… Ragini adjust her dupatta and said
Laksh came in sense… Laksh get up and came toward Ragini… he stand in front of Ragini and said
Laksh:u can join from today Nancy will tell u ur work
Ragini nod and said
Ragini:thank u Sir
Laksh cane more close and whisper in her ear
Laksh:only wear this type of clothes saying this Laksh left and Ragini get scared…

Next Episode: Ragini’s Work
hey frds h r u all?
how’s the episode tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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