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My destiny ( RagLak and RagSan) episode 2

Hey guys kashish here well I am here with second episode of my destiny…. hope you guys like it too…. thank u guys for your encouraging comments…
Episode 2
Link to prologue
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episode 1
recap: – Ragini brave avatar sanlak shocked….
The next day
Ragini gets up from the sleep…. and sees laksh was not there… she takes her dress and goes to washroom to change…. she comes changing the dress…. she goes downstairs and sees sanskar was having his breakfast… she goes to sanskar and says believe me sanskar it was not me your bro did this to separate us both…. sanskar says no Ragini I know u only killed swara and cheated me… I hate u Ragini please don’t show your face to me… and don’t take my bhai name from your dirty mouth…. and was about to go from there… when she holds his hand and says sanskar u believe me or not this is the truth when u will know it will be late that time u come to me then u will not able to see my shadow… see the truth now only otherwise later u will regret…. I am leaving now but truth is truth it cannot be hidden from anyone… she leaves from there… sanskar was shocked seeing her in this avatar…. he gets in deep thinking…. he did not whom to believe because they both were the people whom he loved more than his life…. he did not to believe his love or his bhai…
Laksh was alone in a dark room… he cries seeing his and swara pics… I am sorry swara I could not save u that b***** sister of urs whom u loved more than ur life killed u Ragini killed u sorry I could not save u… I want u to come back me… but this is not possible but I will take the revenge from your sister who has killed u… I will not leave her easily… see now I separated her from her lover…. like this I will not live her happily in her life…. ragini you are gone… the revenge game starts now… he smirks saying this….
Ragini goes to laksh and listens to his words… Ragini gets very much angry and gives a tight slap to laksh… u b***** person for the sake of your revenge… you spoiled your own sanskar bro life shame on u and yes remember one thing I did not killed my sister swara and why will I??? I loved her more than my life…. I hate u laksh maheshwari chi such a disgusting person you are… I pity on sanskar for being your bro…. and when u will know the truth it will be too late… because that time you will not see my shadow also in front of u… I will go far away from u and your bro after showing u both truth then u will regret…. saying this she leaves from there… laksh was fully shocked seeing her brave avatar…
Screen freezes on Ragini angry and determined face and sanlak shocked face…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Precap: – Ragini to start collecting proofs for her innocence…
So guys how was the episode… will Ragini able to collect the proofs for her innocence…. or not… who will believe her sanskar… or laksh or no one… to know more stay tuned guys to this ff…. so it’s a bye from kashish…. love u all….

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